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2010 Open Salon Interviews: Roll Call

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A week ago I put forth a proposition:  pick a writer on Open Salon and interview him/her.  Talk about writing,  life, sex, religion, money, politics: whatever tickles your fancy.  Below are the results, organized alphabetically by interviewee.  



 Open Call - Interview with a Pilgrim

AtHomePilgrim interviewed by LC Neal



 Self - Interview

Cocoalfresco interviews Cocoalfresco



 The Soul Behind the Bird: An Interview With Green Heron

greenheron interviewed by Ann Nichols


iamsurlyinterviewed by Aunt Mabel


My Interview With The Man Who Wasn't There

john blumenthal "interviewed" by O'Really?


Judy Berman

 An Interview with Judy Berman

 Judy Berman "interviewed" by john blumenthal



 Open Call OS Interviews - kmbearden

kmbearden interviewed by D Art


lc neal

 Lots of Green But No Blue Lights: An Interview With LC Neal

LC Neal interviewed by Ann Nichols

lea lane

 Open Call: A Times Interview with Lea, Then & Now

 Lea Lane interviewed in the New York Times



Open Call - Interview with an Inspiration

 M.Mckenzie interviewed by LC Neal


pam epstein

 "Advertising for Love": An Interview with Pam Epstein

Pam Epstein interviewed by shaggylocks


patricia k

 Open Call OS Interviews - patricia k

patricia k interviewed by D Art



(explicit) Are You There God? It's Me, The Crippled Fag.

placebostudman interviewed by Amanda Gulledge


  Open Call - Interview with an Adventuresspoppi iceland

 Poppi Iceland interviewed by LC Neal



 Open Call OS Interview - Raving Bits

RavingBits interviewed by D Art



Sheldon the Wonderhorse


Steve Blevins

OS Contest: Win a FREE Naked Freaky Troll Doll!!! (Part III) 


shaggylocks, Sheldon the Wonderhorse, and Steve Blevins interview each other 

I'll add more as they come in.  If I've left you off this list, please shoot me a PM!



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It's never too late to get in on the fun...
It's been awhile since I've found anyone interested in some fancy tickling.
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This is an awesome Open Call, shaggy! You rock.