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JANUARY 3, 2011 11:55AM


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Der Triumph der Scheiße




It seems that there are many world views out there among the masses. Rich, middle class, poor, east-coast, west coast, north, south, midwest, et cetera....

 Yet many of these ideas or worldviews seem like total shit to me. They are un-analytical, non-rigorous, non-thoughtful, emotional and stupid. Feng Shui, magnetic anti-cancer wristbands, belief in ghosts, angels hiding under our bed and similar such nonsense. The rich and the respectable laugh at the poor and the common folks for partaking of this stuff and peddling it to others.

But is this not hypocrisy? This stuff is silly, but the CRAP PEDDLED BY THE RICH IS FAR WORSE.

NONE of those above-listed ideas are as stupid, moronic or indefensible as the totally IDIOTIC IDEA that the rich and powerful are somehow BETTER THAN US. That their ideas are better, that their interests are more worthwhile and deserving of government protection. That their styles and interests, that the fashions and clothing they wear, the food they eat, the wine they drink, the places they "summer" or vacation are any better than those utilized by the common folks.

That they have persuaded us that they and their interests are superior, this is something I call the TRIUMPH OF THE STOOL. It is a triumph for them, because they are persuading us that their shit is something we should all desire to hold and be in union with.

People like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians, companies like Coach and Cartier, these are among the biggest producers of Materialistic and Ideological Stool in the world today. The greatest irony of it all is that they seem like the nicest and least smelly things around. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful and highly desirable. BUT BEWARE. They are shitty to the core.

They promote SHITTY IDEAS and a SHITTY WORLDVIEW. All these ideas are total SHIT. As a country, we are actually covered in shit. We can't get it off of us. Everybody promises to hose the nation down and give us a good scrubbing, but year after year we find ourselves covered in even greater piles of excrement and the stench keeps getting bigger and the BIG LIES of the super-rich shit-makers are getting more bold and more false with each passing day. We are suffering from a GREAT NATIONAL ILLNESS OF IDEOLOGICAL AND ETHICAL INCONTINENCE as a result.

Do you want to know the greatest secret I have uncovered in my brief years of living and learning? HERE IT IS:

The Shit on the top is just as stupid and idiotic as the shit on the bottom.  The only difference is that the Rich persuade us that their shit is delectable chocolate mousse.

 However, if you get close to their "chocolate mousse" if you smell it and taste it----THEN you will see that this MOUSSE is nothing but a MYTH.

Once you realize the true nature of the MOUSSE MYTH and see that the nonsense of the Rich is just as WORTHLESS AND STUPID and SHITTY as the nonsense of the poor and the Middle Classes, THEN YOUR EYES WILL OPEN.

With Open Eyes and Protected Nostrils, you can then wade directly into the shit, even if it is up to your waist. Once there, you can start shifting among the shit and look for something useful, like some accidentally digested coins or jewlery. And then you can use these trinkets to buy yourself a nice GRILLED SALMON.

Too long have we been covered in shit and exposed to other people's Shittiness.

The Political has irrevocably been transformed into the Scatological. No ideology or philosophy is sensible unless it takes notice of this singular truth.

How can you reform Shit? The Democrats don't wish to remove the shittiness of our government or economy as much as they want to make a deal with DIAPER MANUFACTURERS, so we can manage and deal with the shit, and make its clean-up somewhat more orderly. BUT THEY DO NOTHING FOR THE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC INCONTINENCE THAT IS DESTROYING US. The virus, the cholera, the nasty bug remains inside our great national gut and we need MAJOR LEFT WING MEDICINE to purge it from our system ONCE AND FOR ALL!

But in addition to curing this nasty incontinence, we must also WASH IT AWAY. Finding new uses for it, like toothpaste, hair-gel, skin-products and mushy/viscous baths, these things will not work.



BTW: Wikipedia says the above picture is the "Bristol Stool Chart." I, however, think it is a group photo of our leading Congressmen and Movie Stars. Which one is John Boehner?

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Comments from a regular guy.
Well I agree that we all shit but I think we need to embrace the shit and take ownership of our shit...because we can clean all we want there will still be more shit.
regular guy from all sides of the tracks, and it is all the same, good, bad, and ugly, but, hypocrisy being the tribute that vice pays to virtue, let our social betters rule us, if they do so with a nice velvet glove over the iron mace.
When I saw the title of your blog I thought it would be a treatise about labor triumphs like workers being able to sit down...boy was I wrong. I don't know about washing it all into the ocean. I love the ocean and don't want untreated sewage flowing in there like it does in Tijuana. I don't know how to comment. Stuff is stuff. I always thought it was interesting that the very rich and the very poor both like football and beer. Don't know what it means.

Janice---the ocean comment was metaphorical. I wish to wash their materialistic "ideas" into the ocean...
I was joking...I knew it was metaphorical.
You got my attention. You can put a tuxedo on a turd, but it's still shit on the inside. I agree that there is a myth about the wealthy that should be destroyed. This insane notion that they are so much more deserving than the rest of us is pure propaganda that goes back as far as recorded history. The fact is that most of these people were simply born into their environment and circumstance. Not to say that there aren't exceptional people among the rich, but given the same circumstance, I think many "ordinary" people can perform just as well, if not better, as most of them.
Oh, and Boehner is likely a 5 or 6.
"NONE of those above-listed ideas are as stupid, moronic or indefensible as the totally IDIOTIC IDEA that the rich and powerful are somehow BETTER THAN US."

From the standpoint of the rich, that idea is anything but moronic or indefensible. It has helped to keep them in control of the levers of power in this country for over two centuries now, and in recent decades that control has been growing ever more absolute. Seems like a pretty effective idea to me. As long as we acquiesce to a system that valuates a person based on how much money they have we are deserving of every variety of shit we eat. One could in fact make a case that the average American prefers a diet of shit, as long as it's sweetened with baubles such as cable television and flashy SUVs and meaningless elections and a ludicrous belief in our national *exceptionalism.*
Boehner is 7. I am sure he just gonna spray it as far as he can. The chart is amazing. I think it would appeal more to the masses if the stuff was green. Bright Kelly green.
Michael Rogers: You're absolutely right. The CEOS and Congressmen are worse than empty suits. They're giant suit-wearing turds. Dripping pieces of poop steaming inside of a soiled silk stocking.
nanatehay: you are right. From their perspective, it is the most amazingly persuasive propaganda con-artist trick in human history.

They have persuaded all of us that eating feces is not only tasty, but good for us as well!
Sheila: I agree with you about Boehner. He is most definately number 7. He is very slimy and wet, due to his oleagenous moral compass and propensity for crying. He is moist, damp, dank and musty with a foul odor permeating his very being. THE FOUL ODOR OF GREED AND BRAZEN PROSTITUTION TO THE MALEFACTORS OF GREAT WEALTH.

Not to mention the fact that he is, metaphorically speaking, quite full of shit as well.
The structure is a pyramid and they are at the top. If you were at the top, you'd think, believe and act exactly the same. Build a greed capitalism pyramid or a silly socialist one. It doesn't matter - a pile of shit by any other name would smell as bad.

You won't solve anything by building another pyramid to replace the one we have. A pyramid is a pyramid is a pyramid. You do not need different people at the top you need a different structure. One, perhaps, where the authority and power flow from side to side equally instead of up and down.

With the right structure, shit becomes fertilizer and of value.
Skypixie: I agree 100%
Well, how do you make an intelligent comment here without praising this post on shit.
I have to admit laughing here at it all and agreeing that the rich have as smelly shit as anyone.
To think we, the people, are supposed to be happy with the crumbs that fall from their ever lovin' asses is more than I can stomach.
And now the new congress will come in and the new variety show/ same old shit will be playing on the media 24/7....
Let the shit show begin. And may we all remember this is pure shit fueled by greed.
So, in the years when countries were run by religious authorities, did we talk about Holy Shit?
I sometimes think that if God was going to give the world an enema, the arsehole would be somewhere here in North America....
Well, yuck! What a pile of crap! :-)

"How can you reform Shit?" All anyone can do is change its form. It might be easier to *take* once in a while, but it is still shit.

With a nod to brother nantehay, I'd like to add it is to the credit of the rich that we let them.
Another good reason to cease Tv watching nd start doing some hardcor research. (sorry-hands again).
better to 'fess up than pretend.
hypocrisy is always crap.
who does the peddling makes the difference.
type 6 is sarah palin.
just sayin'.
Competition, dominance, aggression: these are hardwired into the human creature, and have served our evolution and our survival. I don't know how one might expect to divest human beings of such qualities. I see sports as a means by which society has organized a kind of 'escape valve' for excesses of competition, but there is so much excess that sports have become a megacorporation.

That being said, I do see cooperation and altruism as hardwired into the human creature as well. I guess it's a matter of where each individual falls on the scale of competition vs altruism? The devaluation of organized religion has eliminated much of the thrust behind the altruistic spirit; religion has come to appear too equivocal in it's motivations.
Wonderful post, I really love the visuals. The only thing I disagree with is that Angels don't hide under beds, monsters do. Angels fly.
rated with love
How do you know angels are not hiding under your bed there are 10 or 11 other dimensions? At first I thought you posted a chart on the effect of words in the material world.
Mission: We Progressives must be like Pink0 Pepto Bismol, because the nasty shit fears us, and is afraid we will flush it down the toilet. This must be why the GOP is so afraid of Pinko Socialists, or even those who wear pink. It reminds them of Pepto Bismol.

Sal: Holy Shit is the nonsense propagated by a theocracy. YES INDEED

L: Re-forming shit is artistically possible but not hygenically recommended. I suggest we flush it all down the toilet.

Poor Woman: I, too, watch little tv. Sometimes I do, though, so I can see what kind of propaganda is out there and how best to counter it. I also like the Simpsons, South Park and the Family Guy. Also Mad Men and Star Trek. 8)

JW: thankyouverymuch

Cyril the Gnome: it does look a great deal like her, I agree. Very fluffy without much substance

B Redux: An enema in America would be a very messy affair, but perhaps needed. We need a macro-level politico-economic Fleet Prep Kit to accomplish this nasty task!
Bachelor: altruism and aggression by the common folk often erupt in ways that hurt the rich. 1789 and 1917 come to mind....sometimes, shit pisses people off and they throw it back at the faces of the Elitist Scheisse-Meisters who poop it.

Mr. Breschard: thank you. I am quite "regular," thanks to this article...lol

Snarky: I will not embrace anybody's shit. Cow manure, yes, but not human excrement tossed at me. Am old cowboy said it best, "Don't piss on my back and tell me its raining."

Poet: I threw the angel under my bed because it was bossy and was giving me too many orders.

Jack: this chart can represent those things, too. It can also be interpreted as a group portrait of N'Synch or the Backstreet Boys.
Don: I dont like shit that comes from upstream. It messes up all the water.
Oh, me! Pick me! John Boehner is shit types 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7, depending on which day of the week it is! Am I right? Did I get it right?

I agree with you. Unfortunately, I think it may take this septic tank imploding before a proper colon cleanse can be done.
I just finished posting about a yogurt that's supposed to help with regularity. So I've got nothing to add except crap is crap. From both sides of the aisle.
The philosophy of Greed Capitalism says that we are all aggressive and greedy and want it all for ourself. In order to support this inhuman attitude those on the top have advanced the idea that they are just "better competitors" than all others. And they've got a whole lot of people believing that shit.

Sit down a moment; take a deep breath. You ready?

We are NOT by nature all greedy bastards who would fuck our mother for a nickel!!

We ARE however, TAUGHT to be that way by the society we live in. A society, may I remind you, that once DID NOT espouse greed as a basic part of its philosophy. It espoused taking advantage of every opportunity to financially better ones self. It was presumed that all of us had pretty much the same chance to do so. Some people did exactly that. They did it so well, in fact, that they left their children huge fortunes.

This is where the shit hit the fan. With the wealth tied up in a few hands and lesser opportunities for "getting a piece of the pie" for the have-nots, it became obvious that there were a great many people who could never, by their own efforts, get a "fair share" of the wealth of the nation.

The "born into wealth" felt the sting of approbation and, in order to justify their inherited wealth, proclaimed that "since a man had the right to do with his wealth what he wished", they had every right to that wealth without having worked for it at all, because "daddy left it to me".

I would contend that since that wealth was derived from the efforts of a whole society, NOT just by one who managed to amass it, that it belongs to the whole society upon the death of he who cornered it. Since I don't follow the socialist philosophy that it belongs to society in general, (to be managed by an elite of socialists) it ought to be shared up as birthright inheritances among the children as they are born. All children; the children of the rich and the children of the rest of us. With none getting more than any other. This puts all at the same starting point in life. Once we are all staring from the same point, why - "Let The Game Begin"!!

When capitalism is organized and regulated to provide the greatest opportunity for everyone, it works beautifully. It is only when too much wealth is cornered by too few that it breaks down. That has happened to us and we see the results today. We need to re-design our system from the bottom to the top in order to make it once again fair to everyone.
hey rw dude. thought I would drop by after all the commotion died down. I like your posts because you tend to write like a prosecutor would speak at a trial. now, we all know what would happen if you spoke like this at a trial. even though a jury might not disagree with you, there would be no verdict returned due to a hung jury, probably. there is such a thing as speaking too bluntly, and Im astonished to say, here I am telling you that you've exceeded the line. are you unemployed? this sounds like you are. the problem with extremist rantings is that it tends to obfuscate/distort/hide the core message, which is indeed critical. so I say, keep your eyes on the prize. there is a way to further your valid case among the unwashed masses without offending the masses at the same time. its all in what psychologists call "framing" or "reframing". I would reserve this kind of massive oratory firepower above for particular villains once they are fully identified. unfortunately the real shadowy "graymen" screwing the world are still largely faceless and anonymous.
and by the way, what a juxtaposition with your post analyzing the history of rome and the basic reasons for its downfall. which could easily be published in any reputable history journal. shew. is this the same guy?! ok, well, I admit blogs are like that sometimes. split personalities.
as the vernacular goes, who p*ssed in your cornflakes this morning?

VZN: Yes, I am aware of all the persuasion techniques you mention. But this wasn't written for an audience, as much as it was written for me.

You know how it is...

VZN: thanks for the Prosecutor-compliment. Its interesting to see how others view my "normal" and "non-silly" writing style.

I am a man of contrasts!
heres the deal... it does indeed mess up your day if you step in "human excrement". so to speak.
however, there are much darker things in the universe to look out for.
real villians.
in my opinion, there are psychopaths on the loose who would make ted bundy look like a schoolteacher.
so, try looking out for them.
I know Im being mysterious here.
Ill give you one hint:
1 + 1 != 3