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FEBRUARY 10, 2010 12:57AM

Poetry for Valentines

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  My Suzy wrote all of these for me.  She is and always will be my Valentine.


True Love

True love?
My boi in a dress
hating it, for me

True love?
My girls holding hands
untainted, big smiles

True love?
My lover’s touch
no reason, just cuz

True love?
My imps trying so hard
little ladies, unnatural

True love?
My eyes leaking pure joy
watching, adoring




First Taste

She plucked me
from amongst the others
Like Eve plucked the apple
from amongst the blossoms

Juice ran down Eve’s chin
when she took that first bite
Now my juices run free
sweet as the first taste
of forbidden fruit

She that saved me from myself
granted me the right to love
and made me her altar
as she became my goddess.




Cat stretching;
sleepy eyes open.
Drowsy smile
crosses cherished lips.
Tousled morning hair
plays across her face.
Innate rapture
In her arms
I partake of love.



  And of course, I am going to include my favorite poem she ever wrote.


 Frog Princess

Like a princess who kisses frogs,
just because they are beautiful;
my life is for few.

As a square peg in a world of rounds;
the rare fit is sweeter.
Fewer chances; greater risks.

The kiss did once work magic.
No prince appeared;
the princess became the frog.

Now square pegs fit perfectly;
two frog princesses frolicking in the pond.

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing these with us. Thank you for staying.
These are amazing.

Thank you for sharing this small piece of you and her with us
thanks for letting us read these, frog princess. amazing.
I'm so glad that you are here/ You belong!
Frog princesses! That's my favorite too! These are wonderful and very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing them, and her.
Love shared through poetry is a breathtaking thing.
How lovely that Suzy shared it with you and how kind of you to share it with us, Amy.
I'm cracking up.
And avatars with comments are hilarious.
Cubist (huh?) masterpieces (huh?) alright.
I'm no easel guy.
I made kitchen furniture.
Mennonites come for bread.
Some come to sponge mead.
I soak kitchen sponge in rum.
silly day.
glad alive.
I can see why "Frog Princess" is your favorite, although all of them are soooo Suzy (and you) . . . beautiful people, beautiful love . . . thank you for sharing these . . .
Truly beautiful. She was gifted with words. These are a treasure.
two frogs kissing, not missing a thing. lovely. thanks.
She knew that writing from the heart was where it was at. Everything she wrote, she put her heart and soul in it, you could tell as soon as you read the first line.

Thanks, Amy. These are exquisite, and I understand why "Frog Princess" would be your favorite.
The Frog Princess is magnificent, and so is the Morning. Each morning like that should be counted as a blessing.
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