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AUGUST 28, 2009 3:06PM

Girls! Girls! Girls!

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My father in law likes to recall his surprise when he first started bring his first child, my future wife, out in public.  "All of a sudden, women started noticing me and talking to me!"

All new parents notice this change.  I suspect that dads in particular are struck by it because they are less accustomed to uninitiated attention from strangers.

I have been told by many women that, quote, "There just is something about seeing dads with their little kids.... sigh..."

For me, it has been mostly women who suddently feel the need to engage me when I have a child in tow when they otherwise would not even make eye contact.  But it's not exclusively women.  Men also want to stop and talk.  This almost always happens at the grocery store.

I had the retired priest who stopped me in the bread aisle to inquire all about my kids and wife, tell a gentle sexist joke, give marriage advice and then casually bless my youngest daughter.  As an atheist, I was surprised and didn't know what to make of the blessing.

Today, another older man stopped me in the parking lot of the grocery store when I had my two daughters in tow.

"Looks like you have two special helpers!"

"Yes.  They're usually pretty helpful."

"It's a blessing to have two beautiful girls.  They are truly special."

"Yes, they are."

He waved me closer.

"When my second child was born, the doctor said 'I have good news.' I asked, 'Is it a boy?'  He said, 'No, you have a daughter!' And he was right, I couldn't have been happier with my two girls."

"That's wonderful.  Girls are pretty special."

"Yes, they are.  Don't forget how blessed you are."

"I try not to.  Thanks."

Often, I'm annoyed by the attention.  But the interactions are always positive.  I should not take it for granted.  In a couple of years, I'll be invisible again.

There's an irony here that the best "chick magnet" is something you usually don't have when you're single.

Although, those in need can always borrow a cute baby girl:



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True in most cases. Yet, I prefer to check out the cute young moms. They understandably pay constant attention to babies and toddlers so I watch for them to bend over and pick them up or adjust the stroller, especially when they wear loose fitting clothing.

Interesting post!
Righteous funny clip.
always a pleasure to read one of your posts's been too infrequent. This is terrifically funny.
Enjoy them while you can still pick them up.

After you can't pick them up anymore, it's all over.

And you get to be incredibly stoopid, to boot.
connie, that being stoopid lasts a long time...I'm still there
My dad was the most brilliant man in the world until I was 15. Then, wow, did he get stoopid. When I was about 25, he got real smart again. Just like that.

This is a funny post! And sorry to say it again, you are blessed. xox
I've had the drive-by blessing from an elderly priest as well when my daughters were younger. No believer I, but I took it in the spirit intended.
Thanks all for the comments.

I'm sure boys are pretty fun to have too, but I wouldn't trade anything for my girls.
Robin described it best - good dads are cool, then terribly uncool, then cool again. Enjoy the ride!
Oh, to see something pink in my house, but with three boys, it's not going to happen unless they have daughters (not for a loooong time, God willing!) With your daughters, you are blessed, Derek. The video you included at the end is a total hoot.
I agree, dads with their kids - boys or girls - are very hot. But Daddies and their daughters are indescribably sweet.
I've certainly found this to be true. When I'm out with my son, the attention never stops. Not that it does me much good now....
The baby thing totally doesn't work on me. A man and a puppy, OTOH, get me every time. :)