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APRIL 5, 2012 7:30AM

My Book, a Diet Coke and a Grafixtogo

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I have a book coming out Monday to a universe already filled with millions and millions of books already. Why someone would want to go through the headaches, the hard work and humility to add to the pile is beyond me, but I now know why writers write and why I am now a writer. It is an obsession as much anything and is the most addictive thing I've ever been addicted to my friends, and I've been addicted to some really bad stuff.

But I am now letting go of this "thing" that I have birthed. He's now almost 2 years old and it's time to get the hell out of my house. No, really. He is eating me out of house and home, keeping me up at night and really starting to get on my last nerve. I edit him and edit him and edit him and still he finds places to hide my mistakes from me. It has not been a good baby, in fact, he a Devil Baby hatched from the bowels of hell. I have to take him somewhere, far away, leave him in a park or something and jump in my car and haul-ass and only hope to God he can't find his way back to my home.  


I had a great person feel sorry for him and cover him in a beautiful jacket, Diana from and still he bitches. His constant neediness is driving me crazy and now, finally, he is leaving. Maybe I can go back to sleeping nights again and not getting elbowed at three a.m. with him screaming into my ear saying "you spelled 'pyschotic' wrong again, idiot." But the thing is, like most kids he appreciates nothing and hates me. Once he is leaves I doubt he will send me  back a dime back for my old age, but at least he's gone.

But something happened today that has me jumping at ever sound and I'm scared and want to open my computer to Word and write something anything and I have this idea about another book that will be great this time and not half the trouble and it will be funny not dark and R rated and this time the baby will sleep nights and be a good son and we will play word games together and throw the ole' football in the yard and this will be easy to edit and it will be a masterpiece and I will be richer than Richer Rich and have hot and cold  beautiful women running around my mansion after Eddie Murphy makes his great comeback with the greatest screenplay ever written and I win an Oscar and I will be famous famous I tell you famous and,,  ,,.oh, wait, I'm sorry. I got carried away for a moment. Of course, that's it, no more books for me Pal, period! No more books for me! Nope~

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Baloney, you're hooked, bubba! Congrats - cigars for everyone?
Mazal Tov, Kenny! Rated!!!
Scanner,Gongratulations and best of luck to your your son..You made him..I know the feeling and the "carried away dreams".Glad for you that you did it.Best regards and wishes for best of luck.
So proud to have witnessed the last two years of your emergence as a writer! I know personally the sleep deprivation certain characters in a work of fiction can give one. Raising a glass to you, scanner.
Chicky, you're right. My hands are shakin, gotta have a Fix~~
Jon, thank you my friend~
STATHI, thank you for stopping by, nice thoughts~
Linnn, it was worse raising this book than my own kids. But, it isn't mine any longer and I can sleep, yes~
I think I will request one for the library here where I work. That should get you some exposure. Best of news, dude. Enjoy.
Scanner, congrats on the book. I'm sure he will be a good child because he comes from good stock. The cover is awesome. Where and when will it be available? R

Phyliss, great idea. Me, with a book in a library, amazin'~Thanks~
Gerald, I will have a link up on Monday, or Tuesday. I'm also heading to Kindle and a few other places, I hope~~Thanks buddy~
Scanner, you should be very, very proud of this achievement! You are a self-taught natural talent, the kind I hold in the highest esteem. The dog-with-a-bone kind. So many OSers are on a roll here, kicking those babies out of the nest! (Is it Spring?)
Good luck with it scanner. And congrats.
I am SO EXCITED for you and jealousing. The cover looks great and Bob and I will order it anon.
I'm grinning like a proud Auntie over here, Scanman. What a difference two years make! Get your rest, though. I sense a new "pregnancy."

Tinkerertink69, Right, Right, Right!;-)
ds, this is 3 years of blood, sweat and tears, seriously. I learned on the job and the next one will not be as hard, and if it is, I quit!~
Abrawang, thank you my friend~
Miguela Holt y Roybal, Thank you and Bob. I'll have a link up Monday~~
Scanner, congratulations on your book just being days from being released! I'll be buying a copy to see what you've been up to when you weren't posting and commenting on OS!
So there will be a link to purchase in our futures? I will be waiting to add you to my list of summer reading books this wonderful place has been birthing of late!!!! Congrats!!!
Does it make you happy that here, at Open Salon, people are interested in your book? I've been here for years, and self published two of five novels. It took me 23 days to write "The Accidental Cleric", and when I announced it here, I no one took notice, and that sort of felt bad. I suppose I should just realize that of all of us who crow, "I am a writer"
L, I'm grinning too~But, about that pregnancy..,Noooooooooooo! hah
D. Thank you buddy. You can see the dark side of me. If we write what we know, then I should be in prison!:-)
LL2, Yes, I'll have a link up Monday. Thank you and I hope you're
feeling better~
DH, I don't know what you mean. Am I happy here? Yes, OS is my second home and I'm sorry about your books. I'm sure they are a lot better than my offering!
"Why someone would want to go through the headaches, the hard work and humility to add to the pile is beyond me..." How many times has that thought gone through my head? Why just add to the noise? Because there are a few that stood out and changed the way I looked at the world. Huck Finn, Yossarian, Gnossos Papadoupolis, Mephistopheles, Atticus Finch, even Boo Radley... they all spoke to me and made me better for it.
That's terrific! Hard work and tears, but something to show for it. It's time to relax and be proud.
I am so proud to know you! Congratulations on your book! I wish you every successful possible, and I honor the accomplishment!! You are a good role model in determination.
Congratulations, Scanner./r
Many congratulations. I'll have to get it right away.
Scanner my best guess is that after you're dead someone will start making an enormous amount of money off of you're book.

It won't be your family; instead it will be the publishers and copyright lawyers.

You'll be rolling over in your grave.

Well maybe not; maybe I'm learning from Steven King and am just trying to scare the hell out of you.

Congrats, good luck and rated.
It is understandable that my comment would be confusing. I thought that I had clicked the cancel button, not the post button. I began writing a comment, realized I was being unnecessarily maudlin and depressing, and thought it would be better to not say anything, then stupidly posted an unfinished, bad, comment. Please delete the comment as it is not relevant to the subject and seriously out of place among all of the other wonderful supportive comments. I apologize
Congratulations, scanner! Can't wait to read it. Where's the champagne??
Congratulations Kenny!
JMac, me also, and not just the famous authors. There are people here, on OS, who have changed my life by what I've read. Never under-estimate OS, there is talent everywhere here~:-)
jlsathre, yes it is. But, I am outlining my next book already. A dark/comedy I think. Thanks~
Sheila, it's people like you and L and Linda and countless others who are kind enough to read me and even help me. I'll never forget it and I have it in my book. I can't thank OS enough, even though I complain at times!
Christine, thank you and have a great holiday~
Mary, thank you. The link will be up Monday or Tuesday~
Zackery, just knowing I'm remembered is enough for me. Anyone who writes for money is crazy, unless you are the Steven Kings and a few others.
DH, it's gone, history. Thanks~
Erica, the champagne and cigars are at the Chicken Mann's coup. He has a cool coup and a couple of crazy calico cats, hah!
White Russians for the house! Congrats.
Hey, thanks for the plug, Scanner! I like the cover a lot, and it was what I saw in my mind (not that usual for me). I am not too sure about your baby from hell, but am certainly looking forward to getting the book.

Thanks to you, too - Chicken Mãâàn - for alerting me to this post. Life is pretty sweet.
It'll never happen to me. Great news for the world.
I Hear ya. Mr. Me is also a writer and after a couple of years on something, obsessing over evyr mispeledled wrod. It feels fantastic to publish! Congrats! :-)
Excellent job, Kenny! Congrats!
Mazel tov, hermano!! I am still in labor pains... how do we get this?
You're hooked on the rite
And now you must write

(*Lvoe that cover!!*)

You're going to be the next James Lee Burke! Go for it Ken.
Congratulations!! The first birth is usually the hardest, so never say never about another. Meanwhile you can bask in your current achievement.
I think this is fabulous news. Best news I have heard all day!
And I have heard A LOT of good news today…well, not A LOT, but more than an average day…
And yours is the best!
The additional information that your creation is “dark” only adds to my joy. I know you do “dark’ well.
Being your baby, I am not surprised the little monster is a pain in the ass. Ha.
Maybe when he gets some siblings, he will be less troublesome…

As for “why does the world need another book,” well, Kurt Vonnegut said,
“why write books ... there is a very good reason, that you catch people before they become generals and presidents and so forth and you poison their minds with ... humanity, and however you want to poison their minds, it's presumably to encourage them to make a better world.”

It’ll be a better world with a book by you in it!
Congrats, Kenny; it is about time. Now lets go and make it a hit. All the best, my friend. RRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Go Scanner Go!!
I knew you had talent from the get go dear.
Carry on!!
Oh, Scanner, I am SOOOO pleased for you! Wow, ya did it, and I congratulate you! Sparkling cider for everyone!!! RRRRR!! from me too. Good show.
Happy, happy, happpy for you - and you know what they say about childbirth - you soon forget about the pain
Thanks everyone for the great comments. Just got back in from a doctor's appt. and was very pleasantly surprised by your response. Now, I got to sell that puppy, hah
Wow! That's awesome, scanner :)
Now it's in your blood, and you have a dedicated audience more hooked on you than a 1980s yuppie on crack---so, for the love of God, don't stop now!!!!
Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all. R
This is so exciting. Congratulation, Scanner. Reserve me a copy.
Yay, oh yay. May the universe make you a huge success so you can eat those words! Not so sure about those women chasing you in the mansion, but I trust Terri to smack some sense into you.

Great title and cover, I pray the best comes to you. You deserve nothing less.
I am so proud of you. You did it. I knew you would and deserve all the glory to come because myself and all of your friends here at the OS have faith in you and always have. Rated. :-)
Yaaaayyyyyy!! So excited for you, Scanner.
Thrilled to read your good news! Congratulations scanner man! So proud of and for you, and to have witnessed the journey that brought you to this spectacular moment!
"Author Kenneth Sibbett is in the House"! Hugs all around! R