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Safe_Bet's Amy
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June 06
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JUNE 14, 2010 12:47PM

The Safe_Bet Project - (Update)

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In honor of my late wife Suzy / Safe_Bet, I’ve begun collecting posts in support of LGBTQI equality.   We in the community have a huge number of very talented heterosexual Allies (the A in LGBTQIA).  Here are their stories, posts and opinions.

 If you are a member of the LGBTQIA community I hope you will find these posts supportive, reassuring and motivational.  If you are a member of the heterosexual community, and are not yet an Ally, I hope these post give you pause and help you decide to support our cause. 

Once a month or so, I get to select a post to be republished at Our Big Gayborhood, full of talented, thoughtful, and creative writers who speak about LGBTQIA life.  Do you want to be the ones who gets heard?  (Sure you do!).  If so, you can find the writing guideline here .  



The Safe_Bet Project is endosed by

"Our Big Gayborhood ~  Where The Queers Write ~ provides a fresh slice of LGBTQIA life in the Internet-wilderness by bringing you a diverse powerhouse of smart & sassy queer and ally writers who each share their own particular experiences with an audience as varied as the writing team itself.  It’s not a political site, though we talk about politics.  It’s not an entertainment news site, though we interview some of the top names in queer culture.  It’s not a personal blog, though each writer spins their own personal web of words on issues and events from coming out to relationships to our history to equality and justice.  Our Big Gayborhood presents a dynamic, poignant and snarky outlook on queer life you won't find anywhere else.  The site is co-edited by Lori Hahn and Margo Moon."


Our Newest Contributors:




Renatta Laundry - A  libation for those our silence killed


Lee wicks 

Wickswords - When Lesbian Vegetarians Decide to Raise Chickens



Shirl - Why Should This Be?



Mark R. Trost - Hooking Up: It's Always A Question Of Pride

and  A Civil Argument: Gay Marriage



Junk1 - A Fag Hag's Crush on the Queen of the Queers


Joan H 

Joan H. - Beads, Bonding And Capital Pride


Thank each and every one of you. 

We respect and care about you too!


Now go and read the rest


of these great posts HERE!

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I too am honored to be part of this. Thanks Amy.
Awesome posts and an awesome project. Bless you and those who contributed!
I am happy and honored to be a part of this..._r
I'm so pleased to be a part of this project. And I'm delighted to see some of the best writers on the site have contributed great pieces. You started something fabulous.
so wonderful that you're doing this. good for you!
I'm interested in learning more. Thanks for the information.
Pls add the post I wrote several weeks back THE HETEROSEXUAL PROBLEM IN AMERICA. R.
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