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North Carolina,
June 28
Buddhist, seeking, awakening... Currently spending much of my time swinging wildly between hope and fear.


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APRIL 27, 2010 2:28PM

Evening's Gate

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For so long, wanting to find love, waiting to be loved, thinking only through a man's love would my life begin.

Then work became my All, on its altar I sacrificed my energy and my joy, for how long can you steep yourself in the misery of others without it coloring how you see?

 Now I stand on another threshold, seeing the years ahead grow short and wondering how much time is left, and how will I spend its precious wealth on what remains?

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This was beautiful, hopeful, bittersweet, and wonderfully succinct, Thank you so much for sharing it.

Rated and appreciated.
I love the Zen perspective here. The third sentence embraces ALL life, not just your own.
Written with a tender understanding of yourself..hard to accomplish
Dennis, thank you for hearing this at such a deep level.

Cartouche, YES! At this stage in life, it opens out to include so much more than just "i".

Harry, I know you do and I am grateful that you're out there.

Rita... Your comment has such richness to it. Thank you for coming by.
Absolutely precious!
Early misdirection. I hope it leads to later enlightenment. I hope in the coming years you can come up with a fourth sentence that ends in contentment.
It is said that without death we would lose our love of meaning. It seems as twilight approaches you have found your path to it.