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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
MARCH 3, 2012 12:11PM

A Message of Hope For OSers

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Oh Thank you, thank you! I really really needed that!
Can I print that and hang it somewhere?
This is a masterpiece of form follows function and minimalist design. Did I mention DaDa? If not, DaDa. Ah, things are better already. R
No glasses? They have contacts for cats now?
Thanks, I needed that!
I knew I should not read any Canadians who blog.

I just took a few photos of a golden feline stray cat.

Can we Frame this Nice-Sigh for our privy outhouse?

Tinks needs some canine hound teeth for dog bones.

Cat can email Con's Law Firm some great bone marrow.
Amish think bone-marrow bones heal nasty disposition.
I'll go asap and ask my neighbors for cat bones for soup.
We'll survive . . .
Somehow we do.
I go catnap purr.
This made me laugh. Thankya!
I feel better already. Thanks.
Awww...this is the perfect thing for day six of the fluallergy attack from hell! Thanks!
Well that fooled them Sky.
I won't tell if you don't that it's your coffee mug and those aren't it's front legs.

"Vote FRed(tm) 2008"

Cats almost always cheer me up. Like now.
And even if things don't get better, we still have this drawing of a cat. It's a win-win.
Thank you :) Cute kitty....
I too needed that. Computer getting IP address errors, OS slow, thank you.
Are those little kitty boobies or arms?
Fabulous! Thank you so much!
Life is always better when you share it with a cat.
Thank you! I think I need to print this out!
Wonderful! This kitty made me smile. Thank you!
What a nice drawing!!! ~nodding~ :)
Thank-you! One day soon, I hope, I hope!!