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APRIL 25, 2012 6:15PM

Dinner on the Beach

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It was a very long time ago,
that dinner on the beach
we traveled with some
friends to the
Mexican Riviera
Puerto Vallarta
where Taylor and Burton romanced...
Why shouldn't we?
Our friends were travel buddies and
knew all the ropes
they succumbed to a time share rant
for a  dinner on the beach.
They convinced us of the fun
the possibilities it wrought,
we enjoyed the tour
a gorgeous private pool and getaway;
both Liz and Richard
once had been here, tucked away.
We were rather newly married
so wonder at such places was yet in our eyes;
our jaded Washington friends
just along for the free dinner.
Dinner on the beach!
Of course we would never take advantage
they would always do so;
they were older,
knew the ropes
and he worked for the government;
his boss was the president, in some distant chain of command.
So okay, we went along.
The dinner on the beach was superb,
the waves crashing and our feet in sand,
the food wonderful,
the wine speaking lovely words
in twilight,
the lanterns lighting
the smooth bouquet of sea and surf and delicious
Okay, we did not buy the time share
and we did not feel guilt.
The service was excellent, almost surreal
and forever I will remember
our dinner on the beach.
The lovely bungalow time share,
with its small private pool.
I remember that too,
it's marble bath, so exotic.
My own bath looks kind of
like the one we saw that day, the memory inspiration.
I call it my Taj Mahal, 
minus Taylor and Burton, of course.
 Copyright 2010 by SheilaTGTG55


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I wrote this when I first joined OS and never published it. So, enjoy!
And you had this wonderful piece in a file all along Sheila??
It's simply great!!
But then, I just walked back from the beach/park a few minutes ago so I am decidedly pro seaside...
Mission: Thanks, I don't really know what I was waiting for. The water is so beautiful, especially with moonlight on it.
What an almost-lost gem this is! A Real Picture-in-Words.
Joseph Conrad said the mission of all writing is to make us see.
:) R.
Jon: Thanks, that is a great compliment.
Looks and tastes (virtually) great. Thank you for posting it now.
Mary: Thanks for visiting the beach with me today.
If Taylor and Burton have left, make sure to look under the couch... they may have forgotten O'Toole.
I've had many dinners on the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks for the memories.
Glad you published it for us to enjoy.
jmac: HAHAHHA, I was looking for any lost diamonds myself...

SpiritMan: Such romance combined with all the beauty. Amazing.

Miguela: Thank you for coming to visit the beach with me.
So lovely! Glad you posted it.
And I am a Bath Person, too.
Ha Ha Ha. Drink up and let the 1% buy!
onislandtime: So much beauty in nature and water so inspiring. Thanks for visiting!
tg: Our friends really had it all figured out....
what a magical memory. everyone should have at least one...
I loved it. Have to enjoy life where you find it.
I was in Puerto Vallarta and didn't have nearly such a perfect experience. Night of the Iguana, if I remember correctly.
Glad you have such a magical memory. Glad you posted it.
toritto: Thanks, I need to get busy and get published I guess. I always wrote poetry type stuff. Do you remember those blank empty books? I wrote in those and drew pictures and stuff. I did a couple of them.

Mime: Thank you I remember the cool sand tickling my shoeless toes.

zanelle: It was a beautiful night, with starlight and cool breezes.

fernsy: It was a nice piece of time well spent. It was a pretty place to visit with fun friends.
Exotically delightful!
Matt: Thanks! It was kinda romantic too!!
Brassawe: Thank you!
Taj Mahal does not stand a chance! I am declaring you: Sheila a Master of Ceremonies. R
What a beautiful picture! I had really never heard of being served dinner on the beach. Your poem is very nice. It tells a whole story about something I didn't even know existed.
Thoth: Ha, thank you!

Manhattan: It was a very unique experience, all of it.
How deliciously romantic./r
Christine: Thank you, it was. Even though we were with friends, it had a quality of romance about it.
This is a delicious vision. How nice to have this lovely memory. R
Rita: As this was some 25 years ago, yes, it is a great memory. I like to go back and visit those times in my life once in a while.
What a beautiful sunset, Sheila. Beaches have always been a source of inspiration. Dinner on the Beach is enlightening.
Belinda: Thank you for reading. It seems so simple, a dinner on the beach, yet so elegant in a way.
[r] poem and picture perfect! well done. libby
You were hiding this gem? What else you got back there?

This was so complete and flowed so smoothly that I felt like an intruder