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FEBRUARY 8, 2012 2:11PM

Republican Anagrams

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Newt Gingrich

        Newton Leroy Gingrich is someone for whom I feel a remarkable antipathy.  Not least because as Speaker of the House back in 1994, he modeled the sort of obnoxious partisan hostility that I believe has contributed directly to the present Uncivil War of Words and the rampant “Us against Them” mentality that stymies progress and frustrates every thinking American in 2012.   By encouraging the Republican Congressional freshmen of 1995 to refer to Democrats as “Sick, Pathetic and Traitorous” (and probably worse)  he ushered in a destructive new era of  downright rudeness and partisan hostility that has turned the necessary adult qualities of cooperation  and  bipartisanship   into insulting epithets.


           We face huge problems, but trying to reach out toward Gingrich’s political heirs is a good way to get your hand bitten. Bipartisanship only works if  all parties  concerned  act in good faith. Cooperation to reach solutions we can all live with is harder to find in Washington than wise men or virgins.   Hard to solve a problem if half the people in Washington refuse to even acknowledge it on ideological grounds. Honoring members of the opposite party as human beings who might have workable ideas with merit and generally acting like courteous adults and statespersons seem to have gone the way of   top hats and white gloves.


            I’m not saying that we’d all be singing “Kumbaya” and toasting marshmallows together around a campfire if it were not for Gingrich, but he was damned eager to  open the hostilities eighteen years ago and the snowballs he threw then have become an avalanche.  Damned if I’ll let him off the hook for the portion of the responsibility that truly is his for  this dysfunctional state of affairs.  Nice going, Newtie.


            In the past I’ve found other possible meanings for GOP and for the TEA of Tea Party such as “Greedy Oil-soaked Pricks” and “Tacky Egregious Anklebiters.”  So what else my the initials N. L. G. stand for?  “No Longer Gracious” works, if a bit tame.  But we can do better:


Noxious Larvae Grunting


Narcississtic Libertinageous  Grandisonant


 Narcoleptic Larvivrous Grinagog


Nasally Lachrymogenic Gonoph


National Landocratic Gasconite


Nefarious Latrant Gamophobe


Nincompoopish Leucochroic Gowk


Negligent Lambdoid Gammadion


Notorious Legulaian Gardyloo


Mitt Romney 

"Vote for me! My straight white teeth are more Presidential

than Obama's straight white teeth!"


And what about Mitt Romney? Well…..he looks more presidential than Gingrich.  



Okay. That’s all I’ve got.


Where Gingrich wears his callous, egotistical unpleasantness openly on his sleeve with refreshing frankness,  Mitt Romney is kind of like a creepy uncle  who tries too hard to be funny at the family reunion. All that happens is that people stand around smiling in a fixed sort of way, unable to laugh at lame jokes and making awkward conversation until he finally goes away.  Romney could hardly be whiter, more Republican or more 1% --he looks as if he wouldn’t have any idea how to have a relaxed conversation with a person he wouldn’t meet at his country club. Like George W. Bush, I find Romney’s honesty even more disturbing than his lies at the times Romney decides to spew a few truths. Because I’m sure he means it when he says he likes to fire people, or that we really need to make those home foreclosures go more efficiently, and that he really doesn’t care about the very poor. It speaks damning volumes about the sort of man he really is. And that’s not even getting into the business about making his family’s dog ride on the luggage rack on a car trip, then claim that the poor thing “likes fresh air.” At least Bush never did that to his dogs!


So Willard Mitt Romney…your first name does rather remind me of that creepy movie Willard from the 60’s or 70’s about a man who ends up living in a rat-infested apartment.   There must be fitting words to fit W. M. R. ..Searching….


Wussy Mondo Rich


Wagtail Mabsoot Ragabash


Weedicidal Militaster Rectalgia


Wheepling Magniloquent Ramulus


Whiffety Maliferous Rasophore


Widdershins Mammonistic Reductionist


Windlestraw Metagnostic Rejectamenta


Wiseling Mangonel Repbrobate


Woggly Marcescent Reremouse


Woopie Mechanomorphic Ridgeling

                      Worsification Menticidal Retromorphosis 

I kind of admire Ron Paul for speaking his mind. Unfortunately for him, I also find his beliefs abhorrent and unworkable.  I have no confidence whatsoever in his ability to run a nation  or even a dog pound. And, rather like Bob Dole in 1996, I keep wanting to say “Somebody get this man  a name with more syllables!”


Rick Santorum… he’s well named. Evidently, it’s his five minutes to shine. It appears we live in  Interesting Times.

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This is fun. How about Not Leading Government and White Makes Right? r
Well done! I heard about Romney's putting the family dog on the roof rack for a 10 (12?) hour trip. Animal cruelty. isn't that how serial killers are created? Santorum sounds like "vomitorium" or Lavatory (ium) to me. Rated.
I didn't understand all those big words, but I agree wholeheartedly. It's sad to think that one of those pathetic idiots actually has a good chance of being our next president. The thing about a democracy is that the people get exactly the kind of public officials they deserve. R
Very clever. The next time I hear about these politicians, I will be thinking of some of these telling results....
Thanks a lot!! With all those Anagrams; you've taken all the future Blog Titles away - leaving us with "Macy's Mannequin Mocks Mitt" R
an·a·gram [ ánnə gràm ]
Word rearranged to form another: a word or phrase that contains all the letters of another word or phrase in a different order. "Astronomers" is an anagram of "no more stars."

ac·ro·nym [ ákrə nìm ]
Word formed from initials: a word formed from the initials or other parts of several words, e.g. "NATO," from the initial letters of "North Atlantic Treaty Organization"

Your fine GOP screed is mnemonic initialism.
This is totally original. And how often can a person say that? I am guessing that NOWHERE in battle against these clowns has anybody slapped them down like this. Good job!

Mittens as the creepy uncle at family reunions is perfect.

This piece reminds me of Gail Collins who also mentions the family dog strapped to the car story in every single column. And anytime a person elicits thoughts of Gail Collins---they done good.
Great Stuff~~These are the leaders of this country. OMG!
I guess Newt didn't really go somewhere to seek anger management training. Not to be unfriendly, but I had rather hoped he had retired from public life..

No candidate from any party can speak his or her mind these days. Every breath, hesitation, blink and frown is analyzed in a matter of nanoseconds it seems, and sent around the globe. It would be nice to have an idea of what the candidates think and feel about issues, but every move, every speech, every debates seems to cloaked in fear.

Clever post! R