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MARCH 3, 2012 9:30AM

Lulu Loves to Limbo (at Lucky's Bar & Grill)

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Lulu loves to Limbo
at Lucky's Bar & Grill
as Sammy grabs a limbo bar
and makes sure the beer is chilled 
Mikey feeds the jukebox
as Lucky cranks up the sound
Horace yells "let's get it on"
and Sheila starts getting down
Lulu downs a Corona Lite
with a shot of tequila back
the place is getting loud as hell
the dance floor is really packed 
Lulu starts to limber up
by twisting that fine derriere
the crowd circles 'round her
as  the men give her a stare
Lulu starts out easy enough
she says "make it 3 feet high" 
she then leans back and limbos
and shows a little thigh
she says "boy's that ain't nu-thin'
put it down a little more
I'll show you how a Louisiana girl
tears up a dancin' floor
Horace dropped it two more feet
as Lulu downed another beer
she grabbed an old man and did the twist
she hadn't felt this good in years
The crowd was clapping louder
when Lulu began to try
to Limbo under the Limbo bar 
that was only 12 inches high
she leaned back so far this time
her hair was touching the floor
but one foot was just too easy 
so they lowered it some more
Lulu yelled for Lucky
to pass her another shot 
of that Mexican Tequila 
that damn sure hit it the spot
she limboed up to the handle
 looking like she would break 
but just as she was about to fall
she slithered like a rattlesnake
Lulu made it under the bar
with less than an inch to spare 
she sprang up on the other side
and jumped up in the air
that got the joint a' jumpin'
as people thought that she was through
but Lulu yelled "a little lower boys"
and downed another brew 
People yelled "You crazy girl"
no one can go that low
but Lulu downed another shot
and really put on a show
The bar was now only inches
off of Lucky's dancing floor
there wasn't anyone in the place
who thought Lulu could Limbo anymore
but Lulu wasn't from 'round here
she was from the Voodoo Land
born and bred in N' Orleans
and sired from a Devil loving man
the crowd was going crazy
the joint was going insane
as Lulu bent back to Limbo
under the inches that remained
she downed one more shot of tequila
and ate the worm this time around
she then screamed out to all the crowd
"watch Ole' Lulu really get down"
The bar was now only inches
from the trembling dancing floor 
no human had ever been that low
but Ole' Lulu knew the score
she bent back and started to shimmy 
as the crowd began to jeer
but man, you could hear a pin drop
when sweet Lulu disappeared ~  


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Cool poem. I liked the ending. R
You got to quit eatin' that worm man! That Voodoo shit gonna bite you in the ass!!! Great poetry, you ought to write a chorus about the shots and beers and put it to music. Reggae funkadelic...
keep your knees loose

Wow That is the only way to make it under. Disappear. Wow!! Amazing!!!
What fun and the rhymes were inspired!
At my age and with my back this is painful to even think about, but obviously Lulu is a goddess and they don't have bad backs. Nicely done as usual, Scanner. R
Every time I think I know the kind of stuff you write, you come up with something completely new!

Fantastic, Scan Man, just freakin' FANTASTIC!!

Scanner ~ would Like to see Lulu Limbo Lyrics in a Lively and Long Led Zeppelin Love song.
What a fun read. Very good too.
Scanner, this was a shocker after seeing the video.
Your writing is so compelling!
Great poem..... great agility.... how old is Lulu?
Delightfully energetic. first thing I'v read today and a great way to start. Think I'll get out of bed now and limbo a little. Ya. Dream'ah! Thanks for posting something different. Rated with RRR
Nothing but brilliance my friend
So gymnastic in so many senses.
I used to love Limbo until I lost being Nimble.
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx, Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥