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MARCH 7, 2011 4:51PM

Writing to break the silence

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A friend once told me to write when I'm inspired, write when I'm not inspired.  Today would be one of the latter days.  In fact, for the past few days I have either sat down to write and not gotten anywhere, or just plain avoided the subject altogether.  I feel my fervor for writing beginning to wane and it scares me.  My mantra in the past has always been, when the going gets tough, Ben finds another hobby.  How can I avoid this seemingly cyclical process?

I guess it all starts with having a little more compassion for myself.  After all, I am 23 years old, working two jobs and taking three classes and a state university.  Diligence has never been my strong suit, but if I strive to make a practice of doing this daily it will become easier.

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you work like a lion and still complaining?! see you have broken the silence. the title alone steals the show I think. take care.
You probably don't think that you don't have any subject matter, when in fact you do. Start reading some of the other bloggers on OS and you will realize that just about anything, written well, can give the reader a new perspective. Check out some of mine. They are all over the place!! rated~
You've come to the page and made a start. Sometimes that is the hardest of all. I wonder what you might write about the silence that you hear, about the silence that you seek to break.
It will become easier. You are working hard in many areas of your life, but you have an audience here who is eager to hear what you have to say. Write when you have the time and inclination - there is no pressure just support.
It doesn't have to be long: just do the word-work. Builds muscle.
Shoroshi is me :) I didnt like the way the links were functioning so I discarded it
I was one of the first persons to have read and rated and favourited you here :) as is my usual way around here. I blogscout for the "best", looking for the "good" and the "new" and "unusual" - I walk the unbeaten tracks - you wd get to know me by and by. most of these people on your list came in while I and my friends were away and they do not know me or the way it was in the hey days of OS :) bye