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MARCH 21, 2012 6:18PM

"Take a Chance on Me" Occupy!!!

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“Take a chance on Me!” Occupy!


I am not sure about the rest of you, but I am on every donation list imaginable, it appears. Democracy apparently costs an arm and a leg these days. That is Democracy of the Democratic, progressive kind anyway. The Republican political agenda doesn't cost that much as the corporate personhoods are picking up the tab for their stuff. 


So here are a few guidelines for the remaining months of the election.


The Lucky Seven 

1. If you have money and are progressive, you might want to donate to the campaigns, non-profits and such that actually represent your idea of this nation, government, freedoms and rights.


2. As we are the usually considered the 99% and those are the people without the rich corporate personhoods to pay their way for them, we don't have a lot of money, or extra money, or any money as the case may be. That does not mean you have no voice. You can write, you can email, you can march, and you can open your window up and scream. You can vote and ask your neighbor too. It is after all a fact; it does not cost money to vote. It costs people money to get you to vote for them. You do not have to vote for the person whose campaign spends the most for your vote. You can read online, or in newspapers about the candidates in your area. You can ask questions, you can work on their campaigns if you have time and you can vote for them. They would like to represent you, not corporations. They are on your issues.


3. Participating in your Democracy does not cost money. Negative campaigning, direct mail pieces and robo calls cost money. All that is what is inundating many campaigns, progressive and conservative alike. People make money off of campaigns. What if no money was to be made? How about this? You write a blog about who you think you will vote for and why. You do a You Tube about who you vote for and why, you post links on these to face book. You use every single free thing to promote your ideas, your candidates and your kind of democracy. In the early stages of our nation, we did it in similar fashion. We got up close and personal to each other and talked, and shared and inspired and argued. We discussed. When that did not always work, there were marches, fights, demonstrations and even war. Just like drones which spy and bomb, corporate personhood is trying to do the same thing with their conservative, far right or greedy message, saturate the media, spin as much as they can to get votes and rush in and out before you are aware of their real motives. Work to rid your area of drone politics.


4. Once you start getting the right people in leadership, then you tighten the reign on them. You do not let them get and act on undue influence that is really against your interests and the interests of this nation. Demand strong rules regarding lobbying. You can do that by being “present”. You communicate with your representatives, verbally, in writing, via email, and in any other way possible. You engage them in the people's business, not the monkey business of big money. The 1 % has had a stranglehold on this economy long enough. They have told enough lies with so much hot air, that, if collected, they could raise the Titanic, or more likely Atlantis. A couple of elections with this kind of control, and everyone will get the message. Even a wild horse can be broken.


5. Don't think you can't make change. If you are going to blow it all up and say that all politicians lie, nothing is worth doing anything about, the big lies and big money always win;  then how do you explain the civil rights movement? How do you explain a woman's right to vote, to choose, contraception rights, the end of slavery, voter rights, property rights, 40 hour work week, no child labor and such? Some politicians do lie, some change their minds. Now, if those things can be won, they can also be lost, actually that and much more. They, those crazy conservatives led by the 1%, are trying to overturn much of it now, appealing to every blind prejudice and scam to make you believe that is on their agenda. Why? Subterfuge for power grabbing, so that no matter what they actually do or don't do, you will be spinning from all this other stuff and they can do what they want. They can make even more money for themselves and any speculation that they think they want. They don't care about you or this country. They care about themselves. That is how we got into this economic mess.


6. Now, many of you will not like this point. There is something going on in this country to fight against and you know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for our America, the one that we thought as kids we belonged to. It is still there underneath all this mound of mud, greed, pain and indifference, soaked in foreign oil and drenched in gasoline. If you still want it, before it goes up in flames, you are going to have to fight for it. In any way you can. I would advise any legal way, but as they continue to "modify" our civil rights, you might just have to accept that if you want things better, you are going to have to get involved, get your hands dirty and that might mean even more than that. Do not be afraid. You are not alone. We are not at that stage yet. If you do what is suggested above, then you might help turn this red tide around in this country.


7. Okay, I know, you never pictured yourself in a fight. Well, come to think of it, neither did the Revolutionaries or the Civil War folks. There were fights though. People died and we set some things down in law as a result of it. We came together for the sake of the nation in the end, for a uniting of its people. I have no doubt when all of our crazy conservative and far right brothers and sisters see the light; they will be embarrassed to realize how they have been duped by the Republicans into thinking that they were going to be a real part of something in this country. Folks, it is all about the 1%. They have prostituted themselves for every vote they can get to have the pretense of legality to go about their dirty, greedy work. Settle down you Christian conservatives. You can still believe all your stuff, because this is a free nation. Just don't try to shove it down everyone's throat. 




This piece is intended to give progressives and those fed up with trying to buy their country back from the 1% some important feedback and encouragement. So buzz off wackadoodles.


Thank you Abba! Take a chance on yourself. Don’t look for a hero, unless you are looking in the mirror. It is up to you.


Copyright 2012 by SheilaTGTG55


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Well OS does not seem to want to post the video to this piece. Unfortunately. It is an incredible rant, hope you all are up to it. The next few months are going to get very interesting.

Check this out:
I like the screaming part. Or writing my congress person, numerous times, to the point they write back stating, PLEASE STOP.....:D

Tink!!!!! Thanks for visiting. I was completely wound up today!!!! Looks like we are finally going to get rid of MANZULLO here!!! 20 king of the heap, YAHOO!!!!!!!
With all due respect and not to get picky, but...
1. No problem.
2. That depends on the voting laws of the state where you're registered. If you're a college student or don't have a driver's license, it'll cost you $20.00 or more to get a copy of your birth certificate and a state issued photo ID required by state law to vote.
3. Our early nation's up close and personal discussions of political races were often fueled by free drinks purchased by the various candidates and occasionally ended in fist fights.
4.Direct communication with elected officials can often work to counter the influence of lobbyists... but numbers and geography count. If the calls and letters come from all over the country and not from the district or state constituents, the pol isn't going to pay them much heed.
5. No argument.
6. No argument, except to make it clear that you may also find it necessary to pursue illegal avenues of civil disobedience.
7. Self government has never been a pretty thing. Even when it's successful it's usually a cobble of not very satisfactory compromises. The only reason we had a Revolution was the inability of Parliament and King George to consider compromise, and any student of the Civil War knows that disaster was a bloody monument to failed compromises.
Ohh and I love the video mix!
That was a guy who had 20 years as king around here, and insisted on congressional letterhead that abortion could cause breast cancer.
Small actions taken by many are power-full, I sign a lot of petitions like one about Rush that I found on facebook. I feel powerful when I get involved, and look at what happened when many people stepped up to fight Limbaugh's ugly remarks. A link by toritto sent me to the petition for investigating the killer of young Treyvon Martin and according to the news apparently half million people did. Now the FBI is looking into it.

Money didn't make that happen, people did. The people have the power and if we stand together, we always will. All we have to do is take hold of it, and refuse to let go. Small actions again and again, you can move mountains that way.

We're not impotent, we're powerful. Loved the video.
I bet you have a filing system that rivals everyone:)
jmac: Thanks for your visit, points well taken!!!
Too bad it's all about money.
l'Heure: Yes, there is power in our signatures!

Linda: Somewhat, but my friend Dee has a bigger and better one!

Matt: Yes, I know. We let go of the reins and somehow the underground corruption got bigger and the so called "proper" process of funding got out of hand, corruption has run rampant as a result, but the vote still counts.
toritto: Thanks!! Great idea. Now just try sending that out via all your networks. Found out today NOW women in Missouri are sending toilet paper to the GOP leader in their state, to FLUSH RUSH Limbaugh, the GOP wants to put a bust of Rush in the state capitol...Planned Parenthood women are knitting vaginas and having them sent to know, the idiot GOP kind.
The wackadoodles should buzz off, early and often. Fine post, Sheila. I want to read it again and get more inspired to get off my COMPUTER CHAIR.
fernsy: If a 100 people got off their chair and did one thing each, and each day one hundred more got inspired and did the same thing, this would be a different country by election time, and hopefully it would be the right 100 people, the ones like us.
I'm with you Sheila! I donate my $5 to every progressive and liberal cause, along with environmental and social justice. Lately I've had to delete messages for the sake of my bank account. I still sign every petition that I think will make a difference, and post it on facebook for others to sign, if they want. I'm hanging in there!!!
C: Thanks for all you do!! What you do, what I do, can make a huge difference!
One of the problems that I see right now is that we have gotten so polarized, it is almost impossible to get anything done.

Half the people are demanding what the other half is insisting they will not tolerate.

The only way things will ever work is if everyone gets off the “I demand” and “I will not tolerate” mode. We’ve got to work together…and we have to recognize that in a complex society like the one in which we live—compromises have to be made. That doesn’t mean that any of us must become doormats, but that we MUST COMPROMISE.

There are people here in OS, for instance, who are suggesting courses of action I consider so counterproductive, I not only cannot support them, I must actively oppose them. But even while doing so, I must acknowledge that those people have a right to the road they are traveling. Mind you…this is not about having different goals, but rather having goals in common, but being 180 degrees out of synch about how best to achieve (or come close) to those goals.

Maybe we have gotten too complex for anything to work. I hope not, but it certainly is something that must be considered.

Good post, Sheila.