sandra wyllie

sandra wyllie
Boston, Massachusetts, usa
July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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APRIL 13, 2012 6:43AM


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Weeping tears for another.
Drowning in them I smother.
Always to carry the torch.
Upon thy skin the scorch.
Illuminating as never before.
Drilling the hole, the bore.
Succumb, I enter so deep.
Into thy mind shall creep.
Standing on his porch.
The song I sing a torch

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We can choose to transcend our past trauma and 'convert' horrible memories into painful awareness . . . Wisdom. It's the only thing we mortals can do. . .
Elevator Music - Henry Taylor
a tune with no more substance than the air,
performed on underwater instruments,
is proper to this short lift from the earth
Its hovers as we draw into ourselves
and turn our reverent eyes toward the lights
that count us to our various destinies.

We're all in this together, the song says,
and later will descend. The melody
is like a name we don't recall just now
that still keeps on insisting it is there.
I just like to bater in elevators that go:
It's fun to pop chewing gum in elevators.
Offer thee other folks 'Juicy Fruit' gum.
Take can of 'Ginger Ale' and burp 7-up.