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MAY 24, 2011 12:40PM

Fuck You Ben Stein~

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 Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? This was the first time I had ever heard of Ben Stein. He was the monastic teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." He is the guy who never smiles. He is also in a lot of commercials and I see him on talk shows, financial shows, and even Sunday Morning on CBS. Mr Stein, Fuck You!  Take your non-smiling ass back to Beullerville and hang around with your rich friends, who you stick up for even though they are accused of raping the help. Fuck You Ben Stein!
I guess to you, we poor-ass people, such as maids in hotels and "the help", can just be raped and beaten as long as we keep out mouths shut. Again I say, Fuck You Ben Stein! So, you and your buddy, some French philosopher Bernaed-Henri Levy say "It would be impossible for such a "short old fat man" to actually rape a young hotel maid". You and your blabbing idiot of a friend are fucking assholes who think poor women are yours for the taking. Fuck You Ben Stein!
While I'm handing out Fuck You's, give one to Michael Bloomberg, for sticking up for his rich buddy and a hardy Fuck You to the New York Post for saying this woman might have Aids. Not 'does' mind you, but a newspaper that is supposed to print facts, say's she "might have Aids". Fuck you to them for destroying her life in the eyes of her daughter and family in Guinea. 
Speaking of her family in Guinea, Fuck You to the representatives who were sent by his rich family to her home to speak with her relatives.There has to be a law that says you cannot go to a persons family and offer them a six figure sum to get her to drop the charges. According to the Post, this is already a done deal and is going to end on a "quiet note" You bastards. I hope your fucking private Jet Stream plane that only you rich assholes ride in goes down in the fucking sea!
I could hand out these Fuck You's all day for all the rich people who are coming to your defense. But this one is especially for  France. To France I send one of the biggest Fuck You's in the world. I'm sure not all the French deserve one, put if you don't, and think the maid deserves to be heard and this bastard put under the jail, count yourself out.
And finally, another person that I think would want to give a major Fuck You to the man himself, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Triston Banon. It seems you tried to rape the God-Daughter of your second wife  Brigitte Guillemette. Here is what she said happened:
 (she) "claimed he lured the then 21-year-old trainee journalist to an anonymous studio flat in Paris in 2002 with the promise of an interview, then attacked her. She described Strauss-Kahn as acting like a ‘rutting chimpanzee’. ‘I kicked him, I called him a rapist, he didn’t seem to care,’ said Ms Banon. ‘It ended very badly, because we ended up fighting ... I told him clearly ... We fought on the ground, it was more than a couple of slaps, I kicked him, he opened my bra, tried to open my jeans ... It finished very badly ... I got out of there and he immediately sent me a text message saying ‘So, are you scared of me?’ ... I had said the word ‘rape’ when we were struggling to scare him, and it didn’t seem to scare him, as if he was used to it. After [the incident] he wouldn’t stop sending me text messages saying ‘Are you scared of me?’ 
So Ben Stein, she along with others around the world are coming out of the woodwork. It seems this piece of shit has been a busy boy. Yeah, raping women seems to be a hobby to him. When it's in your contract that they are required to pay you millions of dollars along with First Class accommodations you can also rape the help. Yeah, staying in a $3000 a night hotel comes with the right to force the maids give you a Blow Job!. You don't read the papers Ben Stein, before sticking up for you buddy?
So, please, everyone. Let's all get together on  Open Salon and do a Spock Mind-Melt and think the same thing at the same time. OK, everybody ready.
1, 2, 3, go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FUCK YOU BEN STEIN AND THE FUCKING HORSE YOU RODE IN ON, ASSHOLE~~~~~~~

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As best I can tell Scanner the rich think they own us all.
For this man and the rest who defend such complete idiots I like the idea of a worldwide 'fuck you'. It fits well....
You had me at "Fuck you Ben Stein."
Couldn't of said it better myself Scanner....well done.
I just love reading your posts. Yes indeed, Fuck Ben Stein and every rich male who thinks it's okay to rape, mistreat, and exploit other people. I would call them rich "men" but they don't deserve the title. Real men don't do that kind of shit.
He was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Then he left comedy.
It had to be said. Superbly unambiguous Scanner!
Stein worked for Nixon after finishing law school. Lying and cover ups rubbed off. Stien should go back to hosting a game show.
Between him and Bernard-Henri Levy, the world's gone mad.
The title sums up a lot. The short, fat wily ones would need to be pretty devious to get sex, no? Is Ben Stein referring to his own persuasion techniques? (apparently, he was an economist during the Nixon era, or just a long time ago, not just a economist groupie).
Four hours later I get to this post.
Could not have said this better.
rated with hugs
What Jeanette said. ~r
Great piece of writing, as usual, I completely agree.
rated with love
It's funny to see people like him as a talking head. He is no one at all, except rich, raunchy, and ridiculous. Yet, someone, on some CNN/CNBC/FOX will have him again. I agree, fuck you Ben!!!!
I can say this because I'm Jewish.

What the fuck is going on here?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is Jewish. Bernard Henri-Levy is Jewish. Michael Bloomberg is Jewish. Ben Fucking Stein is Jewish.

What the fuck is going on with these Jews? If I believed in collective guilt I would be beating my head on the ground to expiate the sin.

Well, Scanner, here the secret. When people get to a certain level of wealth, they cease to be strictly human. Just as there is a species called Homo Sapien or "Knowing Man," there's also a species that looks almost identical to the Homo Sapien but has a much higher credit rating and significant disposable wealth, whom I call Homo Capitalist. The Homo Capitalist differs from the Homo Sapien in that Homo Sapien knows things while the Homo Capitalist buys things. Justice is a thing and, therefore, something that can be purchased.

The International Monetary Fund has been raping the citizens of the world for more than forty years. Wherever the IMF goes, hard ship and deprivation follows as they pursue a policy of privatization of the public resources of one country after another.

The unfortunate thing about Strauss-Kahn isn't that he tried to rape women, and failed. The unfortunate thing is that he has been raping the planet for the past four years, and succeeding.

If you have no conpunctions about raping a whole people, why would scruple to rape a single woman. An asshole is an asshole and he's an asshole.

As far as the other assholes are concerned, well, maybe they think they have an obligation to support this guy.

Note to the list: you don't need to support Dominque. You need to check yourselves. This guy has been doing this kind of thing for years. He's a sick man and needs to be treated for his illness.

You all, however, haven't got illness as an excuse.
Fuck you, Ben Stein!!!!!! What a psycho piece of dung.

Well done, Scanner.
Here! Here! Well, said. But don't tell Strauss-Kahn--he might get excited at the word "fuck."
Works for me.

Sorry I'm late. Blame OS.

Stein's father was a big time Republican economist before him. This is the kind of entitlement that's killing the country, not SS. These people really seem to be trying to build an American aristocratic class and they do stick together.
1, 2, 3
FUCK YOU, BEN STEIN! And to all others who excuse and explain away DSK's criminal behavior!

(But really, F***ing Ben Stein would be a loathesome job, and the danger is that he might enjoy it.)
The minute I heard that maid is from Guinea I knew they would start besmirching her. She MIGHT have AIDS?????? Money truly IS the root of all evil. All of it.

Strauss-Kahn is utterly monstrous. Not only did he shove his manhood between the maid's jaws and spray sperm on her uniform, he was also making lurid comments to the rest of the staff before he zoomed in on her. The way he jumped the maid suggests that this is routine behavior for him. He has probably pulled the same trick at many hotels in the past, shutting the ravaged help up with thousand dollar notes in their knickers. Hats off to the Guinean maid for finally fighting back and calling for help, they should build a statue to her. Someone should have turned this guy in decades ago. Truly repulsive - although if, as sagemerlin comments, what DSK does to servants is ultimately worse than what he and his organization do to the Third World every day is a question for greater minds than mine to answer. In either case, the same nouns apply to both.
Thanks for the comments, I just got back from a doctors appointment. Terri has a hernia the size of a baseball in her belly and it hurts like hell. Thursday as an out-patient, they are either going to push it back in and put some type of mesh tape over it or remove it. Either way, she's out of commission for 6 weeks and I'm the man servant. Doesn't bother me a bit, I love it. Sage, you may think this guy needs help and he probably does, but I don't feel sorry for this bastard. He has used his wealth and influence all over the world to rape and assault and degrade women. I feel for the maid and the victims. Fuck that motherfucker with a flagpole, use the French flag!
Yeah , the rich do own us. ~shrug~ And for some reason, we put up with it without hardly a whisper.

~shaking head~ RATED!
Let's get on with the hanging!

Trial? Who needs it? We have rumour, innuendo, an accusation by a WOMAN, and lurid media stories. Who could ask for more? Every time we've jumped the gun like this, in the past, we've ALWAYS been right! Right?

Or is it?

He has been a dick for a long, long time. I think I jumped the gun on a bit on the ending chant. Lo Siento.
If they had their way they'd be herding us into the Soylent Green processing plant. I'm with you, Scanman. Fuck the bastards.
You may say fuck you to me to Scanner but there are a myriad of discrepancy's in this whole story and there is little doubt that Strauss-Kahn is being denied due process and being tried in the media. Don’t get me wrong he probably is a perv most rich old men are that before they are anything else but he is also the leader of the Socialist party in France and was very likely to unseat “American” puppet Sarkozy in Frances next election derailing the NWO’s attempts to designate France as the new policeman of Libya. Besides being a twisted little man he was perhaps the last friend poor people had in the IMF. Why don’t we let the criminal justice system figure this out and not Rupert Murdoch.
He's been a cultural nuisance for years. You are lucky you spaced him for so long.

Yes, Yes, Yes on all your sentiments. Fuck you, Ben Stein!!! Wonderful cathartic post. Phew.
you said it all, thank you.
It's darkly ironic that this obvious brutal aristocratic bastard not only functioned without criticism in destroying entire economies of countries putting millions out of word and causing all sorts of frightful miseries as a functionary of the IMF but was headed to become the leader of his country because of it and was highly lauded for his activity. And the extraordinary depth and intensity of disdain he now receives for no doubt doing a rather frightful sex act on a woman has brought him down. I find this weird.
That should be putting millions out of work, not "out of word".

Ben Stein is a droll asshole. He belongs to a conservative group who think there are two classes in this country: Ben and his Buddies and the Help. The Help has no rights, is there for the amusement and exploitation of Ben and his Buddies, and need to be put back in their place.
the IMF seems to function as an international loan shark ring.

one of the first economists who pointed this out was Stiglitz close to 10yrs ago.

but, the weird irony is that Strauss-Kahn apparently agreed with Stiglitz and was pushing back against the standard "austerity" measures. "austerity measure" in Globalization-speak basically amounts to something like "kneecapping the victim"....

but, americans are pretty slow to figure out economics. they were fleeced blind in the last crash and are still debating how exactly that happened, and havent prosecuted anyone except the old, rich white guy Great Scapegoat Madoff [and surprise!! things are no better with him in jail....]

which has strange parallels to the current case....
jack heart-- I agree. lynch mob vigilantes dog-packs are not the same as Justice. but the Internet is certainly a natural place for them.
americans are kind of hazy on that concept of Justice after nearly a decade of deterioration.... attorney general rubber stamps the obama/osama execution as Appropriate. just like a Loyal Bureacrat!! falling in line!! just like his boss!!
You tell 'em scanner. And tell 'em once more for me.
the Mobocracy.... doesnt do "nuance".
just like George Bush famously declared....
ah dont worry about it, just go back to your wrestling matches, Joe Sixpack
vzn, I just happen to have one Fuck You left over. Fuck You~~~~
Fuck the facts. The rich super elite are not held accountable for their actions. The police officers who pulled DSK off the plane will probably be reassigned to the south bronx.
She should have bit the thing off! :-) I agree Scanner with your sentiments entirely.

This guy is way off; he always pissed me off. Well said, Scanman. R
I had thought of doing a post called "Fuck Bernard-Henri Levy," but now I guess I don't have to, because you've said it all. Let's see Mr. Strauss-Kahn's defenders explain away his DNA on her dress.
Great post scanner, and a hearty fuck you to anyone who thinks Strauss-Kahn is being deprived of due process. Is he not getting a trial? What do you think due process is?
Yeah......fuck you yeah?
" Who are these people FRed(tm)? Doesnt matter does it Boy, we'll fuck anything given the chance. Preferably if it has a pulse."

Rated with an Ug too.
Yes, but how do you really feel...?
I feel fulfilled. For years I've been mystified by those who think he's funny. I hope he loses all his endorsements, a la the Aflac duck guy.