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Sean Fenley
May 04
Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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DECEMBER 3, 2011 12:15PM

A Sound Basis for Anti-Americanism?

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There is a strain of America that seems to be very benighted, and of another eon. I think that this is the group that fosters so much of the animus, that is felt towards America around the world. There is a group in the middle that I think can be worked with, and I think in polling sadly liberals only come out to about 15-20% (and we do have to wonder how progressive that these folks actually are). Also, I do not think that Canada and Western Europe have the far right Christians — existing in such numbers — and holding such sway in their politics. In fact, I think that religion has been prognosticated to be dead in large swaths of Western Europe, as well as the icy north. Religion still polls quite strongly here in the US; however, though the religious seem to pick rather openly and arbitrarily, from their chosen body of faith.

I personally do not believe that this backward strand of America, is what America is all about. They don’t believe in liberty, they believe in strict authority/hierarchy, they don’t believe in egalitarianism, they believe in plutocracy, they don’t believe in a representative democratic republic, they believe in a clique of the uber rich — and probably some religious — running society; and lastly, they believe in the Christian equivalent of sharia law being forced upon most women. If this strain of America is who the rest of the world thinks that America is, in my opinion, they are simply wrong. Though, they may, in fact, appear to be the loud majority, and; as aforementioned, they hold a lot of sway in American politics.

The group in the middle of America either takes the Reich too lightly, or they don’t fully understand the implications of their agenda (and its potential success). Moreover, a lot of these folks, are beguiled by all of the escapism that exists in America. And, in fact, they may also be deceived or diverted, and feel that an ideology, such as fascism, is a musty and outdated anachronism — that can no longer rise.

I must admit that I haven’t traveled that widely myself, but I personally try to think of humanity as humanity, and not divided up into artificial and disparate nations and states. The evils that come from benighted, insular, Christian Reconstructionist America, probably have existed in all of the societies of the world. That they exist in the world’s greatest — and perhaps most active — military power brings them a lot of conspicuous recognition and renown.

According to Noam Chomsky — the noted MIT professor — in America, say, for example, that the professor will talk quite openly and equitably with the mechanic. Whereas even in some far more egalitarian, and advanced social welfare countries, there may exist much greater animus between those of different economic or educational levels, and/or social groups. Also freedom of speech, is not codified in the Constitution of many nations. Though, at least since 9/11, it seems to be have become perpetually under attack here in the United States. But still, nevertheless, there is some good in America, which some may refer to as the “belly of the beast”.

My biggest concern as an American is if karma will come back to get us, and bite us in the end. Especially, considering all of the innocents and children, that we have killed in our reckless foreign imperialism and senseless wars. I think it is a minority that controls our foreign policy, and makes parts of it essentially unreformable (and set in stone), and many of the “common people” are not very sophisticated about that.

If there is any reason to hate Americans, it is that too many have too little knowledge about our place in foreign affairs, in some sense they are not culpable, though, because the mainstream media reinforces this insularity, and often gives us only one simple side of the tale. Pax Americana is always positioned — as an innocent — and in a saintly, beatific and illuminated light. And moreover, the carnage and casualties of war are no longer allowed to be seen on the American TV screen. I don’t know when or why this changed exactly — other than that, of course, it benefits those, who are at the elite levels of the military-industrial complex and the ruling class.

In summation, it seems to me that history — for some great while now — has been about the people of European ancestry and descent exploiting, and/or dominating over the people of the Global South. And I see that, as a trend, that is continuing up until the present day. And in this conflict although the United States might be the global hegemon — and the one that is leading up this disreputable practice — certainly many of the other NATO nations, are right there along with us, helping us, in this dubious and inauspicious fight.

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Chomsky, about the fundamentals of US foreign policy since 1992...

" The Clinton administration declared that the US has the right to use military force unilaterally to ensure "uninhibited access to key markets, energy supplies, and strategic resources." It also declared that military forces must be "forward deployed" in Europe and Asia "in order to shape people's opinions about us," not by gentle persuasion, and "to shape events that will affect our livelihood and our security." Instead of being reduced or eliminated, as propaganda would have led one to expect, NATO was expanded to the East. This was in violation of verbal pledges to Mikhail Gorbachev when he agreed to allow a unified Germany to join NATO."

"Today, NATO has become a global intervention force under US command, with the official task of controlling the international energy system, sea lanes, pipelines, and whatever else the hegemonic power determines."
I am by no means excusing the Bush dynasty for having their servant in the Whitehouse murder children with drones, nor am I excusing the ignoramuses who have been enchanted by FOX and company into cheering them on: “support our troops”. Yea, I thought I was to the tune of about 40,000 a year to shoot barefoot woman from armored caravans.

What I will say is nobody should be absolving the third world in the current global crisis. Their unchecked breeding that is reliant on the Wests technology to even occur has gotten completely out of hand. At 7 billion people this planets saturation point has been reached and now must be checked, if necessary militarily. We don’t have to kill children for oil and opium, or anybody else for that matter, but globally initiated Restraints like the government of China put on its people should definitely be on the table. America is not as bad as we sometimes think it is Sean, how do you think Nazi and Japanese overlords would have handled overpopulation?

As for the ignorant (and if you quote the old testament without knowing Hebrew you are the epitome of ignorance) Bible toting rednecks just ignore them. Can’t you see everybody else does. I have told you and everyone else on OS that the Bush’s love irony and I bet Dubya and his brothers are still rolling around on the floors of Crawford Ranch hooping it up at their black surrogate. Rednecks happen to make the finest soldiers in the human race so we have to put up with their intellectual shortcomings.
Well Jack, the West has the nukes, the resources are flowing to us, we engage in the conspicuous consumption, we string pull our puppet states; control the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank... And we should probably also mention divide and conquer, colonialism, and coup d'etats (of populist and nationalist leaders and democrats).

Surely, we can probably come up with many faults that third world peoples have -- that at least in part -- have led them to their current predicament(s). I'm not denying that any human grouping isn't flawed... The West, though, I think, certainly bears a lot of the blame, for a lot of the injustice -- that has taken place -- in recent centuries, all over the world.
of course! Govcorp/Corpgov 'merika deserves the disdain of thinking people here, there and everywhere.

Grow beyond? Can we grow beyond? How do we grow out of this and move toward a saner, sustainable economy?
[r] thoughtful post. ty. OCCUPY MEDIA!!! I got mocked by some, but if we don't collectively grasp the mind-numbing psyops seducing us 24/7 we will not break the enthrallment to the military industrial security financial monster matrix.

Karma is certainly a b*tch ... and not only what we are doing to foreign innocents and our own young in the military but karma re America's homeless we have goose stepped by all those decades, as their numbers rose and rose thanks to Reaganomics especially.

I have a repeat of today's Meet the Press on right now, and Axelrod is criticizing Mitt for being a flip flopper and actually keeping a straight face after "Lucy and the football" Obama and all his betrayals. Wow.

I told a very smart, well read friend tonight about the horrifying Senate vote trashing due process and she was shocked but hadn't hear anything about it. WTF?????. Clued in to alternate media it is hard to figure out what is actually getting on corporate media. Nothing seriously important and never empathy-based.

I need to turn off Meet the Press before I throw my shoe across the room. This is as good as it gets? Or the NewsHour that I sat through re the Libyan War among other stories and saw their corporate heart of darkness as well.

Cronyism for evil. OWS is finally cronyism for good. Dem Party? Cronyism for evil, too.

Reading E. Tolle, he talks about collective ego. Vietnam protests he maintains finally humbled the collective American ego, but those horrible cockroaches that survived like Cheney came back to wreak their vengeance on a population that didn't stay vigilant about their democracy. Where is the passion and the conscience and empathy in America. What kind of horrifying bottom do we have to reach as a country, like an addict going down and ruining multiple lives all around, before there is a tipping point to begin recovery? We thought Bush reached bottom for us, but Obama brought his sled to the slippery slopes to deeper more vile depths. Damn. libby