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DECEMBER 24, 2011 8:48AM

Red, not Blue (War is Over)

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I wrote this  Flashback on December 22, 2010, but the Iraq was was still raging. This year, thanks the Gods (not the government), the war in Iraq is over. I want to thank the men and women who served and the families who lost a loved one. Some may say they died for nothing. That is not true and is never true when a soldier loses their life in war. They died to save their buddies, and there is no more honorable way to die. Merry Christmas to all veterans, active and inactive, and Merry Christmas to you all!


He knows what I want

I told him myself

when I sat in his lap

I also wrote to him

so I think I covered everything

now, nothing to do but wait

just a few more days

and I'll be riding

up and down my street

on my new Bike

Red I told him

but I will take Blue

if he's running short

on the Red ones

I hope he doesn't forget

I want a Red Schwinn Cruiser

Jut like he brought Tommy

last Christmas, but

Red, not Blue

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I hope everyone gets what they "need" this year!
Welcome home Vets.
I don't quite get where you're coming from with this. The three segments of it; opening paragraph, poem, video, don't seem to connect in my mind. (But then I've been up all night and it's 6:am).

thanks, it isn't christmas without John
Merry Christmas Scanman Kenny!
Red or Blue or Green.....just no more wars....moving post
Merry Christmas, Scanman.
I hope they all come home in one piece mentally . Concerning times.
Yes, now bring them home fromAfghanistan!
Rated my friend!!

War is over but soon, we'll start another! :(

What color is peace? That's the color I asked for. Merry Christmas, Kenny and Teri. Here's to a healthy 2012!

Merry Christmas, Scanner!
Bless'd are the veterans. Merry Christmas.
War is hell and sometimes Christmas feels like it. And then it's over.
War is hell and sometimes Christmas feels like it. And then it's over.
I love your poems, welcome to the fold, you bring a unique perspective to the genre.
I love this song and video too.
rated with love
I remember sitting on Santa's lap and asking for world peace, some 25 years ago. He said, "Is that all?' I responded increduously, "It is the only thing." It turns out my Santa was Republican. Who knew?
I feel deep thankfulness that that terrible war is finally over. I remember my despair when it began almost nine years ago--a war that never should have started and whih was based on a lie that far too many people bought. And our veterans paid such a steep price for arrogance and hubris in minds and bodies. Yet with you I say to them, "Welcome home, and thank you."