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sandra wyllie
Boston, Massachusetts, usa
July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 6:08AM


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Year after year ye climbed uphill.
Hath nothing but determination and will.
Struggles and hardships constantly ye face.
All for love and serenity of such sublime place.
Onward and upward the air grows thin.
Casts it's mighty blow, razor-like, cuts thy skin.
Ominous, dark clouds, laborious to breathe.
Not I least protected, thrown off thy sheathe.
Eyes blind by tears; mind full of grief.
Hope is thy spirit; pure love surrender is thy belief!
Forging on, raw and naked, stripped and bare.
All in glory to reach thy summit that ye dare!
Stubborn perseverance thy welded foothold.
To be audacious in face of danger, so bold.
Paradise awaits thee, sweetened triumphant thrill.
Golden gaits open, harps melodiously fill.
To meet thy maker, tis worthy an arduous climb.....uphill.

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Yesterday morn I was very groggy . . .
a bit
I vowed to change habits, and take back roads Home. You understand . . .
Sometimes it's wise to sit in Romeo's (that's an Italian eatery in in PA. Beware . . .
Romeo's is a great family diner in Mercersburg, PA - the danger state commonwealth . . .
In Waynesboro PA the CEO calls the local police (they seemed nice and one cop quoted W.S.
I never shoot my gun off.
I can't find a old shotgun.
It was my deceased Dads.
He gave it to me as a Gift.
It was a pitted boor rifle.
Maybe the FBI stole that?
I just discovered the features:
On our blog at to top (hell ay?)
Hell . . .
The features help reread blogs.
Readers can see who Befriended.
My Favorite buttons are Broken.
No Buttons have ever been Fixed.
I get Wary and Weary. Why Fret?
No creep will change Skunk Spots.
Nature changes by a `Divine Grace.
I Broke Vows`Gin. I was gonna read:
Wisdom Lit and light a 'Camel' smoke.
tease . . .
I am old enough to puff what I wish to.
I no smoke or drink trucking UPHILL.
I rarely drank when I was forty-sex too.
You always inspire and pack insight too.
You cause some folk to dress up for hike.
huh . . .
Men might hop a city bus dressed as Lear.
I mean wear a King Lear costume in cities.
Minnie Mouse?
Donald Duck?
You Be You.
In DC Disney On Ice is in town. Visit DC?
If You are passing via my boondocks, ay?
Behind my hut - a UPHILL mountain knob.
Once at a Peak You see the Potomac River,
Cumberland Valley, and off into the PA's
The beauty area is called The Tri-State Area.
You are within a few miles of PA. MD, W.V..
Serious. Gorgeous.
I mean the Landscape.
You're that within too.
Bring the geezer too?
We'll read Silverstein?
I'm back into `Alice L..
Alice Liddel ay, Beauty.
The book ref `Adventures
I think is a must read.
Thanks for toleration.

Maybe I'll read Ben
Railton, and others
who Befriended me.
Precedent Day Sale
Sale continues until
Easter Day Bunnies

No buy Warehouse
Discount Flea Bed
Bugged by the FBI
Eric Holder is busy
He Investigate bank
He be jailed in a bank
Talk to Waynesboro
Magistrate ref bank,
CEO, D.A., threats,
and GOP crooks . . .
have a nice walk
watch clouds pass
Mind needs peace

We can be pretending we are ex-Pessimist.
You can go on a journey with a old Geezer.
Pilgrim's Progress is a Allegory from Jail.
FREEDOM RINGS, to Art James thee shall bring.
A mortal man whose mouth thus ran.
Tis in thy making and for thy taking.
Ye aching with need.......
Ponderous, intellect mind hath proceed......
Open to ye each and every door.....
For ART, thou to explore!
Oh, gaud . . . mei culpa
I bow mu heart slightly
behave . . .
I recall another woman
smile . . .
six months pregnant
slugging a stranger
who patted tummy
You etc., make me smile
If someone do that to me
I send virtues your way
It's a slow walk day
I'll watch clouds
above is a typo

No sax, sex
pure intention
a Sanskrit name
in court wear a skirt
no do backflip in street
if you do summer`salts
remember to wear pants
Oh, thanks for no slugs
Snails crawl in arugula
Soon morels pop up
That's a fun tra-la la
beware of tech-bugs
No harm will befall
Walk in the Light
The days are Evil
Good incarnate . . .