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APRIL 15, 2010 1:26PM

Eat Your Hearts Out, Teabaggers, We've Got Clowns

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The teabaggers will be out in force today to show off their personal arsenals, object to the Obama tax cuts on the middle class, and protest unconstitutional government handouts to people who aren't them.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of coverage in all the media, including here on OS.

I just wanted to call attention to another movement for justice that's been going on here in my beloved home town of Sonoma, California.

For much of the last year, battle lines were drawn between the operators of the local Farmers' Market and a dissident group who felt that the market was being managed to the advantage of a privileged group of insiders.  If you want to follow the whole sordid history, check the archives of the Sonoma Index-Tribune.  To make a long story short, the market re-opened this month for the summer season under the same leadership, but with concessions to the dissidents, and everyone involved is feeling very sensitive to perceived slights and in-group politics.

At last week's market, a local clown named Peace Lady was given a police escort off the premises at the request of market officials because she hadn't jumped through the right hoops to be a properly licensed entertainer.  Battle lines were redrawn, with the civil rights of clowns and eccentric dressers the burning issue.  Again, the Sonoma I-T has full coverage, complete with terrific online comments.

This week, the clowns struck back:

F**k teabaggers, here in Sonoma we know how to do protest right.  And we also do a kick-ass Fourth of July celebration.

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Wonderful Roy...Somona is not the only place where you can't push Clowns around! Any Rodeo Cowboy will tell you...they save lives!

Thanks for a great post!
Does this put things into perspective, or what?

who knew Skanky the Clown was a way cool organizer?
Roy this warmed my California-born heart. Wish I could have been there to dance along with the clowns!
Can these guys get rallied to stage a counter-protest at a tea party?
I am glad to know that "You can't push clowns around Sonoma" which is my new favorite quote of the year...
Clownbaggers. Doesn't have the same ring.
one of the many things to love about Sonoma...
I was struck by how much the clown reminded me of the Teabaggers, tho I suspect the clowns are making their opponents look ridiculous rather than making themselves look ridiculous as are the Baggers, Birthers and Birchers.
God, I love this state! This is so cool! Of course, I was a little disappointed when the clowns got out of a bus instead of a tiny little car...
Reinforcing the stereotype that, in California, all politics is loco.
I may be one who generally holds clowns in disdain as being only marginally more interesting than (shudder) mimes, but I admire the way Sonomans fought for their right to clown around (there may be hope for the right to pursue happiness yet)! I actually use the old Stealer's Wheel line "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right..." as a virtual compass to navigate the modern political loonscape.
I hate clowns. But they just earned points in my book.
I prefer clowns to tea baggers any day. But most of all I love Sonoma.
I loved this...thanks for sharing ...not all of CA is nuts.
Thanks everyone who's dropped by and left footprints, this was just too much fun not to share, kudos to the Sonoma Index-Tribune which has been covering this story with total journalistic integrity

Gary, thanks for the reminder of how important these clowns are as public safety officers

Rick, yes, and it's the perspective you see in a funhouse mirror

Chuck, do you think there's a Saul Alinsky connection here? Was Obama secretly pallin' around with humorists?

Dr. Susanne, glad you enjoyed this

Myriad, the politics around the farmers' market management and the clown liberation movement are divisive enough without bringing in the 'baggers

Dr Spud, a memorable battle cry indeed

"hello" liar, that's a great visual -- clownbagger

Nikki, Sonoma loves you back

Tom, the clowns are definitely winning, which is an embarassing loss for the market officials, there's as much drama here as on Capitol Hill, and I haven't even mentioned the controversy over the dance academy

suzie, I'm amazed Skanky didn't think of tiny-car gag, it could have gotten press coverage all the way up in Santa Rosa

Stacey, loco indeed

Fred H, I think you've got a good compass there

sweetfeet, I'm glad to see you're not letting personal prejudice get in the way of justice for clowns

emma, Sonoma loves you back 2

Buffy, "not all of CA is nuts"? I don't know how to take that

Thanks again everybody, seeya'll round the os
I tried to comment earlier: I love this, especially with the clowns arriving to do their regular shopping as normal citizens! This is a priceless post!
oh man! this was great!!! you cannot fuck with a clown - especially that skanky! xx a
I saw the tail end of a tea party rally here in my city yesterday, and what with all the flair and decorated motorcycle vests and brightly colored hats and signs, I think some of those folks are envious of our clowns. :-)
You Sonomans have the right idea. If there were a "Foodie Party" I'd fly to be there!
Oh Token! if I didn't know you were clowning I'd think you were trying to be "more literate than thou" (certainly more literate than me, I had to look up Zoyd Wheeler) ;^)

x xl, clowns need to shop too, and they shouldn't be discriminated against just because they dress like, well, clowns!

akopsa, I certainly wouldn't fuck with Skanky, but then I just don't swing clownward

rob, I'll see your 'baggers and raise you two clowns, we got you beat on the board

Lea, Sonoma is a perpetual foodie party, didn'cha know?

Stellaa, these clowns want more than just love, they want R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Can we borrow some of Sonoma's clowns?
Send in the clowns! Yeah, that would scare me straight. (Clowns freak me out.)

loved this, Roy - thanks for sharing it.
Token, nudge, nudge, say n'more

Pro, you can borrow some but you might have to negotiate for them with Skanky

Silk, you're always welcome, glad you enjoyed it, hope it didn't scare you too bad
I love this post. You really convey the wonderful randomness of the Bay Area layered on top of our political seriousness.