October 11
People who have gone through sorrow are more sympathetic than others, not so much because of what they know about sorrow, but because they know more about happiness. They appreciate its value and its fragility, and welcome it wherever it may be. The Puritan attitude which grudges happiness belongs only to those who have never entered very deeply into life. ----- Freya Stark, Beyond Euphrates


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JANUARY 14, 2010 11:58AM

Teapots for Sparking -- More Teapots & Fresh Cookies, too

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Somebody said in the comments to Sparking's post about Teapot Karma, that we would all like to send her a teapot.

 That was my first reaction, too.

 Then I thought -- why not? 

 I found this teapot high on the shelf in the back of my pantry -- haven't used it in a while and I wanted to share it with you -- Sparking.

 I've got some fantastic tea leaves here, I'll put the kettle on and scrounge up some cookies (or biscuits for our Canadian buddies).



Spotted Mind brought over her favorite teapot, too.



  And I found this one hiding in the cabinet, too. 

It reminds me of one of those Sparking described. teapot



The buzzer just went off on the oven -- mmmmm, don't they smell good?


Does anybody have some honey?  I have some half-n-half leftover from Christmas and I've got a bowl of sliced lemons.  Would someone like to try this Chocolate Chai I bought the other day?





Outside Myself is here and has brought this delicate teapot, too?  Let's see what shall we brew in this one, chamomile?




 Another teapot -- from Sparking herself -- and like her a little funky.


AND she brought scones!








C.K. Dexter Haven sent over this beautiful blue teapot!  It's just like the one her daughter gave her.  Since it's late, let's have some more chamomile.




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We call them cookies here, too.
I am crying. I don't even know what to say. My head is so tingly. When I read Art's comment and saw Julie's teapot, I just started crying and haven't stopped, in such a good, healing way.

I love you all so much. Open Salon means a lot to me - deeply so.

Thank you...thank you. Now I'm at a loss for words.

Ohh tea party, with cookies, sounds so relaxing !
awwwwwwwwwwwww ... how very, very, very sweet.
Yeah, let's have an all day jam session with tea & scones!
I just wrote my three best girl friends and told them of this (including the one who gave me the teapot). I told them they are the teapots of my life. Wow - how the universe works sometimes is truly awe inspiring. I am moved.
Hit the local Asian grocery store and see if they stock Wagh Bakri International Blend. That makes a proper cuppa tea - which will, as my Dad used to say (even to us girls) - put hair on your chest!
I will have a tiny cup, please.
I better pull out some more teapots -- unless some of you would like to bring a favorite of yours.
Wish I was closer to Texas!
Skel - you are a good soul. xoxo
I have a friend who I like to enjoy a spot of tea with, but she usually aggravates me, so by the time the tea is made, it is really a treat. I find that I enjoy her coampany and as time goes we know that one thing we can count on is that there is always time for a cup of tea, a tear shed, and cookie that may be baked, or store brought, but either way they are shared in friendship and that is priceless.
You read my mind!
I do not have any teapots in my home, but I PMed you a link to one that I picked out for Sparking.
Oh A Tea Party...and I keep bringing Champagne, even though I know Sparking doesn't drink it. I'll have to change that one of these days. So sweet of you Skeletnwmn. We'll all have tea together someday.
I just took a picture of my teapot - how do I get it to you?
Awesome idea!!
Texas is a state of mind, but this is a VIRTUAL tea party, so geographical locations do not matter (although it would be really cool if we had a live, in-person tea party some day)

I'm happy to add your teapots to the mix, or we could have a traveling tea party -- and each hostess present their own teapots. Makes no never mind to me -- I just hope that Sparking can see the beauty of those teapots is still with her.
Wagh Bakri International Blend -- it's the green teapot. Spotted's teapot has a Morrocan tea that's got a slightly anise flavor to it and
the floral teapot has bergamot.
This was a very loving and thoughtful post.
Rated and appreciated.
Does anybody want some cucumber sandwiches, or maybe some chocolate?
Cucumber sandwiches and chocolate???
Yes, please!!
Oh my, what can I contribute...I must think of something delicious. I will send in just a momento!

You all are so lovely.

1 of 3 girlfriends reporting in! I don't drink tea but I like to chat, and I used to collect teapots because I love what they represent.

Gotta get back to work! ;0
The cookies look delicious!
And I love the funky teapot!
Thanks for doing this.

Hope, I'm glad you dropped by. Maybe later tonight you can settle in and have a cup of this chamomile -- mmmmmm, I love the smell of that. Reminds me of my best friend in college. She's also the one who taught me how to macrame. I miss her.
I can almost smell the cookies. This is a great thing to do for Sparking. This thing called OS can be a very loving place!
yeah, scanner -- nicest thing about hosting an OS tea party is that I didn't have to clean up the house first -- no trip to the grocery store and, honestly -- I can continue my real life without hurting any one's feelings.
What a beautiful way to share my day with people. I was tickled and fed soul food. Thank you dear friends!
Okay, I'm gonna say it, "I love you all".
we love you too sweetheart.
I think it might be time for some chamomile. I sent you a pot for it, Sarah!
What a great idea.
I'll send her my Netti,
and old mead wine jugs.
What a way to clean up.
I got a few cracked pots.
I will go mail tomorrow.
I do have a autographed book addressed to her from Robert H. Deluty. I have one for Geezer94. John E. Moss etc. Yes, kindness.
I will never look at a teapot the same way again. I'll get a teapot with a whistle.
I keep `singing`
She's a little teapot short and sweet,
She's a sparking
and a cup tisane
a cup of honey
with green tea
I just want to say that we all seem to have had one of those AHA! moments here on OS. That day when someone -- unsolicited and out of the blue -- responds to what we've written with such kindness and love that we are overwhelmed. Sparking, I'm not taking credit for this moment. You are writing about your experiences and your feelings about what happened to you. The same thing I do. The same thing most of us do. And I understand that feeling that you get when you see that despite all the self-loathing and self-doubt experienced along the way, one bright shining moment comes along when you see your worth reflected back to you by strangers.

That's what OS has done for many of us. And that's why we had this little tea party today. To offer up to one of our own that glimpse of how valuable she is. That's pretty much what we do every day through our posts, through our comments and pm's.

So thank you Sparking, for giving us all this chance to say how beautiful you are -- the gift is really ours, because it feels pretty damn good to be on the giving side.

Much love to you dear one. Keep writing. We'll keep the water hot.
Thank you skeletnwmn - for such a great idea. I sent my 3 foot tall teapot via OS. I love the collection here, too.
I have printed this out skeletnwmn and put it on my bulletin board next to my computer. It will be a beautiful reminder of what we all are doing here, and how giving we are to one another, as you said, in all the little ways we interact here.

You all gave a lot to me, in such an unexpected way, and I am overwhelmed. When I let those teapots go a long time ago, I never expected a round of new ones. My first one came this past summer. New ones arrived today.

The joys of healing are indeed miraculous. I want to shout this news from the rooftops sometimes - but instead I find a way to do it in my writing (I hope). I don't like to minimize pain but I want to show what is on the other side - that is worth walking through it. I hope I do that a little.

I really am at a loss for words now, or maybe I've said it. Thank you.
Late to the party as always but I have some incredible tea called 'snowflake' which is calming, soothing and just the right amount of sweet...
I am a fan of tea and tea paraphernalia.
Snowflake sounds divine mypsyche, thank you.

Thoth: then you came to the right place. What's your favorite tea?

AtHomePilgrim: Some snowflake tea, with honey?
Please don't tell me I missed the tea party.
My Canadian aunt set out tea and treats every day at 4'clock whether there were guests or not. They came from a mysterious place (to my child's mind) called the patisserie. Lovely post, lovely memories. r
Joanie! No, you didn't miss anything -- it's virtual, so the tea's still hot and the scones are warm. Or would you rather a cookie?
Coming back on Saturday just to lap up the loveliness of OS. :)
It's funny...I was just trying to figure out what happened to my tea pot. It still hasn't turned up in the unpacking and I think the rest of the boxes are books. Maybe it wound up here. That would be a lovely place for it to be. And perhaps I will drop on by with some of my favorite teas: Hot cinnamon spice, chocolate caramel enchantment, ginger peach...