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June 11
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JANUARY 10, 2015 4:26PM

2014~Better Than Sex (But Not Kale)


2014 will go down in my memory as the year from hell, yet it will also be remembered as a year of hope and life changing events. Of course, it was the year I battled for my life against throat and larynx cancer, successfully I hope, and lost my ability… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 3:19PM

Talk To Me Baby~~



 Last Friday I began talking again after many months of silence.  I have to say, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. When the speech therapist told me to cover up my stoma, (the hole in my throat that I now breathe through) and… Read full post »

OCTOBER 20, 2014 4:13PM

Bombing for Dollars

 Bombing ISIS
Last week I had the last operation on my throat to remove the last visible or invisible cancer  from my throat. It was microscopic and the surgeon confessed he didn't see anything, but removed a small section anyway. The PetScan said it was there, although he c… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 9:41AM

You Talkin' to Me?

 I am lonely. I know not why. The same people that were around before the cancer are still around, but it's different. It all comes down to communication. When you first begin lip-syncing,  no one can understand anything you're tying to convey.  You then use your… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 1:35PM

The Edge of Scan~

 man shouting

I've been out of the hospital for a week or so and even though they ripped my vocal chords out with what seemed like a chainsaw and monkey wrench, I've accepted it as much as a person can who will never speak normal again.  Yes, there… Read full post »
AUGUST 7, 2014 7:55PM

Can You Hear Me Now?

This is the hardest post I've ever written and I know I won't get through it without shedding a few tears. After all the operations and PetScans and CatScans and X-Rays and all the optimism and even praying to a God I have never believed in, the final… Read full post »
JULY 2, 2014 5:28PM

Knocked Down, Not Out~

 Duckbill Playtupus
 At 7:15 a.m. this morning, as I was being wheeled down another hallway and through the surgical doors of another operating room, I couldn't stop thinking about death. If you know me by now, or know me personally, you know I give the idea of dying very… Read full post »
JUNE 10, 2014 12:28PM

About the Las Vegas Killers...,

I cannot help but think that America's politicans have lost their fucking minds. I do not talk about the two idiot murderers that killed the two policeman and a bystander. I talk about the bystander with the concealed weapon permit that thought he was going to be a hero and… Read full post »
MAY 30, 2014 9:16AM

Cranky, I feel ya'~

I just read Cranky Cuss's post about writers block and have to say, I know the feeling well. I've taken a few months off after being treated for cancer, and I'm now busy in rehab three times a week. But, that is no excuse for not… Read full post »
MAY 10, 2014 1:39PM

Mother, Can You Hear Me?

                       One month before Mom died and 45 lbs. more of me
I want to start this piece off by saying hello and thank you to everyone who PMed me and wished me well. This also goes… Read full post »
APRIL 2, 2014 6:13PM

Captain Dave and the Evil Genius~

 Superhero Boy
Captain Dave raced his DaveMobile, a combination airplane, automobile and tank armed to the teeth, to the Lewisville Train Station and came screeching to a halt, almost over-running the pavement and smashing into an Amtrack train filled with commuters. Passengers be… Read full post »
MARCH 30, 2014 3:03PM

Running as Fast as I Can~~

I received a comment today on an old post of mine I had on Our Salon from my buddy Poor Woman. She admonished me a little about keeping in touch with her and my other friends on both OS's. She said she has prayed for me in a Prayer Group and… Read full post »

MARCH 6, 2014 3:36PM

Winning Battles, Losing Wars

 Throat cancer, the wiley disease I brought upon myself, has more twists and turns than a naked game of Twister at Rosie O'Donnell's house. Good news one day, bad news the next. One day you think you have it whipped and the next you're making plans to leave this… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 8, 2014 3:15PM

Once a Lucky Man~

 Lonely Man
Herbert was a man of few friends, as a matter of fact, he had no real friends at all. Of course, he knew people, but they were acquaintances at best. Herbert wasn't lonely, or if so,… Read full post »
JANUARY 3, 2014 2:15PM

Wild Dogs and Bullshit, eh?

Korean leader 
On this 3rd day of the new year, 2014, my nuts are freezing off just thinking about going outside. I have nothing really to write about today, just a hodgepodge of bullshit that is on my mind. The weather here is in the 30's, with winds blowing… Read full post »
DECEMBER 30, 2013 10:22AM

Dazed and Confused, Again

I find myself at the end of this year just as I was at the end of last year, Dazed and Confused. While my personal life, especially my health problems, have kept me more than occupied and away from writing anything of substance, it hasn't kept me from… Read full post »
DECEMBER 11, 2013 5:22PM


                          DITCH THE FUCKING COVER, JAKE~  Read full post »
DECEMBER 5, 2013 7:13PM

Driving My Life Away~

Kenny Driving 
                                    Driving Home from the Cancer Center
After 33 straight weeks of radiation treatments to my throat from inside a chamber wearing the mask that I'
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NOVEMBER 22, 2013 5:18PM



 Kenny in Mask II

Lying on the hard metal table

very much like coroners use for cadavers

uncomfortable to say the least

The aides ready you for treatment

if twenty minutes of focused radiation

can be called "treatment" of anything 

It is hot and you sweat under the lights

when suddenly someon… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2013 9:22AM

Nailed Nuts Ain't Nuttin'


I've had a few people ask how I've been doing lately or how the cancer treatments are coming along and I can pretty well sum then both up with one word. PAIN~    

Yes my friends, pure, unadulterated fuckin' PAIN~

I would bet a solid gold… Read full post »

OCTOBER 15, 2013 4:28PM

What a F**king Week, Oh Vey~

 animated doctor
What a shitty fuckin' week. I wouldn't give a damn if I was in some stinkin'-ass Walmart and someone started shooting. Hell, I might join the bastard, jail can't be half as as bad as having to deal with a world of misfits, idiots and… Read full post »
OCTOBER 2, 2013 8:56AM

Time to Bring the Pain~

                                     Making the mask to cover my face
 Well, I guess play time is over. After over forty years of smoking anything and everyth… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 4:08PM

This Pope is Dope~

Pope Francis
First, let me assure any and all reading this, that I am not a Catholic. I know nothing about the rituals and rules that make up the Catholic Church. As a matter of fact, as it concerns religion, I am basically nothing. I am not an atheist, not… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 9:54AM

What the Hell? Another Madman?


Navy II 

What the hell is wrong with this country? Again, I wake up, turn on my TV news and see and hear ambulances everywhere and news anchors trying to sort out who and how many people are shot or killed and who and how many are shooting. I haven't even… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 13, 2013 10:33AM

Scanner vs. the Big C ~ pt. II

smoker's cough 

Gather 'round friends, relatives and even my worthwhile enemies. I am going on another quest, on a road filled with danger and pain and potholes galore. This may well be my final adventure and if it is, believe me now or hear me later, I am… Read full post »