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December 31
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APRIL 1, 2012 7:33PM

a fling with bling

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It’s cold and raining right now, but earlier today it was most tolerable nice, which is handy when you’re doing a long run. The next half marathon is in mid-May, and today’s plan was for 12 miles. I started out in tights and did a 3.5 mile loop, stopping off at home to change into shorts. I’ve never run in sub 50 degree weather in shorts before, but it wound up just fine. I tested out my shiny new Spibelt (spi = “small personal items”) – a little pouch you wear around your hips to carry crap around in. Keys, ID, whatever. In my case, my fuel of choice for long runs – Cliff Shot Bloks – and my shiny new phone. Which is useless on runs around here, since there’s no service. But I’ll want it on me for the actual event, and we all know it’s foolhardy to do anything new on race day.

Here was the view at mile 8.36:


Check out all those solar panels!  Not pictured? The lovely spring fragrance of recently-spread manure. Ah, Vermont.

I didn’t do the Tough Mudder Suicide Prep Class at the gym this morning, figuring a long run would be enough virtue for one day.

Last night I prevailed upon The Wielder of the Drill (who, when he’s here, is Kevin, and when he’s not here, is myself) to install my bling rack. At long last.

photo (2)

The 2011 Monadnock, the 2011 Pittsburgh, and the 2010 San Diego half marathons. My goal is to have this thing so heavy it threatens to pull out of the drywall. Just give me time.

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Good for you! You're one of my new inspirations!
Sarah,Beautiful work,both in images and writing.Rated with best regards and wishes for a beautiful new month..Best regards..Sarah.
Wow wee . . Yap Not. Your Bio . . .
I walk slow. `Margaret Atwood: . . .
Solvitur ambulando
"it is solved by walking"

Walk in out. Run slow.
Walk fast. Whatever.
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