MARCH 21, 2010 11:38PM

Mind Your Manners (1953)

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Dear Healthcare haters, tea party protesters, and up-dusting members of the Open Salon community (ahem): YOUR MANNERS ARE SHOWING.
Yes, as I hear about protesters outside of the Capitol Building chanting "nigger" at civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis, spitting on Congressional Black Caucus leader Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, and calling Rep. Barney Frank a "faggot," I think it might be time for all of us to take a little time-out and learn a time-honored lesson from our friends at Coronet.
Usually I present these videos with a wee bit of snark and tongue-in-cheek, but not tonight.  Discourse seems to be breaking down.  We seem to have forgotten that our mothers taught us to treat others--even those we disagree with--with respect.  Let's not disappoint our mothers. 
That is all.
Oh, okay, get a load of the montage of adults thinking approvingly of Jack's behavior.  Classic!!

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Manners. Always a good thing. Rated.
This was filmed the year my father was born. Despite Jack's borderline creepy sneer, I just kept thinking: "Manners! They're so... easy!"
Absolutely and totally rated.
Nice- especially that Dutch-themed malt shop! As creepy and cardboard as some of this is, I'm actually considering showing it to my kids.
To all: I KNOW.

To mamoore: I KNOW. Isn't it scary?
But it is hard for people to think of manners and respecting one another when they are raised to believe that they are each entitled, special, and unique little snowflakes who have to answer to nobody. Sigh...
A cheerful good morning to you, Shaggy!

And mom, of course, says it best - It's so easy.
mornin' JT.

I dunno, TD, I was raised a snowflake, but I was also reminded to not forget that everyone else is a snowflake, too. If I ever have a kid who uses a "push to talk" phone on public transportation, I think I'll go crazy.
This is awesome. Now I have to go back and check to make sure my Free PR Tips for Tea Partiers wasn't in any way rude.

I'm all for manners! Rated.