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JULY 23, 2010 10:07AM

Comic Con Excursions, day one...

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It's Thursday, on a cool cloudy morning.  Lots of people swarming the convention center.  Traffic's gonna be hell for drivers with cars.  Luckily, I used the bus for commuting from home to work and vice versa frequently.  Right now, my father was generous enough to give me ride along with my sister.  She went with me to the convention.

By the time we got in line, got our badges, we split up.  She went her way.  I went on mine.  With little money, I went down to the dealers' room.  It's mile long with some interesting exhibits.  A pity.  Most of the dealers at their tables selling lots of readable goods and viewable DVDs won't take checks, only cash or credit.  That's okay.  I'm not about to spend a lot of money.  And I don't carry credit cards, and probably never will.  You don't wanna rack up mountains of debt you can't afford to pay.

I know I've spent alot last year, and damned near went broke.  Hell, I survived.  Luckily I got myself a couple of books.  The uncorrected proofs of The Blood Kiss by Dennis Etchison.  (I strongly recommend to anybody who's not read his stuff.  His writing's the stuff of nightmares, second only to Ramsey Campbell.)  And "Horror Literature: A Reader's Guide" edited by Neil Barron.  I figured this one would be a useful read in the near future.

No, I've not seen any movie previews at one particular room called Hall H.  That one's notoriously too damned crowded.  Instead, I went to a couple of panel discussions and partly slept thru them.  Must be my high blood sugar.  Had to get some sugar so my levels don't run down low I'm walking around alot at the Con.  (Diabetes.  What can I say?)  I've snatches of talking points during these discussions.  Didn't exactly get them all.  Especially due to my nodding off.  (Don't bother recommending coffee.  Hated coffee.  Never did.  Did try them recently.  No taste.  Ugh.  This was coming from my stay at the hospital a couple of years ago.)  Still, there's no info I didn't already know about.

This is only Thursday, and the convention is just warming up.  The best part is always the dealers' room.  You get to see a lot of damned good stuff down there, comics, movies, books, hell--even games.  Just saw the Red Faction: Armageddon game exhibition.  The third preview is a lot more elaborate than the other two youtube videos at Gamestop.  Looked far more adventuresome and nightmarish at the same time.  People were lining up to get inside the Battle Armor walker.  But I'm too tall to fit in there.  Ah well.  (Looking forward to getting that game of Red Faction coming in March next year.  Red Faction movie is being made for the SyFy channel, bridging the gap between Red Faction: Guerrilla and Red Faction: Armageddon.  Well, I'm maintaining a wait-and-see bit.  Love the preview though.)

So far, nothing further to report.  Nothing extraordinary as yet.  Just me walking around from panel discussions to dealers' room.  Just left the convention a bit early.  Sun was peeking thru the clouds.  And no, the temperature wasn't climbing just yet like last week here in my hometown of San Diego.

UPDATE: Just found out from the TV newspeople, celebrities have shown up at Comic Con, Sylvester Stallone along with Bruce Willis, Ron Couture, and others to promote their latest film, "The Expendables."  Angelina Jolie showed up for "Salt."

Like I said, Hall H is so crowded it's almost impossible to get in.  With a lot of movie trailers showing, do you honestly think the people will move from their seats after seeing them?  Honestly?  No.  It's notoriously crowded.

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