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Robert Haasch
San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA
January 21
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Robert is a freelance photographer living near Phoenix, Arizona. He has been taking photos most of his life. Recently he has been documenting the various political events surrounding the passing of Arizona's anti-migrant law, SB1070. For the past few years, he has been covering a variety of rallies and important events. His photographs can be viewed and purchased for personal and commercial use at His work can also be viewed on articles at the Desert Free Press based in Arizona.

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MAY 5, 2012 2:28PM

Popular Rock Band Mana Breaks Arizona Sound Strike

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Protestors hold up signs to protest ManÒÂÃÒÒÂÒá. 

¡La Huelga del Pueblo Sigue! The musical group Maná visited Phoenix, Arizona Friday night. Members of Comites del Defensa del Barrio protested outside US Airways Center because the band broke the sound strike imposed after the passing of Arizona's anti-migrant law, SB1070.

According to community organizer Sal Reza, "The boycott in Arizona continues. Maná said everything was okay in Arizona right now. Well we know that SB1070 is being heard at the Supreme Court because it was taken by our governor and the state because they want to make it national.

Sal continued, "Instead of coming and bringing money into the state, they should be staying away from the state. Everything they leave here, from this concert and the taxes, goes toward the persecution of our people. The police have become just like Arpaio now.

"Instead of sending the message to the state to stop this nonsense, what they are doing is saying everything is okay. Corona beer and their distributors are basically breaking the boycott, to create things, and to let everything that is going on right now to stay as it is, promote the hate against us, and to deport us.

When asked how long the boycott would be continuing, Sal replied, "Until SB1070 is repealed." In response to what he thought the Supreme Court might decide, Sal stated, "What we are afraid of is that portions of it are going to become national law and that means that every state in the United States will have the option, and possibly in the future make it mandatory to basically ask everybody for papers. We are getting closer to a police state."

"We tried for the last three months and they always blocked us," Sal replied when asked if the band had responded to their requests. "They don't care. They are going to play anyway. Just like Corona beer doesn't care. They say they are with the community but at the same time they are promoting the situation as it is today here."

All of you break the sound strike, but our voice is stronger.

All of you break the sound strike, but our voice is stronger. 

Thousands of people streamed past the bullhorns and into US Airways Center for two hours prior to the concert. A lot of people took the handout being offered to them, but many more awkwardly ignored the protest and scurried by as quickly as they could.

The concert appeared to be sold out. Tickets were unavailable from Ticketmaster and only fifty tickets were available on StubHub the morning before the concert. Good seats were available on the reseller website going from $175 all the way up to several hundred dollars per seat.

Maná is very popular and is currently in the middle of their 2012 tour promoting their new album Drama y Luz. This is their eighth album featuring the hit single Lluvia al Corazón. The album placed number five on the Billboard 200 charts when it released a year ago in March 2011.

(More Photos:


Aaron Lopez describes the reason for the protest.

Sal Reza explains the protest to concert goers.

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Why does the band Mana not care?
Unbelievable. Just goes to show you that people care more about money than principles.
Thanks so much for drawing attention to this. Hopefully Mana will draw other protests on their tour.