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MAY 7, 2012 11:53AM

The Pain in Spain is Insane

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 Pain Pill Man

As some of you know, I took a little time off recently to try and get my life and body in sync. Both were falling apart and I could do nothing but stand back and watch and hurt. I've been in physical pain for over 20 years and I thought I could handle it for twenty more if I had too, but it would be nice if sometimes you got a day off. A day of "not hurting".  A day to breathe for a few minutes before your whole body starts throbbing again. You read everywhere about pain pills and how people are abusing them, and they are. Doctors offices are giving out pain medication to young kids that only cancer victims on their death beds once got.
They're handing out Oxycontin to kids with a broken foot or a "migraine". I have broken most of the major bones in my body and never had more than aspirin or some Tylenol. So what is going on? I know old people, personally, who are selling their pain medications to live on. They make $600 a month on Social Security and $2000 a month selling Percocets and Oxyie's. Medicaid pays for their medication and they make anywhere from $6 to $10 a pill for a Percocet. Oxyie's? They go for a $1.00 a mg. and the milligrams go up and over 100 mg. or more. Pain pills are a scourge on society and have left crack and cocaine in the dust.
Kids are getting hooked, people are getting pissed and people like myself, who cannot function without them, are getting fucked. I need these things to live. I need these things to have any resemblance of a life, not a normal life, but any kind of life. I read these articles in newspapers and magazines about the "Pain Pill Craze" that is taking over not just this country, but the world. These people think the remedy is for doctors to quit writing pain medications. They don't give a thought to the people who are in chronic pain and hurt every second of every day. They hurt with every breath they take for as long as they live. If these people knew how many times people like myself think of putting a gun in their mouth and blowing their brains out maybe, just maybe, they would come up with a different solution. I have the solution.
Piss test everyone they prescribe these drugs too, weekly, and they better have  the drug in their system and in the right amount and not have any other illegal drugs in their systems. I haven't had a piss test in two years. Why? You should  give them a piss test and watch them piss. When I was a young buck working construction there were a 100 ways to beat a piss test. There are probably a 1000 now. You have to watch them piss, because most bring clean urine in with them when they know they are going to get tested.
Make the doctor's office call these people and tell them they have a hour to come in and get tested. Believe me if you hurt, if you hurt like I do, you'll be there with your dick in your hand and maybe bring your own cup. No joke, this is serious business and kids are getting hooked. I know them. I can be in the doctor's office and can tell you who is and who is not a fucking junkie and so can the doctors. Wait.., Doctors?
I should say PA's, or NA's or any other letters they put on people who work "under" doctors and are allowed to prescribe pain pills powerful enough to kill an elephant. It has been years since I have saw a "real" certified doctor for pain. I've seen them for my prostate cancer. I've seen them for my hand surgeries. I have saw them for many things a PA can't do. But they let these flunkies write the drug presciptions so they can stay above the flay. If doctors were only ones who gave out pain pills, the drug companies would go broke. They won't do it and I'm glad. I have a file six inches thick and no doctor in the world is going to take the time to read it. They will get rid of me and millions of others so fast the sound we make will carry around the world. But it is what it is, right?
I didn't start this to tell about my pain or go on this rant about pain pills. I was going to write a few lines about why I've been gone. It was the pain and my family, especially my mother-in-law who we now have in an Assisted Living Facility (sic). Every time we go see her, she'll stop talking and say, "Well, I believe I'll go on home". She'll start to get up and out come the lies. They should call Alzheimer's, Lies-heimer's. Every word you say is a lie except I love you and I'll see you soon. Every time they say "why" it breaks my heart and they say it often. Almost every word is "why". "You can't go home momma". "Why"? "The doctor has to release you momma." "Why? "For you to get you well, momma." "Why?" Why? Why? Why?" It will break your heart when they act like little kids and keep saying Why". "Why is the sky blue daddy?"  I just don't know anymore, but I wish with all my heart that I was the kid asking the questions again. Old age is a bitch!

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It is a pain pill world, scanner. Maybe the piss test is the way to go. One of my dearest friends is in constant pain--has an auto-immune disease--and pays a fortune for monthly injections which she desperately needs. As far as Alzheimer's, you are right. My Mom asked from time to time, "When are you getting me out of here?" and I always reply, "When you get better." Since she isn't getting better, this is the truth. Stay strong, my friend.
Wonderful piece about a huge set of problems in our society. I knew a guy who is 51 and was massively upset his dentist did not give him Vicodin for a relatively easy tooth filling. Sorry to hear you have suffered so. Maybe the new book will make you feel better? Maybe?
You betcha it is and the country does not take care of the those aging in our age group of the elders. Everything we did is forgotten.
Kids have it all and all I can see is easy access to everything including drugs is going to turn this into an Orwell police state when we are gone.
Now there is a book idea for ya Kenny.
Erica, that it is. I remember a time when a real man would shake it off, and live with it. Now a simple headache requires a 100 #10 Vicodins.
Mary, thank you. My dentist gives out Tylenol with codeine, period. He has many customers walk out pissed off!
Scanner, exactly. When I was a kid, all we had in the medicine cabinet was Aspirin and St. Joseph's aspirin for kids!
I've been living on OTC Naproxin for twenty years... arthritis, I could get a prescription for weed which works a whole lot better for pain relief, but even at the "legal" dispensaries, it costs way the hell too much money! Once or twice a year I build up a tolerance and have to go cold turkey, so I empathize with your vacation from OS, very glad to see you back with us.
So much pain and so few options for dealing with it besides medicating - sorry for your pain - glad you stopped in though
If your on Medicaid some doctors will make you go to pain management specialists who will urine test them and patients are only given a week supply. The VA gives me a urine test every time I go to the doctor and they can refuse me pain medication if I even smoke pot or other illicit drugs are found in your system. But the system can always be beat. Myself I am like you and have learned to live with constant pain and the only thing I do take is Tramadol a synthetic narcotic and I myself use the least amount prescribed. The pain killer is big business now, you get caught violating laws there is always someone else who will step in and continue selling them and always people are going to abuse them. Michelle my wife specializes in treatment of Alzheimer patients as an RN for the last 15 years. She said I'm lucky to have her she has been treating me for it the last 10 for free no nursing home. My Dad had Dementia and it was very sad to watch him fade over time. Thing about my Dad was he almost reverted to his early years in remembering things out of the blue he had done 60-70 years before but had know idea where he was or who he was talking to at the moment. My Best to you my Friend and I hope things improve for you as much as possible. Take care.....o/e
We have taken what used to be true courage and distilled it into false courage. Many can no longer discern between the two. Those who have plenty of true courage, but have pain that courage cannot humanly ignore, are pushed out the door of compassion with a "Sorry, but we must think of the greater good of society.". I am with you Scanner. Get this lie under control and the control of the pain will soon follow. This would be justice. Be blessed. Duke
My sympathies, Scanman. I'm getting there myself.
Good to see you back on these pages Scanner. I know this story well, my friend...I live it every day. Well written. R.
My rate didn't show up so I'm back to try again.
I was wondering what the hell happened to you.
Hell happened.
Sorry, buddy..

Nietzsche: "To live is to suffer, to survive is
to find some meaning in the suffering. .."

yes, but what the f. could it be?

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. "
Khalil Gibran
Yeah yeah i know that..what is the point, is my point?

"Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. "
Helen Keller..

ambition? success?

suffering succotash! take yer dick in hand to the doc's at an hr's notice! haw.
A conundrum indeed. I refuse pain meds for the most part they mess up my stomach. Cheap white wine about 4 PM is my preference. Limit 2.

I have Fibromyalgia. refuse to take the mind altering drugs. However, my pain is not that severe. Dr. wait and'll want it then! Still pushing!

In the 50s and 60s there was a thing called script doctors. You would buy your drugs by the 1000...because it was cheaper that way. Homes might be virtual pharmacies. Regulation stopped that. I think it is actually much better now.

Trying to remember a movie from that era about women in a New England town. All about drugs...had a well known theme song.
Am stuck...any help with this?
Glad you are back. Hope you will find some comfort with your pain. The other issue is a tragedy for all of us.
Scanner, glad to see you back. I'm sorry for your pain. Seems the war on drugs is killing the Wrong people.
I so wish there were a way your friends could arrange to take one day of your pain instead of you. I would gladly do it. As for doctor's, every time I go I share the waiting room with one or more pharma sales reps waiting to give my doc a load of free samples of their latest and greatest drugs. Part of the blame for all the patients who go to their doctors seeking specific drugs is the obscene amount advertising and marketing Big Pharma does.

You got the right guy here. Every time I hear one of these asshole editorialist’s use a media pulpit that they don’t even own to publically lobby their dark age ideas for how things “should be” I could puke. People are in pain that’s what these fucking pills are made for. Anybody who says otherwise is not in pain and simply does not care if someone else is. The next time I am in pain I will just move to Florida or use Heroin.
This was a very compelling and eye-opening piece. (Talented singer on the vid, too.) ... So sorry you are going through this. I hope things get better for you soon. Rated for your tenacity and courage.
ten years ago, i ditched the oxy's for aleve
ten years trying to control crazy pain
ten years thinking i was better off
17 years on oxy
ten years on aleve
ten years on aleve and kidney problems
no more aleve
back to the oxy's
not everything is about addiction
not everything is about everything
survival is very second
recognition is understanding
I cannot begin to imagine how do you feel when you see your mother-in-law. I will never blame the poor for selling their medicine, I blame a heartless, harsh and ignorant society that votes to cut social programs. As for the kids, they have many options: buy illegal drugs from drug dealers just around the corner from school; buy Oxy from the elderly; or use the massive and complete information available to every one that drugs are bad for you. I have no sympathy whatsoever for a kid that buys drugs. Taking pain medication--weak or strong--for pain is a God-given right. Stay strong, my friend. R
Terrific, writing. Excellent subject and well presented, right down the line. I've had a few surgeries in the last few years for both my hands and then some dental stuff a decade back. But I refuse to take pain pills, except that first day when they send you home stoned. I hate the way I feel. I'd rather be in pain, but I KNOW it's only temporary and I work through it.

I always fill the prescription but I never take them. I have a stash that could kill ten herds of elephants because I worry if I ever needed a pain pill, I won't have one or maybe I won't be able to afford them when I finally do need them so I save them like a crazy hoarder.

I'm glad you're back. You and Teri and her mom are in my thoughts. Please don't kill yourself. You'd break alotta hearts my friend.
Ken, I can't tell you how sad I am for your mom and you and your family that she must receive help the way she has to. The stress of all of this I'm certain doesn't help your pain levels any, either, am I right?

The only things I have ever found that really help me with my pain (and they are not 100%, mind you) and which require no MD or PA or any other letter of the alphabet, are:
It's a natural enzyme, a real anti-inflammatory, which I take on an empty stomach in the morning, or more often when pain's worse. By a company called Country Life.
An athlete taught me about this one. He suffers from chronic pain due to injury. He said it helped him, now it's helping me. No prescription. No side effects. It's from pineapple. Go figure.
MSM(powdered form)
Dude! Nothing's worked for me like this stuff. And believe it or not, even some Feed and Grain supply places carry it, for horses, in POWDER form, in bulk, really really really cheap.
This you NEVER want to take on an empty stomach, but with juice, slightly sweetened, and with a meal. Or in milk/soy milk/rice milk/whatever, sweetened, at mealtime. Start with a tablespoon, increase frequency as need arises, always taking at least a little food with each dose.
These two things SAVED me. I was in too much pain to function last summer. I'm now up and around and doing more.
I urge you to think about it.
Peace be with you, brother.
...and one for the rate....
You cut right to the quick, Scanner. It's no bullshit up in here. Thanks for this informative post.
Your last paragraph just brought tears. My heart aches for you, for your family, and for your mother-in-law. Prayers of peace to all of you. R
So much sadness in all of this post, Scanner. I only hope that your family, and you, are at least getting some comfort that your Mother-in-law is being watched over now. I agree with all that you wrote regarding the pain medication - our system is broken, but I don't think there is much push to fix it since the drug companies are actually profiting nicely from all the new addicts coming along. I will hope for you that it gets better.
The pain remains the same but not the treatment. Hugs to you doll. :-)
Not all fellow sufferers are as articulate as you are. Thanks for getting the word out and welcome back. Cheerio to you and yours.
MSM is some good stuff. My dogs were on it for years. Excellent writing here, as per usual. Sorry to know there's so much bad stuff, but glad you got your mom-in-law into a home. It's sad to visit but you know she's safe.
Well written my good friend. I love reading your writing even when the content is so disagreeable.

Yeah...... the pain. My own is so little - so far - but I do not tolerate pain well and I'll not walk that road very far.

Powerful read on what's happning. Stay strong and hang in there. I know not just old age but life also is a b***h.
Eye-opening on many fronts and well told. Old age is a bitch, Scanner, but hang in there, you've found your voice. R