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APRIL 1, 2012 2:14PM

Homage To Easter -- The Cat

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With crocuses pushing their bright faces above the earth, it seems the perfect time to write about Easter. 

My Easter stories may differ slightly from yours. They don’t involve messiahs, passion plays, hot cross buns or colourful foiled-wrapped eggs. My story involves a young girl of four years old who wanted a bunny for Easter. Although I understand rabbits could be trained, I had visions of round chocolate pellets scattered throughout the house and they weren’t very appetizing.                                                                                                   

We wanted to give our daughter a warm fuzzy pet, so in lieu of a rabbit, a brown tabby cat entered our life. Angelica named her 'Easter' and she has been with us for eighteen years.  

                           on bannister

 During her younger years she sat on the bannister surveying life from on high.

Many a Halloween or Christmas Eve I’ve stood out on our porch calling “Easter, Easter …” bewildering neighbours. All in all, she has been a great friend and pet. 

                                  growing girls                                                                                             Growing girls. 

on rug 

 For a while she turned into a roly-poly. This was one of her favourite positions for belly rubs.   

on shoulder 

My feline friend upon my shoulder. 

sititing proud 

Easter-the-Beaster as she was known in her bountiful glory days. 


in guitar case 

Easter sitting in the '47 Gretsch guitar case. Without fail as soon as the guitar was removed, she jumped in there and listened to the tunes. 

upside down Easter

She finds the most comfortable way to sleep.  And knows how to put these mischevious brothers (Arthur Lee Cricket & Pippin) in their place when need be. She is the Feline Matriarch and the boys know to walk a wide swath around her.

                          arthur & Pippy 

Mostly these days, she takes things slow and has shrunk in size but she is still aloof and persnickety when she feels like it. 

back turned

I’m glad to be writing this post while she is still alive. We took her to the vet on Friday, I convinced myself going through the motions of doing so will make the inevitable - taking her for the last time - somehow easier. A delusion I know.

The good news is, though she is geriatric and perhaps a bit senile, she’s doing well considering she’s close to ninety in human years. 

in the light

  Now, in her latter years, more spiritually attuned, she seeks the light
every chance she gets.  

looking up 

She always gives me a warm welcome when I come in the door from work, and if I’ve been away too long, she gives me a piece of her mind. That’s how I know she’s okay. She’s turned into an old crone.

Thanks Easter, your empathy radar has always been finely tuned. Over the years any time anything bad happened, before anyone else knew, you were right there by my side. Maybe you have a bit of a saviour in you, after all. 


Scarlett Sumac 2012  



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I had to come out as a crazy cat woman sooner or later. (Many of early these photos are pre-digital. The one of the "boys" on the stairs is from my phone).

*I'm off to gather up Easter to show her this post now.**
Neat way you tidied up all the strings and brought it back to the day itself Scarlett. Tidings to a loyal friend, albeit in the animal world.
This is really lovely. What a dear companion.
Your black cat looks like my girl.
The other? not easter? looks like a cat i knew well,as
did mine, for she lived with him...and also
there was a third , who used to, & still does, give her the thrill
of her life chasing her hither & yon.

as for resurrection, every day is judgment day.
we are resurrected from the miserable cramped up
likenesses of ourselves every day...
or not..depends on our choices...

judgment is a bitch.
it's the damn Angel at the gates to eden...

The kingdoms of Experience
In the precious wind they rot
While paupers change possessions
Each one wishing for what the other has got
And the princess and the prince
Discuss what's real and what is not
It doesn't matter inside the Gates of Eden.

cats will lure us thru the gates...
so much to learn from them..
Clearly a cat that will never be forgotten. She appears to be skillful at packing in the pleasure. Also, no self esteem issues. All in all, a good life.
I've only had one cat... she found me in a Greyhound bus station... strange how cats and dogs know which people to pick.
This is such a soulful, warmhearted tribute to a dear companion...
I love this. Easter is a beautiful cat and I'm glad she's here for another one. xo ~r
Loved this! Especially since I once had a brown tabby named Ziti who lived 12+ years as an outdoor cat, my sister-in-law's brown tabby, Zee, lived to be 23! Hoping you have yours quite awhile longer.
Beautiful, Scarlett. My 15 yr old dog is not so much spiritually attuned but he is definitely a bit senile. Happy Easter, Easter!
Easter-the-Beaster has some sass, its easy to see who rules the roost. Happy to see your girl has made it to a ripe old age, 18 is getting up there.
The last picture made me cry... I am terrible allergic to cats but Steve had a 16 year old cat when I met him. She lost a lot of her hair to stress so it it wasn't so bad with drugs and staying away from her. I used to talk to her and loved her and she looked just like your kitty.

My allergies are even worse now so no cats but I live through people with these wonderful creatures. Loved the double trouble cats and sigh.. that last picture said it all.
I checked with Easter and though she thinks this is a bit schmaltzy, she approves nonetheless!

Rita, Hey, thanks for catching that turn around at the end. It just sprung up the last minute I was writing this. And animals are sometimes preferable to humans! (insert *wink* emoticon)

Maureen: Yes, a dear companion. It didn't start out that way -- she was wild as a kitten!

James: Thanks for that verse from the Gates Of Eden. I think there's a few cats guarding the garden paradise.

green heron: That's true; she's had some attitude in her day but now her claws never come out and she is just there to soak up the love. I mean no offence when I say this but she reminds me of my Mum in her later years. You might be one of the few able to understand that.

jmac: Finding a cat in a Greyhound bus station ...sounds like there's a song in there somewhere, huh? :)

Gary: Thanks for coming by. And Yes, they do have souls that touch ours.

Joan: What a nice compliment for Easter. She's just a plain ole' tabby cat. I'll tell her you said she was beautiful! She'll purr for sure. xo

Seer: The Three Faces of Easter: a perfect title! Especially nice coming from a hound like you :)

A Simple Shutterbug: Brown Tabbies Unite! Thank you for coming by. That would be great if she lives into her 20's. That 's what I predict; the Vet said .. not likely. Heck, what do they know ... ;;

caroline: Long time no see, I'm coming over to check things out. We think our pets are senile meanwhile they probably think the same of us!
Ah, SS. You've been pwned by Tink's long-lost maternal grandmother. He'll be pleased.

But seriously, 18 years is a goodly age for a cat -- or a dog, for that matter. How fortunate she is to have had a home with you and yours. And I'm guessing she knows it. 'Sides, you gotta love a cat that loves music....

(PS, the daffs are running wild in the front garden, the forsythia out front and across the creek are splashing yellow, and the wildflowers are coming up in the provincial park. Life is good.)
Beautiful crocus and beautiful Easter. My Puff is 17 years and 7 months. I'm hoping for 18.
I love this. She's a good kitty. Nice photos, Scarlett!
I got to first tell ya Scarlett how much I enjoyed the great closeup of those crocus. I remember how welcome they always were after a long winter of white and cold....

And the cat story is making tears drip off my chin. I am so happy for Easter to get to hear this story.
Rub her belly for me and tell her I sent it...
Love the bit about calling "Easter!" at Halloween and Christmas. =o)

She seems to be a great cat in the grandest sense of the tradition. A cat with a personality all her own and a definite sunworshipper. May she be with you for a good long time, yet.
She looks so well for a kitty of such a respectable her age! I just love a tabby, I have two humongous 7 year old litter mates and find their spotted tums and striped faces irresistible. I wish I had taken the time to take photos like you've done - so full of the character of a kitty who goes by Easter the Beaster, and who I imagine is a luvey in her more docile years. Yes. I guess I'm outed as a nutty cat lady too but at least I've kept the numbers down to two, which makes no difference at all but it sounds better than to have to explain eight. Lovely post.
*sorry about the Line 1 typo. Oh well. I'm a little senile myself.
Life is good.
Fire stays lit.
So bright.
I'm a cat woman too. Sweetie is 10 and catching up to my age (in cat years). We get each other more and more. Lovely post.
Beautiful piece, Scarlett. My cat Panther was my guardian angel, she died last September at age 14, had to have her put to sleep. Cats are my saviors too.
Beautiful piece, Scarlett. My cat Panther was my guardian angel, she died last September at age 14, had to have her put to sleep. Cats are my saviors too.
asia: She does rule the roost, the cat food bowl, the water jug (which was meant to water the plants but the kitties took it over), etc. She definitely believes in seniority. :)

Linda: Ha -- Double Trouble. Yes, I think they get together and scheme. Trust me, I understand allergies only too well. Is there something in the Ontario air?

Bo: Hey, I'm just celebrating Easter a week early! Never thought we'd have this cat this long. She was a a barn cat and a royal pain in her early days. Glad to hear your enjoying our premature summer. Hey, that one week it was close to 80 degrees here so down in the deeper south you probably had it warmer. As an editor, I wanted to ask if the plural of Crocuses really is Croci? I just couldn't write that in my opening sentence ...

phyllis45's: Puff the Magic Kitty. That's what I'd be singing. I hope Puff lasts a long time too.

dianani: Thank You. Soon I'll have more swan pics for you.

Mission: Yes, those croci are up and smiling. I scratched her belly and told her about your old doggy too.

Shiral: Well, she is one of your own kind and in good company. Yes, it was funny to be out there calling her (she hardly goes out anymore). I had some explaining to do to the neighbours so they didn't think I was nuts.

Gabby: Nice to see you. I love that the crazy cat people are coming out of hiding. I've refrained doing this post for a long time. Yeah, I'm glad for my daughter's sake that we took so many photos. She'll be 22 and the cat has been there as far back as she remembers. And regarding the typos? No need ever to apologize ever. I knew what you meant. :)

J.P. Headline should read: Aging Feline Teaches Owner To Follow The Light
My cats get to avoid the indignity of "Bunny Ears" for Easter, but only by the grace of "Gimp" ( Linux "Photoshop")
There is nothing like the love of a cat...'specially the rock 'n roll types.
Nice cat(s). Like your stairs too.
And of course your crocuses are ahead of mine. Give me a day or two of sunshine...
Nice cats. Re Easter: There used to be a woman who lived out the back alley from us, who would take to calling her cat "Caesar" late at night. Finally, fed up with "Caesar . . . CAESAR!" at 2 a.m. I opened up our window and yelled . . .

beaster is perfect. what a terrific furball of a catwoman she is. i especially like the perfect profile pic of her with the sunlight making all her front fur glow. great post, scarlett, perfect timing, lovely words and pics, everything.
Ha. Con. Too bad you couldn't anticipate your neighbour's calling, you could have yelled out "BLOODY!" in advance of her ... CAESAR.

Myriad: C'mon on down this way and hear these stairs creak. This house was built in 1875. And yes, sending sunshine your way this week so your 'croci' can bloom.

catch22: I think Easter is a folk-rocker. :)

Herr Rudolph: Just make sure they're not Playboy bunny ears. Cats do not like to be objectified. ;)

Erika: Sorry to hear about Panther. :( Will you/or did you get another cat? If not, there's one out there waiting for you, but I understand these things take time.

Lea: Yes, I recall your Sweetie. I remember she sits at the table with you. :)
Love every single baby, they are so precious! I put my boy down 6 mo. go who looked alot like your old girl. Never easy, they are the loves of our life. Great write and pics.
well, I'm a sucker for green eyed felines
and they guarded the Pharaohs too,
so perhaps, worthy of respect.
I believe a long lost son
of Easter hopped
a boat and

to Venezuela.
Damned if I know the proper plural. I obliquely raised that exact question on someone's post a couple of weeks ago, but no one supplied an answer.

And, yeah, it was real warm a week or ten days ago. Naturally, the Kawasaki was in getting some work done on it. Sheesh. But today we got to walk in the provincial park, all the way to what's *almost* the southernmost point in mainland Canada (that distinction goes to Point Pelee, as you know). Beauty, eh?
Scarlett,excellent images..I admired them..Thank you for sharing..Rated with wishes for a beautiful new month..You are a ρhotograρher you know...Best regards.
That's a nice cat that owns you.
A crazy cat lady? Not quite; you're too multi-faceted. I've known CCLs Scarlett and you're no CCL.
A beautiful story of Easter. Fitting for the season.
Candace: I see you snuck in there last night while I writing my comments. I loved your description of Easter Beaster. I talked to her this morning and she is **so over** being famous on OS but when I read her your words she got all puffed up again with her glowing fur, like in her 'glory days.' Thanks for that, road warrior friend.

janie: Yes, she does have a pretty necklace and I love when the cats "accent" the staircase. I'm sorry you are without cats. :(

Cindy: I see you both in your avatar. Ahh, sorry about that. Never easy is right.

I&I: A green-eyed kitty on board to Venezuela ... that's good. May the pharaohs keep a watchful eye. :)

BO: I've been to that very southern most tip on the mainland. It's a small tip and Lake Erie was gray and nastier than I would have preferred. After walking the Promenade in Leamington, I was re-living Erie's tales of lives taken. Didn't stay out there too long. Went back the the national park (briefly) ... that was the summer the Biting Ladybugs were in full force. You think they could have sprayed some of that Heinz ketch-up on them. Or something ... or anything!

Stathi Stahi: Hello. Yes, I hope it's a good month for you too. For some reason my photos are much clearer on my computer than when I post them. Dang!

JohnA Bayer: No kidding, huh ... they say cats don't have owners; they have slaves. :)

Abrawang: I'll take your word for it because I know you are the quintessential authority on crazy cat ladies! With your 'history', I thought you'd avoid this post altogether ...

Mary: Thanks. I thought I'd better get that story up there before the real Easter stories come. I bet you have one up your sleeve.
I never much liked Easter before, but now I really do!

Easter-the Beaster, lol. I have a cat named Peanut, and I often call her Peanut-the-Beenut, which makes no sense at all. She has at least a dozen other nicknames, and I'll bet Easter does too. So glad you're letting your crazy cat woman freak flag fly!
How I love this ... song of Easter love.
Thinking of you, Scarlett, and of your Easter crone, bathing in each other's love and light.
Happy Easter up there.
Damon: She's just an ole' brown tabby long in the tooth and whiskers but she's my ole' brown tabby ... and a good friend.

anna: Yes, you've got it the morning ... in the light from the east we sit together.

Jeanette: Peanut-the-Beenut ...makes perfect sense to me! I love the way you phrased the crazy cat lady letting her freak flag fly. Hey, I know ... let's fly them together.
Oh, she is beautiful. I love that kind of coloring in a cat. Our last cat lived to the ripe old age of 21, so you might have several more years with Easter. (We did have a bunny, too, at one point. Yep, messy cocoa pellets all over, and she chewed electric cords! Never again!)
It's funny how we grow with our pets, older, but they get older quicker, and after all that long time, facing the eventuality of when they'll be no longer there when you look, or call.. well, it makes me sad for you, and for me with the aging little dog that sits sometimes now, out in the drizzle... seemingly thinking, remembering, pondering. He seems wise now, as Easter is.. I bet
From one cat lover to another, I know of what you speak. Easter may be with you some time yet: well-loved animals in good health often have long lives ... I was just reading that the other day.