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JUNE 2, 2010 12:16AM

101 words: Today

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Out of work. Quit the stupid job.

Now home with kids. They’re stupid only on occasion.

In time for spring. Yard needs tending.  House needs tending.  Better replace a couple of those windows I’ve been meaning too.

Off to Home Depot, where time is still.

Windows cost how much?!


Grocery shopping with a three year old results in purchases not on the list.  This time, chocolate milk. 

Later, two glasses of chocolate milk is insufficient.  Full tantrum.

Dinner on porch. Pizza and corn.

Missus gets home.

Walk around block.

Everyone in bed. Now in silent house with nothing to do.

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I hope you're OK w the job situation...
More time with family----GOOD
Lousy Job-----BAD
Derek, you covered a lot of territory in those 101 words! Here's to a new and wonderful job showing up very soon!
After your day, I could really get off on that silence and nothing to do.