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MAY 2, 2011 5:40AM

Two Nights in a Row~The Obama Boogie

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I wish I could shake President Obama's hand to get some of that luck he's having to rub off my unlucky ass. The man is on a stone-cold roll and I love it. One night he gets to skew that bastard with the red beaver on his head "the Donald" and the next he gets to announce we killed that scumbag Osama Bin Laden. If I was him I would run, not walk, to the nearest place that sales lottery tickets and buy just one. Just a one dollar ticket is all he needs to win the Big Power Ball, that's how lucky he is. 

While the ass-whipping he gave Donald Trump may fade into histories dust pan, the killing of Bin Laden almost assures him a second term. I imagine George Bush is in Middleton, Texas crying his eyes out and chopping the hell out of some wood. Dead or Alive, hah! Georgie Boy, he''s dead and Obama did it. He set this up and had secret meetings for six months  in a town where there are no secrets. Then Georgie, he gave the order to kill that murderous bastard and he didn't need those damn Drones to do it. 

After the announcement, there was different reaction all over the world. Most partied, well, except for some Islamist radicals and Fett! This does not end terrorism in any way, shape or form, but he was the Big Dog. It sends a message that it may take time, but we will hunt you down and waste your ass if you kill  just for the sake of killing. If you kill because we are heathens not fit to live in your world. If you kill and corrupt a religion and send small boys and girls to their deaths in suicide missions, doing your dirty work. I'm not religious, but this is one time I wish I was because I sure hope you burn in hell! 

Yes, Americans pulled this off and I'm damn glad they did. It makes me proud to think that after all the men, women and children Bin Laden killed, Americans got the chance to kill him. Americans went half-way around the world and wasted his sorry ass. I laughed at how you made Trump look so small his hairpiece was sliding off. I cried as you told how you and our military or CIA or whatever killed Bin Laden. You may have been born under a four leaf clover, who knows, but you have sealed the deal on your second term and you know, they can't take that away from you!  



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He kicked some ass for sure. The question now is what will be the response. I hope that we are not bitten on the ass. That said, I'm still pleased with this event.
One down and how many more to go? Hmm. Great choice of a song, one Neil Young fan to another. Just Jali Smiling and rating of course.
Hee hee. The look on Trump's face when the President smoked him in front of God and everybody was absolutely priceless. Obama has just given the perfect illustration of what it means to "stay the course."

If it had happened next year the Republicans would have said he sat on it and timed it to influence the election.
I am happy the big O scored some points but do not clelbrate state sponsered assination not matter who the boogyman is. I expect here will be some serious fallout from this killing and much will not be pretty.
As I saw in the Twitter feed: "Turns out sending some badass special ops guys into Pakistan is a more effective way of killing bin Laden than invading Iraq."

Bravo, President O!
Scanner does this mean the US will be sending more badasses after the terrorists? It was a very effective move! oh happy day, the creep is dead!
When I punish my children for something they have done wrong - I don't worry about the fallout and the response - not going to worry about it here either - great post.
ahh Scanner.. all I wanted last night when he finished his speech was to look the camera in the eye and say,

"Would you like to see my birth certificate now?"
rated with hugs
I heartily agree with you, my friend. The President has had a couple of really good days and God knows he deserves them.
I'm so glad they didn't bring him back for trial. His body was thrown overboard and he became fish food. An appropriate end to the most evil man of our time.
Agreed on all counts except one: it wasn't luck. When Obama told Trump that teh country had more important things to worry about and to stop the silliness, he knew that his biggest catch was immanent. Well played, Mr. President. This is yet another, BFD.
Well spoken scanner. With you a 100%. I'm sure Trump will now demand reimbursement from the Government since he owned bin Laden's compound in Islamabad :)

p.s. Dick Cheney looked like he was going to have a stroke when as a throw away line he said, "and it's a pretty good day for the Administration." Won't catch him "dead or alive" with the President's name on his lips :)
I like your angle, and cool caricature. "The man is on a stone-cold roll." I love it too!
Trump should be forgotten quickly.

although I would never defend OBL unlike the US government in the eighties when he was supporting the Mujaheddin isn't going to solve any problems and the way it was handled should be considered suspicious. The war on terror is based on a lot of lies and bad policies; the way to address this problem should involve more democratic activity and improved education so that the disenfranchised don't look to people like Osama to stand up for them. By declining to address legitimate concerns the USA is driving people to the enemies who will at least listen to them. Or at least they think so.
You're right, he should seriously but some lottery tickets, lol. Yesterday indefinitely secured a re-elcetion in 2012, so much so that it would be a complete waste of money for any other parties to bother running against him
Sometimes we make our own luck but more times than not some unseen hand makes it for us.
It says a lot about the American people that they can get a "moral boost" from the murder of a man who gave his wealth, his health, and his life for his people.

Perhaps one day 'Merika will grow a man, who cares little enough about wealth and enough about his people, to do that. But what the heck, in the meantime you can keep a million chiropractors busy putting your shoulders back in place as y'all dislocate them while pattin' yerself on the back.

Funny how the "body" was 'disappeared' so fast; you'd have thought it would have been made available for identification and as proof of the claim that it was indeed bin Laden who has been killed. Ah well, we'll just have to take the 'Merikan government's word for it - they've always told us the truth in the past......haven't they?

Things should get interesting now......

This reflects what I feel, except for the luck part. He worked that speech without failing and he worked that mission for two months without Julian Assange grabbing one bit of attention for himself and without failure.

Luck played a big part, but was not the only reason for his success. As for a second term, here is how my record of predictions has gone:

I predicted that he would lose the primary.
I predicted that he would lose the election.
I predicted that Congress would go all weak in the knees about DADT.
I predicted that NO ONE would find and kill Osama Bin Laden.
I predicted that he would fix the mess with veterans claims.

So, with my perfect prediction record and in the great theatrical tradition of telling someone to "break a leg", I predict that he will NOT win a second term as President!
Basically, Yup.

Uh, Sky?

"It says a lot about the American people that they can get a 'moral boost' from the murder of a man who gave his wealth, his health, and his life for his people." This sounds like it comes from the Hitler Loved His Dog Correspondence Course For Moral Relativists. Regardless of the guy's motivation, he murdered more than a couple of thousand people in one day, including children and fellow Muslims, most of them civilians, all basically targeted. And, by the way, which people was he protecting, and from what exactly? Are we to accept that he was protecting Muslim women from the corrupting influences that led them to demand gender equality? Do you think a particularly intolerant religious belief system justifies this crap?

You've got way more brains than this. Don't get cute.
Sky, this man didn't want to help his people. He wanted to keep his people living in the 18th century. He wanted women to be nothing but slaves and baby makers. He killed thousands and thousands of his own people. His bombs that he had strapped onto teenagers as suicide vests did not discriminate on who they killed. The man was a religious zealot who was living in a mansion with one of his many wifes and kids. He engineered a bombing that killed almost 3000 people, many who were Muslims. How this this "great person" help his people. He was a brutal spoiled brat whose daddy should have spanked his ass instead of sending him all over the world to party and screw his way around the world. Sky, there is good and bad and their is Evil, and he was evil and I hope the sharks spit him out after tasting the evil that was this man!
I think that rumors of Obama's recovery from months of mistakes and problem avoidance are greatly exaggerated.

Let's see if your theory will pull Obama's approval ratings out of the toilet, where they currently paddle. At this point, Donald Duck could beat the guy in 2012.
Rush Limbaugh was quoted as saying, "God bless President Obama." I guess Gordon O didn't the the memo.
Sky, Osama gave his wealth, etc. not for "his people", but for his arrogant idea that he knew what was *right* for those poor souls, who'd just as soon he didn't, esp. those who died or lost their children. That's not even getting into the matter of the Trade Center action, which was sure to lead to retaliatory deaths in the hundreds of thousands of "his people". Jeez.
"I guess Gordon O didn't the the memo."

I guess I didn't the the memo, BB. I wouldn't know how.

Ever heard of proofreading?
I do believe that with the Trump blast, Obama became my favorite stand up and I do love a good stand up. If he ever gets tired of being the pres, I think he might have a good shot at a second career. Today he is the man, and with quiet dignity he accomplished what nobody else could , he shut the teabaggers up and got Bin Laden....He's the man! rated
With respect, sir,
The allegations against Osama have never been supported by evidence unless you are taking the position that any accusations made by the US government or military constitutes acceptable proof.

Osama could have been brought in back in 2001 if the US had agreed to him being brought to trial in a neutral country. The US rejected that idea. After years of being told about the "evil binLaden" there in America, where would you have found a jury that was not biased against him - just as you so clearly are? You who have never met the man, have never seen any proof of his wrong-doings and have no knowledge of his behaviour that didn't come from a government that was determined to discredit him via feeds to American media.

Accusations that he killed thousands have not been proven. Accusations that the US has killed thousands of innocent people on the other hand have been proven over and over - even to the satisfaction of most Americans!

How is it that the actions of one leader are evil yet the same actions by American leaders are not?

I have never seen such muddy, emotion laden clap-trap from you, my friend. You KNOW that the right thing to do would have been to put binLaden on trial. You KNOW that if the US had any real evidence against him, they'd have presented it, even in a neutral country. You KNOW that he was used by the US as a figurehead who represented all who oppose the almighty US in its quest to rip off the resources of any and all counties who have them and to demand that those countries which occupy strategic locations obey the dictates of the US. All this is done in the name of "Protecting American Interests".

Osama binLaden was nobody until the US offered him support to build his idiotic little group of religious extremists into a force strong enough to give the Russians trouble in their quest to gain control of strategic Afghanistan. I'm sure that you also know that binLaden and his group refused to "stand down" and allow the US to move in, in place of the Russians, when the Russians decided to cut their losses and get the hell out of Afghanistan. Religious extremists are very useful at things like this when used to disrupt the plans of a major power but not so useful when they no longer obey. Fanaticism is useful to those who can control it; deadly to those who can't.

Did binLaden dream of one day controlling all of Afghanistan? Probably. Is that ambition alone enough to demonize him? If so then the US can be "demonized" hundreds of times over for its "ambitions" around the world right from its inception.

Let me be clear. I have doubt that binLaden was guilty of most of what he was accused of. I have heard no proof at all that he was "the mastermind" behind 9/11 and many other actions against an aggressive, imperialist power - the US. The clap-trap about him living in a mansion are beneath contempt. He was born into a wealthy family and was a wealthy man in his own right. Of course he would live as the rich are wont to do. Yet the envy of average Americans over the wealth of another, can always be counted upon to gain support for any demonizing of someone of wealth. It is a 'stock' accusation against anyone the US government wants American citizens to dislike. Hell, they use it against ALL those they want to attack, and have done so for a few hundred years!!

As to the Moslem women being "enslaved". Less than 50 years ago the women of our two nations were treated with similar disrespect; it differed in details of the acceptable dress code, but was basically the same lack of equality. This still exists to some extent in our culture. Who the frig are we to point an accusing finger at other countries that have not yet advanced into the 21st century? None of this is an excuse for murder. And make no mistake, binLaden was murdered; whether a few days ago as the US claims or some time ago as I suspect, is a moot point.

As to the idiocy of the claims that Obama "kicked some ass", I can't stop laughing!! The might of America lined up to take out about a half dozen people in a surprise raid on a residential compound was "kicking ass"?!! Ridiculous! Unless, of course, as often seems the case, it is really the best that mighty "Merika can do. Were I an American today, I'd be hiding my face in shame at the principles of legal procedure, innocent until proven guilty, and plain ol' murder for the sake of political expedience that were displayed before the whole world. Definitely NOT a proud moment....

Sky, you know I don't carry water for anyone. I don't believe a damn thing this government says. Bin Laden took "credit" for this and dozens of other bombings around the world. Out of his own mouth, unless they screwed with the tape, he called on Americans to be killed anywhere in the world, on sight. As I explained to Sage, you can't try this man in a courtroom of his peers because he doesn't have any peers. He killed thousands of people and Sky, you know he did. Trying him is a joke. Kill the bastard and hope we see no one like him again. Unfortunately, thats wishful thing. Let's agree to disagree. Today is a new day and I only feel good about this damn government once a decade!
In the aftermath of the SEAL's perfect execution of the job, the Obama administration has reverted to type by waffling, dithering, and generally mishandling everything from the photos to the burial at sea.

His victory speech was so saturated with the use of the first-person pronouns--I, me, my--as to turn off most Americans who value humility as a virtue. The photo-op visit to NYC today was equally transparent as a political move.