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October 14
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NOVEMBER 3, 2009 10:06AM

This Is How East Van Parties

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East hastings vancouver

According to a recent United Nations Population Fund report, Vancouver's Downtown Eastside "is home to a hepatitis C (HCV) rate of just below 70 per cent and an HIV prevalence rate of an estimated 30 per cent -- the same as Botswana's."

Now just looking at that pile of trash makes me a little uneasy, but no more than having to walk anywhere near this area of my hometown. For those of you visting during the 2010 Olympics you might get a gympse of this depending on how well they cattle the bums into some unseen location. If you do however see the filth and sadness that is East Hastings, make sure you let our authorities know we need to actually do something about it. 

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That is truly disturbing. No other word for it really, is there?
FAIL comes to mind. Year after year someone drums up some short lived lets work on the east side campaign to get elected yet it keeps getting worse.

I guess the truth is no one in power gives a shit anymore.
Look at it this way, in many other countries the authorities would drive out all the residents of this district, bulldoze it, and build an Olympic venue on top of it.
Summer of 1986 I stayed in a flophouse in East Vancouver that had been temporarily converted to a 'tourist hotel' for Expo 86, which made me appreciate this post all the more. There was a temporary whitewash then, hard to accomplish.