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February 05
I was born the same year Kennedy was assassinated. My parents got divorced during the Summer of Love ('67) I'm not a journalist, I'm just a dedicated Democratic Library Assistant with a lot of bottled-up rants. But I'll try to be amusing when possible. _________________________ My Late Friend Kim would agree with this: "Nobody should die because they can't afford Health Insurance. Nobody should go broke because they get sick." Teddy, Greg and Roger, I'm SO with you on this one. And also with everyone else displaying this. --------- "I wrestle like Jane Austen and write like Jesse 'The Body' Ventura." Justice must be done for Trayvon Martin.

DECEMBER 21, 2010 12:29PM

Open Call: Christmas Letters From Hell




December 21, 2010


Dear Mom, Dad and Aunties Dorothy and Edna,


            Christmas has rolled around again, and well, blood is thicker than water. At least, we hope that's the way you feel. Donald, the/… Read full post »

DECEMBER 16, 2010 3:10AM

Terror In Gingerburg! (repost)

   Terror In Gingerburg


Gingerburg, Christmas County:  Early yesterday  morning, the residents of Gingerburg were rudely awakened by a loud rasping sound against the walls and roofs of their homes. When they went out to investigate, to their horror, they found a large gray Felis CaRead full post »

Viennese Crescents 




Viennese Crescents, an Old-World cousin of the Mexican Wedding Ball, is one of the best nut cookies you can ever hope to eat.  I do not know for a fact whether the recipe did  originate in Vienna Austria since my mother clipp/Read full post »

DECEMBER 1, 2010 1:16PM

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah begins at sunset this evening, so even though I'm not Jewish, I want to wish a Happy Hanukkah to all at Open Salon who celebrate it.  Never pass up an occasion to light up the darkness! Better an excess of good spirits than a poverty of them.  We seem to… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2010 2:30AM

Thanksgiving at Disaster Central

My mother is the chef de cuisine of more than fifty years’ worth of my family’s Thanksgivings. She’s the one with the accumulated expertise of what time in the morning to face that big raw bird, stuff its’ cavities full of bready dressing, set it on the rack, pour a cup/… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 20, 2010 9:21PM

My Mr. 2010

  I have to admit, Salon's 2010  list of hot guys doesn't really float my boat. 

My crush for 2010?

Chef Aaron Sanchez

  Chef Aarón Sanchez.


My choice is Chef Aarón Sanchez. He wears his chef whites with a certain smouldering authority, doesn’t he?  Read full post »

NOVEMBER 14, 2010 2:05AM

Whine and Cheese

Whine and Cheese

       It’s dangerous to invite me to list things that annoy me, especially when everything  seems to be getting under my skin, lately.  Some of my irritation is because of events in my working life this week, some is just free-floating anno/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 12, 2010 1:46PM

Soldier Grandfathers


Both my grandfathers, Ned Crawford, and Louis Houle, served in World War I. Both came home whole in body.   I never had a chance to meet Louis Houle my paternal grandfather  who died when my father was six. He served in the war and while the war didn’t kill h… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2010 2:05PM

Happy Halgivmas!

All we ask is that you keep an open mind as you read this proposal. We understand that you may view our idea with skepticism, and even hostility. It’s new, and new ideas are often uncomfortable and take time to catch on. It may be that we won’t be ready to… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 3, 2010 12:26AM

Pirate Wimmin Rule

Francesca the Pirate
Betimes a cat o' One Tail can be  Deadlier than a cat-o-nine!
Ye wouldna want to feel HER claws, so run away, landlubbin' Republicans! 
Arrrrr, Sharron Angle, Carly Fiorina an' Meg Whitman be walkin' the plank at Midnight! Read full post »
NOVEMBER 1, 2010 10:08PM


Dear OS friends, I went to the polls around nine a.m.  Pacific time to avoid any pre-work voter crowds at the polls.I'm pleased to report that all went smoothly.   I was done in about ten minutes, as I'd already studied the ballot and made my decisions. … Read full post »
OCTOBER 30, 2010 6:58PM

Fright Night II: Why I Love Halloween

       Halloween Avatar


     “Number zero seven eight!” Mr. Spock called through a bull horn.  “Please come and vote, ticket holder zero seven eight.”


          Read full post »

OCTOBER 26, 2010 1:47PM

I'm Reclaiming Tea Parties!

I want my  tea parties back!

            Tea and Cake


          I love tea parties,  by which I mean   pleasant afternoon parties at which tea is actually served. Afternoon t/… Read full post »

OCTOBER 17, 2010 11:57PM

French Apple Tart


Tarte Aux Pommes

By Melissa Houle

   Apples—the cook’s friend, and the baker’s lover!  While deciding what to make this week, every cookbook I opened had a wide selection of apple recipes, most of which were in the dessert category. No matter, you don’t have… Read full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2010 1:37PM

"Look Me in the Eyes, Carly"

This posting is inspired by Kathy Knechteges' brilliant  October 10th posting about  Democratic mid-term campaign ads:

Below, if I had the skill and the bankroll, is the gis
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OCTOBER 6, 2010 1:54PM

Black Belt Saturday


Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Referred to as Osensei.

 “Onegai shimasu!”


As I stepped into the main room of Aikido Santa Cruz   on Saturday October 2, all the members of the dojo were ranged around the perimeter of the large padded floor mat./… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 1, 2010 2:59PM

Pipe Dream

(This post was inspired by Hawley Roddick’s post yesterday about how to tell when you’re really rich. My inner billionaire—I was only mildly surprised to realize I had one&… Read full post »
Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 4:52PM

Poached Salmon.


Poached Salmon

by Melissa Houle

              Trout is delicious  but always a minefield of tiny bones. Tuna is too redolent of the tuna sandwiches in my school lunches. Sole is good although I’ve always/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 12:19PM

My Dozen Raw

 1.      I’m on the high side of forty, and although I’ve lived in California all my life, I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.


2.      In 1968 when I was five, my family spent several summer weeks with my newly divorced A/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 1:55PM

Sensory Feast

 Snorkelling in Hawaii




            Snorkeling in Hawaii


      Snorkelling actually combines several  of my favorite sensations.  Firstly, it’s a visual feast.  I can glide along fac/… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 1:17PM

My Second OS Anniversary



     Today is the second anniversary of my first OS blog post.   Please don’t all of you yawn at once, you’ll suck   too much oxygen out of the atmosphere. To wake you up, it's also the second anniversary of th… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 3:01PM


Lacrymosa Dies Illa



Mozart Requiem:  Dies Irae


Tuesday Morning


What can happen on

A September day, first thing

In the morning?


Wait, What?

I yawned boiled water,

Made my tea, poached my egg, then

“…World Trade Center gone.”


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Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 1:44PM

Made: Papyrus Acres, the Paper Community


 Papyrus Acres

Flowerbox Avenue--One of Papyrus Acres' nicest neighborhoods


       It may take a village to raise a child, but it only takes one crazed artist to make a village. A paper village, any/… Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2010 1:55AM

Peach Kuchen


Peach Kuchen 

By Melissa Houle 

My mother’s recipe file positively bristles with recipes clipped from magazines during her decades as principle cook for our family. A family that consisted of herself and four children to whom dinner was never quite com… Read full post »

AUGUST 18, 2010 2:08PM

Of Cakes and Champagne

 Dear OS friends, a blanket apology to all of you whose latest blogs I've missed, and let go uncommented upon for the first half of August.  Last month, my absence was due to apartment upgrading. This month, it was about....


%IMAGRead full post »