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Safe_Bet's Amy
In my own little hell, Alaska,
June 06
Missing her while trying to be as good a mom as she was.

FEBRUARY 13, 2010 9:45AM

Safe_Bet's Love Notes

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She got me again, yesterday afternoon.

After Suzy started to have mobility and balance issues, we had made the room off of the kitchen into our bedroom.  That way  Suzy wouldn't have to deal with the stairs.   Yesterday, I decided to move back upstairs to the master bedroom to be closer to the girls at night.  I know it's stupid, but I still sleep holding Suzy's pillow, so I went to the linen cabinet and got a new set of sheets and pillow cases  to put on the bed.   Between the fitted and top sheet was another "Suzy Note". 

It said, "Remember!  I love you!!!!"  surrounded by hearts and Xs & Os. 

On the bottom it had a post script which read, "P.S.  Change the freak'in sheets more often will ya!" with a happy face.

The girls came out of their room to find me sitting in the hallway floor laughing and sobbing at the same time.  I was laughing because she's STILL being a Bossy Bitch and crying because I miss my Bossy Bitch so. 

I showed the note to the kids and they sat down next to me and did a little weeping and laughing themselves.  After a minute, Tina got up and ran to her room and came back with ANOTHER note. 

She said she found this one taped to the bottle of Mr. Bubbles bubble bath in the pantry.  It said, "I love you guys! :heart:  P.S.  Don't show this to your Poppi right away (although I know you're gonna! ;) ).  Till you do, this will be our special secret because I trust both of you so much."

She even knew how to make out kids feel special.


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You should frame those little notes as reminders for yourself and the girls.

That "Bossy bitch" will NEVER leave you, and you just may find more of those notes in coming days and weeks.
How wonderful! She's definitely in your home and in your hearts, isn't she?
Fuck, girl. Suzy made sure that she never really left you guys, didn't she? She's always going to be with you.

Damn. Those notes are making me cry too.
My heart just squeezed for you all.
Sweet. Much love to you and the girls.
That is fantastic. It makes me cheery and sorrowful at the same time, too. I have to say, I have always thought that if someone knew their path like Suzy did, hidden notes could mean so much (I actually already have some hidden my for my girls, just in case). I absolutely love hearing about them, so please keep telling us. It helps us, too.

By the way, I've been meaning to say - there is nothing stupid (wow, not at ALL) about sleeping with Suzy's pillow. I would do the same.

And the song - I love learning new music and this song is just beautiful. Huge ending. PLEASE, please keep sharing all of this, Amy. You're amazing.
An amazing woman. Thank you for sharing this.
What a great thing she did to leave those notes around. I love it!
A loving heart and a conniving mind is a wonderful combination. I suspect you will continue to find her love for you in written form, and I suspect every time you find it, you will feel love in ways you cannot imagine.
Yes frame them or place them in a book. What a sweet, wonderful woman she was. I love the notes left behind. How beautiful and loving. Thank you for sharing them here with us, I know it must be so hard.
Love to you and your daughters. It isn't stupid to sleep with Suzy's's very normal...xox
You have the makings of a keeper of a scrapbook here!!! I was laughing and crying with you. Sleep with the pillow as long as you need it!
Suzy was an amazing person who knew just what to say to cheer a person up. Back when I was going through a bad break up, she offered to use the "Lesbian Death Curse" on him for me. I told her that I was better and it was okay. This was her response that I found I still had in my mailbox.

"K, glad to know that its getting better, but uber hugs anyway.

Seeing as how you don't want the Lesbian Death Curse, I'll lend you my Lesbian Dick Shriveler Hex to use the next time you see a posting from him. Every time you use it he'll lose an inch. Most guys get the hint before they go into the negative... most guys..."

She made me laugh so hard because the next time she saw a post by him, she actually posted the Hex! It is one of those moments during a difficult time that shine in my memory. You never forget someone like Suzy.

"Uber hugs" to you and the girls.
I'm sorry I missed this before, but glad I caught it now! The "Bossy Bitch" ain't goin' anywhere . . . she's one smart woman. She chose you, didn't she? Smart girl.
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