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JUNE 15, 2012 10:36AM

A Thief of Hearts

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My Grandaughter



She has blond hair

blue eyes and my heart

she stole it the day she was born

and I just know she will keep it

always and forever

I stole this photo from Facebook

as I have many times before

it's been four years since I hugged her

four years since I made her laugh 

she lives just a skip and a hop away

I must have done something awful

I just have no idea what is it

why keep a grandchild away from a grandfather

or a daughter away from her father

or even a son away from his daddy

without so much as a "Howdy DO"  


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i love you always

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Why indeed? Happy F Day to you Scanner. I love you like a daughter well maybe more like a sister. Anyway you have me as a friend!
Scanner, she is indeed a thief of heart.. And a piece of this heart must come back. Such feelings and wishes and whys in your work. Excellent, true life writing. I think love always wins. Or at least I try to believe this. Magical words '' it's been four years since I hugged her..four years since I made her laugh ''. Rated...
I am sorry. And if you have offered that up and it was not accepted..then it is their loss as well. But leave the door open as it is evident that you are hurting.

Sometimes it takes time. Lots of time.

In friendship, Annie.
Oh, Scanner. Your granddaughter is adorable. My heart goes out to your broken one.
Ah, families...somebody thinks they know "best" when actually they don't know nuthin' at all...
Keep knockin at the door, somebody will eventually open it.
I really hope we can mend whatever this is. I last saw my daughter at her house and the last time I talked to her I called her. I last saw my son at his home and the last time I talked to him I called him. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Everyone was happy. This is a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum that I wish they would let me in on. It is so sad missing her growing up and them growing old, so sad.
Well, I know that I am not gonna be liked by my comment but because I have witnessed it...sometimes it is called jealously ....

I loved your writing and your feelings and I can totally connect, cause many times in my life I have knocked in hearts within my family in my hard times, times too hard- being too embarrassed to demonstrate to any other than family - and with no reason, I found closed hearts. I know what it is to loose your reason, cause the actions of others have no reason and it is so hard, mostly because it goes unsρoken.

I am wishing you to be loved and love as much as can ...and as much as others can...cause only true love matters.

This is to me your best work. And I am glad to know this side of you!!

Rated with wishes..
Let her keep the heart if you can visit it.

Not complicated!
wow may you always have this r.
Sending a hug. I hope you don't mind.
My heart breaks for you. Hope your child comes to his/her senses, and realizes how important grandparents are. ... ♥ ... She's a beauty.
I might be able to give you a little hope, we too had a grandaughter that we were not able to see for about four years. Last week she was, out of the blue returned to our lives. We didn't expect it and we had really almost given up but she is here today, like she never left.
Oh God scanner, four years is so many days with the ache of missing your children. Especially the little one you can hold and cuddle the way you once could when your own were little.

"four years since I made her laugh"

That made me want to cry. The time their lives are simple is so short, all the complexities of growing up get in the way of them being so free with you. I have no advice to offer, I did nothing special, I got lucky and my daughter grew up and changed, she saw me as a person who had struggles too. I hope the same happens for them and you, the ache is indescribable when they're so close but so far away. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
Sometimes Scanner we just have to let time do it's work, they say it heals all. I know how you feel, and yet there is not much you can do...if there is no introspection on behalf of the parents who cannot see outside of their own beliefs there is little you can do except wait for them to grow up ( parents I mean )... I say this because an open and mature heart/love could never deprive a grand father the right to be in his grand daughters life...

Don't give up...or lose a few short years she will come to you with a mind of her have not lost your grand daughter.

Just find ways to let her know you love her and thnk about her, so she will remember you were there. She will remember you with love.
Awesome poem from an awesome dude!
Damn, that's f**ked up, I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best on Sunday.
She's so adorable. Happy grand dad's day to you.
Shit, Scanman. She stole my heart, too, and you stabbed it with your poem. Damned shame.
An open and forgiving heart is all you can give anyone. If they steal it, maybe that's not a bad thing either. I am a firm believer in the promise of every new dawn. In the meanwhile, you've got all of us standing right behind you, wishing you well, with much love and respect.
OMG. So sad. Both of you are missing so much, especially HER. Happy Father's Day Scanner.
Scanner, here's an idea. Take it or leave it, but here it is. Since Sunday is Father's Day, it means a father can pretty much spend the day however he wishes. What if you were to decide you would spend your day calling your kids, instead of the other way around? Your present to yourself. Sometimes, family people can't even remember why they are upset, it's just become a bad habit. The 9th step doesn't have to be one-way, right?

L. You may be right~I will really think hard about this.
Don't they know that it is the grandchild who misses out? Beautiful grandchild, ScanMan; Happy Father's Day, my friend. R
Be as persistent as your heart dictates.
But don't give up.
You weren't born perfect. Nobody is perfect. People who would judge you need their heads examined.
This just breaks my heart...I can't imagine...
Soon she will be old enough to seek you out and give your heart back and forth. *hug*
father's day is tough here in ct.
a skip and a hop away seems endless
for some — me
Scanner,believe me,I know.
Some things are very hard to understand.
In most cases,it is the younger generation who needs to straighten thingsout for themselves.
I like what Ande said,as well asOut on a limb .

Rated for a sore heart
She's so cute and so happy. I hope the stuff gets worked out for you soon.
Oh Scanner, it makes no sense at all! Keep on loving - when she's old enough to decide where she walks, she'll walk to you.
Steal those pictures, save this poem, and keep the door open. Someday she'll walk in.
A lovely, wrenching story. Agree with Ande Bliss. Wishing you some calm on Father's Day.
She has my heart, too, just from the picture
So cute. I am sorry .
Comments aside, you were just trying to be a "responsible" human being! I share your sorrow and pain.