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MAY 1, 2011 10:05PM

Pope John Paul, Canonization & Sr. Donna Quinn

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Sr. Donna Quinn brings us her perspective again on the church and how it works. Here is a question asked by her to  friends and used with her permission here, regarding the event in Rome today about the late Pope John Paul II. 
Pope John Paul has been put on a track for Sainthood. He was a much beloved Pope, and a beacon of religious leadership, especially for Catholic Polish people. It is said that his religious leadership helped end communist rule in Poland and started the trend of ending in the rest of Europe.  Read Sr. Donna Quinn's question and see what you come up with for an answer.
At the conclusion of this piece you will see my answer. 
 John Paul
Pope John Paul II
I am in need of help from the Wordsmiths, Theologians, and/or Lawyers out there......
Here is my question - What does it mean to be CANON ized.....?
Now I know what it means to carmelize, unionize, patronize, personalize,
I even know what it means to capitalize, familiarize, deputize, jeopardize
penalize, weatherize, liberalize, radicalize, and theologize  -
but canonize  - No, not so much.......
Webster defines the word canon as "a regulation or dogma decreed by a church council or a provision of canon law "  Now when I see those last
two words I think of Canon 1024 which states: "Only a baptized male validly receives sacred ordination."   Now that has got to be sexist.
I have heard that Canon Law was written only for men and now it is stretched to include those unequal intrusive females.but
(here comes another question) How can women ever be tried under a law which does not treat them as equals under that law?
Back to my original question....What does it mean to be Canon-ized
and what is all this talk I am hearing by those awful Media Folks calling
the beatification of Pope John Paul II a "fast track to being canonized" They have charged Chicago politicians with those very same words....Must have originated with Chicago media. They always think it is not how you live but who you know.  Now what do they know....
My recollection of Pope John Paul II's  first days in Office were shortly after the second Women's Ordination Conference in Baltimore-1978 when he declared to a group of nuns in Rome that they "should not allow feminist claims to overshadow their call to a chaste, poor, and obedient life in the church"
Then on October 7, 1979 during his visit to the U.S. a nun by the name Theresa Kane representing LCWR and all women stood up in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, say,
"Our contemplation leads us to state that the Church in its struggle to be faithful to its call for reverence and dignity for all persons must respond by providing the members the possibility of women as persons being  included in all ministries of our Church. I urge you, Your Holiness, to be open to and respond to the voices coming from the women of this country who are desirous of serving in and through the Church as fully participating members."
I still am asking the same question about the word Canon- ization
Now I am wondering if we need a new Leader in Rome and Council who would set aside a great day to celebrate all those women and men who have gone before us and are now Sancti cized.  or made Saints....What
a glorious day  -  sort of like a Day of Equality celebrated in the Church.
standing side -by -side with those we have known and loved who have gone before us.
Friends tell me I do not have to worry about being
I am going with the word SANCTICIZED where everyone is welcome..
                                                   Donna Quinn.
Her question was a worthy one, and my answer a kind of flip response. As  a former Catholic, I have deep respect for many religious in the church and friends in both the priesthood and lay ministries as well as nuns. I ask you here to consider her thoughts.
In answer to your question, the female becomes male in the eyes of the church because only then would she actually be deemed worthy in their "ized"....."
Copyright 2011 by SheilaTGTG55 

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Just a bit of a different slant on the days events. The church as an institution is always in a place that requires change if it is to reflect the members it leads in faith and serves as the spiritual guide in the path of Christ.
Thanks, Sheila... so many pressing questions with so little apparent movement.
I heard that he had performed a miracle and cured this woman of Parkinsons.
The Catholic church will always be behind in its ways. I just do nto understand why as it is one of the most powerful forces around.
Rated with hugs
Catherine: Yes, little movement.

Linda: I had heard the same thing about his miracle. As to the church, many things are not right with the world, and the church reflects some of that too. For some it is such a combination that they can no longer tolerate it.
toritto: Yes, 500 years....and countless other actions done in the name of Christ, that we might rather forget...however, it is never too tiresome to wish for justice, or think it might happen. In my lifetime, it will probably not happen....
I think they are glossing over his part in the pedophilia that was going on in his time as Pope. He transfered some of these priests and looked the other way until the spotlight got so bright he had to do something. You know Sheila, I'm not religious by any means, so rather he is or not I really don't have a vote. But I think any place that discriminates against over half or their members, women, is wrong and he was also adamant against women being priests. Sometimes I'm glad I don't have to follow all the religious dogma that goes on. "their "ized". Good one!
Scanner: You are absolutely right! I have some real issues with is papacy with respect to women in the church and to the pedophile scandals. I also take issue with the background of the current pope, but that is another post... Thanks for stopping and commenting.
He presided over the church for quite a long time while child abuse was being swept under the rug and offending priests were being shuffled from parish to parish to hide it. He did some great things, especially politically regarding the fall of communism, for which he should have respect. But he also allowed this horrible plague to fester underneath for far too long a time...Sainthood should be reserved for those who struggle against these things openly under the healing light of God.
Linnn: That is a very true statement. The problem is how the church must have viewed these sins against try and make it disappear for so long, to protect the offenders because they were 'priests' over the safety and sanctity of innocence of children, is really despicable. When I first read of the whole sainthood idea for him, I felt like it was kind of rushed and contrived. I wanted to believe that he did something that really warranted it. This makes me doubt other saints, in a way, it cheapens the system, again for me.

Those things which we were so carefully taught to be sacred, that we stoked our faith on....yes, it is very confusing and difficult. At this age, I stand back, far back. All this has been long outside of me, and I prefer it that way.... thanks for stopping by.
Where women are concerned, most churches are guided by the commands of Ist Tim:2 verse 11-12
Friends tell me I do not have to worry about being
I am going with the word SANCTICIZED where everyone is welcome..
Love this and the last line in particular.
A. Walrond: Yes, I looked that up, and you are right, they got their "justification" right in the text didn't they?

Algis: Sr. Quinn is really a thinker! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating!
canonized sounds like something got blown up!
Poppi: Just the women apparently......just kidding. The church is not believing in equality just yet...