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NOVEMBER 30, 2011 4:09AM

Does Anyone Know How This Vote Went?

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FROM: Business Insider

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Secret Bill To Be Voted On Today

Would Allow The Military To

Sweep Up US Citizens At Home

Or Abroad

Robert Johnson | Nov. 28, 2011, 10:57 AM


Either Monday or Tuesday the Senate will vote on a bill that allows the US military to imprison civilians with no formal charges and hold them with no trial.

The ACLU reports even US citizens wouldn't be immune as the legislation aims to declare national territory part of the "battlefield" in the War on Terror.

Termed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and drafted behind closed doors by Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) the NDAA would:

1) Explicitly authorize the federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial American citizens and others picked up inside and outside the United States;

2) Mandate military detention of some civilians who would otherwise be outside of military control, including civilians picked up within the United States itself; and

3) Transfer to the Department of Defense core prosecutorial, investigative, law enforcement, penal, and custodial authority and responsibility now held by the Department of Justice.

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This is a rather important bill in that it clearly establishes the basis of a military dictatorship in the USA.
I have no idea how the vote went, but I know the chills went deep up the middle of my spine! Thanks for the heads up! R
Per the LA Times, the Udall amendment failed, which would have limited this legislation. And this is part of the defense spending bill, which is a must pass piece of legislation so we may get stuck with it. McCain is an author of it? Mr. POW should know better.
According the The Hill, the Udall amendment was defeated 37-61.

Note that it's a Democrat - Carl Levin - who is leading the fight FOR sections 1031 and 102.
That may not tell us WHO owns Mr Levin but it's sure clear that he IS owned!
If that bill got passed, I pity anyone who advocates - or votes for - cutting military spending! They'll be accused of "economic terrorism" and arrested without charge and held without trial. Talk about banana republic dictatorships having out of control military powers!

You can quit the charade of voting now folks. That's the last nail in the coffin of any dream of democracy in the US of A.
I believe we lost this vote. rated for raising it here.
Someone emailed this to me yesterday. I can't imagine it would pass, and if it does I can't imagine Obama wouldn't veto it. If it passes and he signs it, then there can be no more doubt that we're on the verge of a dictatorship no matter which party seems to be in control.
It is horrendous enough that the US military could get the authority to do this to American citizens. It is absolutely incredible that the US government thinks it can give itself the "authority" to arrest "anyone anywhere" and incarcerate them without charge or trial!

Just who the fuck gave the US govt THAT right?!!!

I, here and now, declare that if any US agency, including the military, comes into Canada and takes a Canadian away without charge or trial, I will consider that a declaration of war on my country. I will respond accordingly. I am prepared to give my life in that response - be prepared to give yours any who come here for that purpose. One of us is going to make an insurance company pay off on a life insurance policy.

Now you've got me pissed off big time!!!!
~nodding~ Yeah, great bill there!! EEK!
How is this getting by?
Do you suppose that it being a "secret vote" is a factor? Those owned pols can vote their master's agenda without revealing that they are doing so to the public. If this gets through get ready for wholesale "disappearances" to happen just like in some 3rd world banana republic.
Have trouble believing Levin is involved, given his track record, but what do I know.

I checked with, and their judgement is that its veracity is, as yet, undetermined. I expect more soon.

If it is true, this is one of the most horrendous piece of legislation ever passed. Let's hope the clowns in Ottawa don't glom on to it.
MEDIA FAILURE! Why wasn't all this on the front page of the NYT and WP .... earlier and NOW?!
I consider the comments, above, by Phyllis45 and MarkinKentuckiana to be pretty solid corroboration. If they've each found mention of the Udall amendment being defeated, I'd say this is solid as a rock.

And you just KNOW that Canada will come out with something similar as regards our own citizens - we don't have the arrogant chutzpah of the US in sufficient measure to try to give ourselves the "authority" to use this in another man's country.
Well, why should the US have the only military dictatorship in North America - let's all have one!

I'm beginning to get an idea of just who the real terrorists are, aren't you?

I still don't know how the vote went, but I'm certain of where the country is going and the trip has a very distinct swirling sensation accompanying it.

Breathtakingly horrible. I don't see how this can ever be legal under the Constitution. But the courts have sat back and let habeas corpus be suspended before. Still, there is no emergency to justify it.
What a world; what a world! Positively Orwellian.
@Boanerges Redux

The article in The Hill ( has been updated to show that the Udall amendment was defeated 38-60. The Hill focuses it's reporting on Capital Hill and the White House.

Sen. Levin is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is co-sponsoring the defense authorization bill with McCain, the ranking Republican member.

Sections 1031 and 1032 authorize DoD to seize "terrorists" on American soil, even American citizens, and subject them to military trials.

Sens. Feinstein & Leahy are trying to get other amendments passed, but the bill will likely be voted on tomorrow.

The President has threatened to veto the bill if these sections are left unchanged, but who knows if he really will?
I forgot to add - on the 27th, Sens. Levin and McCain had an op-ed piece in the Washington post defending these provisions. Udall had an opposing piece the next day.

The Senate voted today 88-11 to end debate on the bill, that's why the vote could be as early as tomorrow.

Can't see what snopes has to do with anything - facts are facts.
I just saw this on Facebook
Looks like it passed
Well, all of "you guys" (gals; cats or who knows "wwww"[*]), as usual I'm tuning in late for the dance of immediacy of comments. Cuz I had to do other things most of today. So I don't know what the latest "breaking news" is but if the issues remain unsettled by the time anyone here reads this comment -- whether the bill has or hasn't yet passed; whether Obama will or won't veto; my hunch is that if we're going to discuss any of this next maybe the focus will need to be on whether Obama will or won't veto, and why. If anyone might be interested in that part of the whole deal, you might like to see Elizabeth DiNovella's article in the latest online version of The Progressive?

Either way, thanks Sky and all of you comment-ers. For the alert and for your thoughts. One OS-er at least a little better informed than before. [;-)]

Then Carl Levin is no longer the man I thought he was, Mark. He was once counsel to the Michigan Human Rights Commission, for God's sake, among other things. I can't help but wonder: Cui bono. This is an outrageous piece of legislation, and I hope every sane American holds his or her representative's feet to the fire over it.
Also, Mark, I should add that Snopes is the first place I check for anything that seems outrageous on the face of it.
Glenn Greenwald has an article on Salon today about this bill.
I left a comment yesterday. I don't see it. So, to repeat...
Skypixeo, if any of this is true, it scares the absolute bejeebers out of me.
The US MoneyPower is now juggling too many balls to keep the show going. The timing of this Bill is logical, the American middle class was okay with poverty and oppression until it started happening to them. They have very little time left, the bulk of the people are starting to care what's happening in the halls of power.

Hadn't heard about this one but I'm not surprised that both sides passed it. Eventually millions more will understand personally, it's always been about power.
Yes. I know you did. I saw it. I have no idea what happened to it. Glad you re-posted it!

Funny stuff still going on here on OS. I suspect that anyone blogging about that fascist bill is being monitored by the powers that be who want to be even greater powers. Big Brother is alive and well in the US of A and the world.
why am i not shocked?
Don't know the outcome but I believe this video was taken just before the vote
A prime example of Mr. Oba(classified)'s "open and transparent" (classified) style.
As of this morning, the President has dropped his threat to veto the bill.
It has been reliably reported that Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot have been touring Hell giving a "high-five" to everyone there.

Gotta Win the lottery and find another country, but where?

Wouldn't mind joining Brassawe in San Miguel (I'd heard about years ago), but happens when Sinaloa or one of the other cartels decide expats are ripe for picking?

Can't be Canada - Harper government is just as bad as Republicans here. Same for the UK - bravo to Cameron for standing up to Merkel/Sarky, but other than that the Tories are destroying everything that makes the UK great.

Switzerland? Iceland or Norway maybe, but I wouldn't like the winters. Is there anyplace with a temperate climate that's safe and has a sane government?