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NOVEMBER 20, 2009 10:44AM

Why do people do stuff?

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Why do people leave their car running unoccupied in order to keep it heated when its 50 degrees outside?


Why do half of children's movies involve a parent dying?  From Bambi, to the Land Before Time, to Finding Nemo...


Why do people think pot is such a greater threat to public health than liquor?


Why are Christmas songs among the most annoying on the planet? Even worse than Barney the Purple Dinosaur...


Who do people pay money to see Carrot Top?


Why is Radio Shack still in business?


Why do people bother turning on their turn signal when they are already halfway through the turn?


Why do people care what pundits say? They are at best generalists w/ no special insights and at worst hateful liars.


Why do people like the Smurfs?


Why do cats have such high self regard?


Why do some written languages go from right to left and others go left to right?


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Derek, there's a lot of irony everywhere we look. You have a great list here and I bet we could add to it in no short order and make it a mile long!!
Why question on pundits do not include OS's Saturn Smith. She is all wise...
I love cats. But I don't understand how any creature can love itself so much. They're wonderful, but they don't do shit.
Not sure about Radio Shack but when I was a kid, I loved going there with my dad. They had those electronics kits where if you connected this wire to this and that wire to that, you'd get different sights and sounds. I never wanted to leave. This led me to tearing the wires out of the camper to see if I could get the lights to start working. :-)
Why do we focus so much attention on asking questions that really have no definitive answer?
There are also language which are read up and down. Why aren't there any which are read diagonally?
Very good cats like to hangout by the woodstove and sometimes they demand a lot of me!
Are you sure anyone IS paying to see Carrot Top? Maybe he just shows up and people are too nice to tell him to go away.

Stellaa, I think you actually answered the Radio Shack question.
In defense of Radio Shack: in my neighborhood Radio Shack was open all during the aftermath of Hurrican Ike. Selling cell phones, batteries and the car chargers for phones -- they were one major part of maintaining our sanity. It is nice to have a store right down the street where you can run get one of those weird cables you have to have when you get a new gadget.

That's all I have to say about Radio Shack.
RE: car running...I know. My neighbor does exactly that. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing.
Owl, you just blew my mind!
Sandra, I've read he gets big crowds and makes big moeny from his Vegas act. Who are those people?
Steve, but you'd think in Minnesota that 50 degrees would still feel warm.
Skeletn, I'm sure they are nice people at Radio Shack. But in my experience the people don't know anything about their products and you can get all the same stuff for cheaper at Target or Walmart or the Internet.
Why hasn't James Carville killed Mary Matalan yet? Don't get me started.
Why don't people know they can make the left turn when the light is yellow?
Funniest one: Radio Shack
And what's wrong with the Smurfs???
Smurfs are evil! Evil! Not to mention dumb. Their vocabulary is horrendous. Every other word is derived from "Smurf." Someone should tell Smurfs that they can't sing either.