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FEBRUARY 24, 2012 11:09AM

A Bit of Snowtopia

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the snow

 Snow pictures from Northern Illinois, yes, it is still winter!

snow 2

 Our view into the woods.

snow 3 

The crowded drive. 


snow 5 

 Into the woods.


snow 7

A pretty place to sit. 

snow 8

White iced branches. 


snow 9 

 The edge of the woods.


snow 10 

Art in fallen trees. 

Copyright 2012 by SheilaTGTG55 



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The snow can be so beautiful here. Enjoy!
Art in fallen trees sounds beautiful. Gorgeous pictures, Sheila.
What a beautiful and chilly you have given us this morning, Sheila.
fernsy: There is a lot of serenity in the woods.

Sarah: Yes, it is chilly, I brightened the pictures too, it was so melancholy.
*gorgeous* photographs of beautiful wintery things, Sheila. The shot of your house and drive, minus the cars and plow, looks like a place in the snowy woods from a fairy tale. You must have been *cold* out there, snapping away with your camera in the icy woods. I miss snow. This helped.
Candace: It is chilly! The boys are home for quarter break so there are more cars, and two plows and a partridge in a pear tree if you get my drift....busy.
I love the snowplow.. I used to drive one and clean out my neighbours yard.. the kids called me:Mrs. Plow..:)
Linda: I love that!!! I bet you used to get a lot of snow in Canada! Thanks for visiting!
Boy you must live in Minn. Was just posting to Sarah about the great frosting we got a few weeks ago. These are lovely and sooo white. I love winter too.
Cindy: Thanks for visiting, it is beautiful!!!!
I'll add mine to yours, today.
These are beautiful pictures. We've seen next to nothing in central Illinois. I've missed it a bit.
Thank you for these lovely photos. I love the look of fairyland.
rated with love
tg: Thanks for the visit! The streets are dry now, but the snow is still everywhere else.
jlsathre: It was like spring here for so many days that it was uncanny, now this. It is beautiful though!

Romantic: It does look that way. I enjoy imagining how this would be with no neighbors and all pristine everywhere!
missing this so thank you! r.
Jon: It is beautiful and quiet. Soothing in a way. Good for writing.
Love the photos. I had 40 years of snowy winters before moving down here to Austin, TX, so I remember scraping off the windshield and warming up the car that made each trip an ordeal, and the shoveling of walks and driveways. However, you ALMOST make me miss it, the hush that came with newly fallen snow, the squeak and crunch of tramping through it, the startling clarity of a world rendered in white and black.
CC: I didn't like it much when I worked downtown and had to walk in it. I hate ice. The thing is it is beautiful, especially in the country, from your own backyard nice!
I miss Wisconsin, Sheila. Thanks for making me homesick.
How beautiful and wish I were there!
Matt: Thanks for visiting! Visit the snow anytime!!!

Razzle: Thank you for visiting! It can be very wonderful!
It is picture book beautiful, Sheila. R
Thoth: Thanks for visiting! I think it is rather fairy tale! The snow makes hides all the spring work to come!
Wow, you have an idyllic view from your home in the woods, don't you? These are beautiful.

L: Thanks, in its own way it is a kind of paradise.
Beautiful, but I'm glad it is there and not here. Yesterday was 68 degrees in the mid atlantic.
Brown Eyed Girl: That is fabulous! Maybe spring will really be coming here soon! I am wondering if there will be more snow here. It has been known to snow in March and even April.....yikes!

We're getting snowin' and blowin' right now. Maybe I can get some shots in the a.m.
Phyllis: That would be great to see! Take some pictures!
So lovely. We've only had a few such days of beauty here in the supposed Great White North of Minnesota.
Mary: Thanks for the visit!
Beautiful, magical photos, Sheila. I'm in Los Angeles visiting my Dad and it's sunny and in the 70s. Not sure I will able to adapt to winter once I return to NY tomorrow.
Erica: Have a safe trip back to NY! Hope the weather cooperates!
you guys melting yet? It's settled into crunchy here :p
Julie: Melted on the streets, but still everywhere else! It is about 28 degrees out. I am still wandering around in the house....not been out yet, but the guys are all out since about 9 am. It is sunny though!
I can enjoy these pictures! But only because we have fled Massachusetts this last month for California. Snow IS beautiful...when you don't have to dig your car out of three feet of it.
Luminous: Yes! I am escaping too to Florida just for a bit.
Sorry for the late visit. Not because I escaped anywhere, but I am stuck in snow and high winds AND haven't heard from you for a while. I hope you're in Florida now enjoying some warm and sun.
Lovely photos, though.