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SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 9:53PM

I Feel The Lack Of You

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I feel the lack of you
When I have some small repairs
That need to be done
But I lack the extra pair of hands
I need to do the job.

I feel the lack of you.

I feel the lack of you
When I’ve had it up to here
With the everyday bullshit
And I need someone
To listen to me blowing off steam

I feel the lack of you

I feel the lack of you
When some low blow
Has laid me out
And I need someone
To pull me up again

I feel the lack of you

So the house crumbles
The car falls apart,
Dreams fade
Nightmares return
I feel the lack of you

I feel the lack of you
Until with sudden silent understanding
I know as much as I feel the lack of you
I was the friend you never had either
And we feel the lack of each other.

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poetry mark trost

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beautiful, poignant, sad, and FIRST. RRRRR
This was written in response to Mark Trost's post today.
You have no lack of fine prose.....Sagemerlin
Now I need to go read Mark's. I'm sort of afraid to.
I like this. But I'm going to have to think about it. It isn't as small as it seems!
I like this poem on its own, independent of any reference. It has a universal recognition to it. ~r
Heavy on the lamentation
Rated and liked it... great lyric... now Im off to Mark´s but with my heart all melted Im not so sure I can take it

Such an amazing poem, the depth and breadth seem to bring us to a greater loss, the lack of someone - amazing.
I should have known better. I wish I didn't understand this, but I really do. I have been homesick far too long.
Im back here where this full of emotions night started. Thank you for leading me to Mark though I came too late to enjoy him like you guys have. Thank you again. I owe you one. Really

Hugs and love of course
Beautiful, poignant and understanding. Mark will be missed here.
This is one of your finest poems I have ever read. I really liked this. A lot.
Wonderful. I read Mark's and saw your response that his post inspired this one. A true friend is such an important part of life. I wish one for everyone.
Oh man! I came back to read this one again... so wonderful... so magical... I feel emotional inside...
You are magical Alan