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SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 8:57AM

Put the Lyme in my Coconut Head

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Deer Tick 

I feel like crap, which is nothing unusual, except I've added Lyme's Disease to my list of ailments. I guess I figured I didn't suffer enough already, I needed to find a  tick and let him chew into me and give me something else that hurts like hell. Well, in a way, the Lyme's Disease doesn't seem to hurt that bad, it make's what does hurt ten times worse, along with a fever, sudden break-outs in cold-sweats and the feeling that I weight 500 lbs. every time I get up and try to walk, which is not very often. Oh, yeah, and it can kill you.

 According to WebMD:

"Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by deer ticks infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Named after the town in Connecticut where the disease was first discovered, Lyme disease causes a peculiar rash and arthritis symptoms. Lyme disease has been reported in nearly all U.S. states, although most cases are concentrated in the coastal northeast, Mid-Atlantic States, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern California. In addition to causing arthritis, Lyme disease can also cause heart, brain, and nerve problems". 

I felt great Thursday, or at least Thursday morning, as Terri and I worked our butts off cleaning everything in the house that could possibly have nicotine on it, except the walls and ceilings. That will have to be done by someone who has a lot more ass than I have right now. I think the landlord will hire someone to paint it, she's pretty cool. I was really, really tired Thursday night and kept falling asleep while I was using my laptop. No kidding. Terri finally told me to go to bed, and I really don't remember getting in bed. But getting up?

I could not get out of bed. I told Terri I needed some help, I could barely move and she felt my head and I was burning up. My regular doctor doesn't usually see patients on Friday, and I had just seen him on Wednesday and was OK, but he relented and in about 30 minutes I was on my way to the hospital for drug tests. They thought I had the flu and when I walked in, some nurse put a mask on my face. After the drug tests I came home, feeling worse and worse by the minute, when my doctor finally called.

He told me I had Lyme's Desease and said there is only one sure cure. He called me in some strong antibiotics and added I needed to put the Lyme in the Cononut and call him in the morning.  Smart-ass!  


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What a drag! Lyme disease isn't very funny and I hope you are free of any discomfort from it and cured soon!
Ha, A smart ass doctor. Wish I could send you some limes from Southern California. No ticks here. Maybe. Geez Im so sorry you have Lyme Disease. Will it last forever? I hope not.
Oh man thats such a drag.A pal of mine had it and now I dare not wander in the trees during certain periods of the year because no-body need this malady. Wish I could offer something as a cure but I can only say that perhaps by taking in Tumeric the inflammatory aspect of this might be lessened.
Miguela Holt y Roybal. ( I love your name) every joint and muscle in my body hurts. He said 5-7 days. Oh my!
Z, I don't think it lasts forever, but I have heard that it can and will come back on certain people. I'm crossing my fingers, or I'm trying to.
Algis, I had to get this in my yard, although my yard is rather big, with pecan trees and bushes everywhere. I was in Walmart and found a small tick in my hair, I killed it and thought it couldn't have bitten me. I must have been wrong. I can barely type, I may give it up for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
OMG you have some Pecan trees! How wonderful even though...
Not only smart-ass but smart. Often Lyme is misdiagnosed, but I understand that if they catch it in time it can be treated. We have ticks galore around here, including the deer type. During tick season I use a shampoo made for dogs to make sure any of the little bugger thinking I'd make the perfect host go party elsewhere. Good luck with yours. Hope those antibiotics do the trick.
Omg, Scanner! What a horror for you, and dang! -- just when your brain was smiling!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery, pal!
Damn ticks! It's bad enough when you have to pry them off, but when they leave a calling card, it truly sucks. Sounds like a past relationship...

Rest and get well, friend.
I hope you recover quickly. My very close friend has had and has been on disability for years. The after affects are still there, fluid on heart, chronic fatigue. I am surprised that they even tested you. They never do here. I have to beg them...we hike, had a dog with it and have lots of deer. Hope they discover a vacine.
Judging by that video (how do you find them???!!) your funny bone is healthy and rocking on happily!

Next time you get to admiring man’s wonderful advances and tech, remember what one tiny wee tick can do......

(*Personally I think that little bit of work laid you low, you lazy bum*)(ᴼ‿ᴼ)
I had it and still ahve the pic of a huge bullseye on my back. My Canadian doctor had no idea what it was and had I not found out well.. I would have been a mess today.
This is one of the WORST most AWFUL diseases. Scanner, there are no lyme ticks, but we have others that cause "tick bite fever" and they are AWFUL!! I have seen the strongest men, capable of ice-icking ditches in the middle of the Sudan be incapacitated by this ailment. So sorry about this...blessings. J
This is one of the WORST most AWFUL diseases. Scanner, there are no lyme ticks, but we have others that cause "tick bite fever" and they are AWFUL!! I have seen the strongest men, capable of ice-icking ditches in the middle of the Sudan be incapacitated by this ailment. So sorry about this...blessings. J
Man, you can't catch a break. My sympathies.
Just when you think you've had it all. I am so sorry. Hope you are well soon. -R-
Dear awful! One of my students came down with Lyme Disease...undiagnosed for a month..while she was on a brief camping trip at the start of the summer. May you feel much better very soon. :((
Kenny I Order You To Be Well. r.
It's always something, ain't it? Feel better soon.
Sheeshaminny, mun, as though it weren't bad enough today is this Noisy [911] Day, and you have to be half dead or sick from a TICK? Well maybe that ?figgers? (or doesn't) as well or badly as anything else, today. I sure hope you and/or the doctors get you well FAST! [N.B. Until just now reading your post, I'd always thought Lymes Disease came from ticks from deer. I happen to live in "deer country". They're so lovely, and look so ?innocent?. Parable or something, here?]

Any way, Scanner, DO GET WELL SOON! You don't me to tell you you have scads of OS friends so if our energies can beat the ticks' ... let's hope!!
Hard to believe you got this thing, especially after quitting the smoking.
Karma is an asskicker sometimes…
This may cheer you up:
“the cause of the disease remained a mystery until 1981, when B. burgdorferi was identified by Willy Burgdorfer.”
Guy just happened to find a bacterium with a name a lot like his own, it seems.
So sorry Scanner. I had a tick fever in NY back in the early 70's which supposedly had the same symptoms of Lyme. Good news is it went away. I, do, however have RA now and always wondered if it was connected..but you already have that right? Get well soon.
Damn James, how coincidental (or suspicious) is that. Almost like Lou Gehrig getting Lou Gehrig's disease.
podunkmarte, it's called a deer tick. I just know I'm sweating and freezing right now. Funny how that works, huh?
Get well soon, Scanner. You're a tough egg, but even an ostriche egg has its cracking point. Sending you healing thoughts, my friend.
I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you take this time now to rest and things improve soon.
Lyme's disease sounds horrible. I hope you feel better soon.
So sorry, scanner! Makes my silly little common cold look a lot less bothersome.