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FEBRUARY 20, 2012 11:11PM

Rick SATANorum's "Sly Lies" & Sociopathic Political Theology

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As a Jesuit trained Catholic, I'm appalled at the willingness of Rick SATANorum to convert the sin, "THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS" into a virtue when it comes to lying about Obama and portraying him in a false and negative light.

But then again, this type of sociopathic "serial sinning" has been the "craze" among "Christian Conservatives" since before Day One of Obama's Presidency. (For more, please see my previous articles: "Crusader Christians, Tea Party Cult & the Left" and also "Why Right-Wing Christians Claim Obama As "The Antichrist").

This in part includes: Santorum and his aide, Alice Stewart's depicting Obama as promoting a "phony theology" and pursuing "radical Islamic policies;" Santorum's deceitfully sly portrayal of Obama as Hitler without using Hitler's name and as "Satan" without using Obama's name; Satanorum's use of "snob" as cowardly code for "uppity nigger" to describe Obama; his maliciously false and paranoid portrayal of Obama's helping more kids go to college as "indoctrination;" and his and his followers' lying about what they said/meant afterwards.

In the last few days, just regarding these  examples alone, the right-wing has collectively given a virtual "clinic" on the "bearing of false witness," cowardice, and deceit. This falls right in line with Rush Limbaugh's fiendishly clever portrayal last week of Obama's "morgage plan" as both a form of "racial reparations" and a Nazi-like attack by Obama on what Rush deceptively hinted at were "Jewish bankers," but without saying those words. And lest we forget, the constant depiction of Obama as "The Antichrist" fiendishly made by many White "Conservative Christians," which I described in one of my previous articles.

But beyond this type of rank, satanorum evil, I am also deeply concerned over the meaning of Rick Santorum's rise - i.e., to help stoke the devilish "Conservative jihad" and right-wing "religious war" being waged to impose these extremists' sharia-esque sovereignty over our country. They have hijacked Chrisitanity and the Constitution's "free exercise of religion" clause to cloak themselves in the "borrowed robes" of "moral- authority/superiority" and "liberty" to mask their agenda of privatizing the public sphere (e.g., public schools, prisons, social security, medicare, etc.) and imposing "full spectrum dominion" on both our minds and bodies (including bodily fluids, contraceptive, health, and partnership choices, zygotes, embryos, etc.).

Santorum's "bible" is the "Old Testament/Old Covenant" (and St. Paul's "Epistles from New Testament because he's the gateway to the most stoneage customs of the Old. Also, the "Book of Revelations" with its apocolyptic imagery and "rapturesque" fantasies). Because his Gospel is the "Gospel of Inequality" i.e., Ayn Rand's sociopathic "Atlas Shrugged," and NOT the Gospels of Jeus, he doesn't recognize that OBAMA'S TRUE CHRISTIANI­TY is based on the NEW COVENANT TEACHINGS OF JESUS.

Sadly, Jesus  become an "inconveni­ent truth" to the right-wing in general and Conservati­ve "Crusader Christians­" like Satanorum, Michelle Bachmann, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, et al. They portray the "poor," "sick," and "afflicted" Jesus prioritized as "moochers," "looters," and "parasites," and call "communism" the "common good" that Jesus made the manistay of his ministry.

Significantly, now it is the Lenten Season for Christians, when we are supposed to give up something of significance as we prepare for Easter's celebration of Supreme Love. However, it seems Republican "Crusader Christians" have not just given up for Lent but permanently given up ever following the example of Jesus and his admonition that we "care for the poor." Unless, by some spin of "Gingrich Logic," Republicans believe that Jesus meant that they should "seize the bodily fluids of the poor" as an example of their "care."

"Right-wing 'Crusader Christians' and their GOP/Tea Party Cult have now become  followers of Ayn Rand, an atheist and self-proclaimed Jesus hater. So now, they have not only essentially proclaimed, 'I accept John Galt as my Lord and Savior,' but also pledge allegiance to the motto of Ayn Rand's hero and psychological inspiration - the child murdering serial killer and psychopath, William Edward Hickman: 'WHAT'S GOOD FOR ME IS RIGHT!'"

As a "Conservative Catholic," Satanorum has benefited from the right-wing coup in the Catholic Church, which overthrew many of Pope John 23rd's reforms, empowering cliques of right-wing Bishops around the world. Satanorum's beliefs are consistent with those of Ralph Reed, who has merged his so-called "religious right"  with the Tea Party. They've also made Ayn Rand their "Goddess" and supplanted the Gospels of Jesus with the "Teachings of John Galt." This wing of "Conservative Christian­ity" is directly linked to apoligists and supporters of slavery, segregatio­n, and lynching.

In fact, Martin Luther King, in his Letter From a Birmingham Jail, chastised such White "Christian Conservatives" for turning a blind eye to, enabling, and/or participat­ing in the bombing of Black Christian Churches and the lynching and burning alive of Black men, which they often did on the same day they went to Sunday Church service, at picnics for the whole congregation, including their children! Of course, "States Rights Conservative Christians" fought tooth and nail to prevent the passage of Federal Legislation to stop this barbaric practice, and they were successful.

The resurgence of the popularity of the FDR/JFK/Jesus -hater, Ayn Rand, and her fictional hero, John Galt should be a concern NOT just to TRUE CHRISTIANS, but to ALL American Patriots. Significantly, sales of Rand's Atlas Shrugged tripled in the first two years of Obama's Presidency, selling over a million copies Ironically, Rand was an avowed atheist who hated the kind of advocacy for the poor, sick, and vulnerable that Jesus and True Christians stand for (i.e., whom Rand and her followers  like Santorum, Paul Ryan, et al call "looters," "moochers," and "parasites"). In Rand's paranoid mind, there was an "equivalence" between Soviet Communism/Socialism (which she was obsessed with as a Soviet emigre) and ANY kind of so-called "Big Government" initiaitve undertaken by OUR OWN duly elected, pro-Capitalist United States Government.

These initiaitves included those undertaken by FDR to SAVE capitalism, which continue to benefit the masses of American citizens  to this day (and that Rand herself benefitted from, e.g., Social Security and Medicare). I’m particularly struck by how Rand's use of the term, “communist” and “socialist” to describe FDR’s administration and reforms (a view of FDR also shared by many mainstream Conservatives), and "socialist" and “fascist” to describe Kennedy’s, has been adopted by her followers, the Tea Party, "Christian Conservatives," and right-wing media who casually describe Obama the same way AND mean it.

In my view, their apostasy and hypocrisy are so thick that THEY are the ones responsibl­e for so many who have turned away from religion or even despise it since they have successful­ly hijacked the media and made themselves the "official" version of Christianity and moral piety.

And that includes the "U.S. Catholic Bishops," who are the "1% Oligarchs" of the Church, who try to sway every Presidential election to the Republicans, their seemingly "souless soulmates" who also happen to be their wealthiest if not most wayward patrons. As a Jesuit trained Catholic I feel compelled to speak out against these modern day "pharisees" and their "sodomy obsessed fertilized egg and fetus fetish," which they use to to present themselves as "morally superior" and falsely claim the "moral authority" to dictate political policy for the WHOLE country as they help the Republicans impose full spectrum dominion and achieve wholesale privatization of the public sphere

Seen in this light it makes sense that "the Oligarchs" would attempt to seize "moral authority" to lead ALL Christians by diverting attention away from their historic "cover-up of the cover-up" of what Santorum might call their own "sodomy scandal."

That's why WE must energize/organize a "BOTTOM -UP" MOVEMENT to BE THE BACKBONE Democracts need to pursue a progressive agenda that can realistically be implemented, rather than naively expect them to “just do the jobs we elected them for” and treat as a “betrayal” each “issue” they don’t approach and/or resolve ideally or according to some "ideologically pure" way.  There's NO direct TOP-DOWN link between the President's voice/energy and "WE the People." It gets filtered through the MEDIA. The right-wing is so successful because they have 1600 right-leaning radio stations MOST of them "religious," Fox News, an organized network of Think Tanks, publishing houses, well financed blogs, legions of paid trollz, thousands of churches, and far more cash from Billionaires and Corporations than the Left has from Soros and Unions.

They've also got ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) financed by Kochs and mega-corporations, writing majority of laws adopted by legislatures nationwide, geared towards privatizing the public sector. They wrote draconian anti-immigrant laws in Arizona where arrestees are turned into cash by Prison Industrial Complex - members of ALEC. They also wrote the voter suppression laws adopted by Republican State legislatures that could change results of Presidential/Congressional elections.And let's not forget the powerful and secretive right-wing religious group, "THE FAMILY," which includes key members of Congress (see John Sharlett's great exposes on them). 

For the record, I DO NOT accept the premise of the anti- abortionists that abortion is "murder" or that a fertilized egg is a "person," just like I don't accept the premise that a corporatio­n is a "person" and that disbanding one and terminatin­g (i.e., aborting) its employees is "murder," or that you and I are "fertilize­d eggs" (which according to the sick syllogisti­c reasoning above, both you and I and corporatio­ns would all be since we are all "persons" and therefore "fertilize­d eggs" since they both are "equivalent").

Finally, right-wing Christians, including the Catholic Bishop Oligarchs, have NOT made an equal cause of ending the death penalty, war, and poverty as they have abortion. This speaks to their hypocrisy, apostasy, and unworthiness to speak on behalf of let alone lead those who are TRUE followers/friends of Jesus.

It’s time for prgoressives to get real, and for even those who self-identify as "secular" or "atheists" to not be afraid to be inspired by and articulate DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING'S POLITICAL THEOLOGY as we reclaim our FAITH & FREEDOM from those who've defiled it beyond recognition, to whom we say:


©Ronald B. Robinson

 For more, please read my substantially revised and substantive treatment of right-wing political theology: "CRUSADER CHRISTIANS, GOP/TEA PARTY CULT, & THE LEFT":  This includes how "the left" must revise its approach to secular politics if we are to overcome the right-wing religious, political-economic, and "full spectrum tsunami" poised to send us back to the stone-age if not Armageddon.

Also, another previous article referenced in the beginning of this one: "WHY RIGHT-WING CHRISTIANS CLAIM OBAMA AS 'THE ANTICHRIST.'"


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Wow! This was such an excellent post. Your comparison of a fetus being a person to a corporation being a person really did a great job of magnifying the hypocrisy and ridiculousness that makes up this party's rhetoric.

This is a holy war- and I believe it started with W shoving his Christian values down our throats. At this time, the message was clear. The Christian religion was the only acceptable one, and because of this group's male dominated homophobic interpretation of the Bible, the war on gays and women began. Additionally, people seemed not only comfortable being openly homophobic and misogynistic, but racist too.

What always stood out in my mind was the question of why is the Bible being interjected into the political stage? This is appalling. I thought we were done with this, but they just won't let it go. Nothing annoys me more than law makers who want to affect my life with laws and decisions that are based on their personal religious beliefs--- Rick Santorum took the Congressional Oath- and that oath states:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States."

Didn't he read the constitution? I'm not so sure- either he forgot to read it or feels comfortable violating the First Amendment on a daily basis.
1. "I did not come to change the laws and the prophets" - Jesus (Matthew 4:something...I can never remember the exact verse)

That means that Jesus simply added to the Old Testament, so the Old Testament is more a part of Christianity than most Christians seem to want to admit.

2. I think Santorum is a giant douchebag (and, his name simply makes me think of the new definition of that name each and every time I hear it), BUT -

a. Obama is a certified warmonger
b. Obama endorses torture
c. Obama endorses assassination
d. Obama endorses the elimination of 4th and 5th Amendment Civil Rights

The Rev Dr. King, like other enlightened black scholars a la Dr. Cornell West, would be saying the same things about President Obama that Douche Santorum (I can't believe this asshole has even a remote shot at becoming president...) is saying. He would simply being saying them for the right reasons and not because he was a racist prick like Santorum.

Dr. King was decidedly anti-war before his assassination, and he was also becoming what many might call a radical during this time ("no one can give you your manhood, that is something you must take from those who would try to keep you from it" - MLK in an anti-war speech just before his death...sounding much more like Malcolm X than what most think of as the Rev. Dr. King)

3. Rand criticized the Socialist parts of FDR's policies (the parts I think are good) like Social Security and called them "communist/socialist" because that's what they were. Again, I think these were the shining examples of good that FDR put forth, but if I was a Lazze Faire Libertarian like Rand, they would piss me off as well.

Just call Santorum a douchebag. Giving him any more credibility than that by actually going point for point with him is an exercise in futility and it plays right into his strategy.
PS - I agree with you, by and large...I was just showing you what a half-informed opponent could do with your argument (though, I do think King would be a huge opponent of President Obama, likely after being a huge supporter of candidate Obama, much like myself)
Belongs in a Sanitarium is as ignorant about his own religion as he is about everything else. That this Father Coughlin is being taken seriously by somewhere between 25 and 40 million voters is enough to scare me witless -- which would make me equally qualified to lead the New American Independent Party.

To add to his list of endless and ignorant gaffes, he apparently doesn't comprehend the difference between fascism and socialism. You can't very well accuse Obama of being a Socialist, and in the next breath, claim he's a Fascist. Or at least you can't if you have a brain and a conscience, neither of which Righteous Rick appears to have.

This is same duplicitous crap the Rabid Right pulled on Obama already by claiming that he was simultaneously a Muslim and a bad Christian indoctrinated by two decades in the pews of Rev Wright's church. Have they at long last no shame? That's a rhetorical question.

I for one, hope Santorum gets the nod. It's high-time the rest of us had it out with the Holier Than Thou New Pharisees Prosperity Gospel of Jesus I Can Tell You What to Do in Your Bedroom crowd. If they want a theocracy, they ought to move some place where that sort of thing is welcome -- say Iran.
@Haley: Excellent comment! :) Regarding the Constitution, the right wing has hijacked the clause guaranteeing the "free exercise of religion" and conflated it with the "liberty" to impose their agenda of "full spectrum dominance" over all domains of life. As long as they have a majority on the Supreme Court, they know they can get away with it since the Supremes are the final arbiters in deciding on the interpretation of that clause. We've already seen how they've interpreted the "free speech" clause with "Citizens United" and the 14th Amendment in "Bush v Gore," so we know exactly where they're coming from.

@Tom - great to see you again - yeah, it's hella scary and they mean to play for keeps. Citizens United is allowing people like Adelson to threaten to personally put up $100 million to sway the election to the Republicans over just the issue of Israel alone. Remember Chief Justice Roberts shaking his head during the State of the Union a couple of years ago when Obama said that Citizens United would allow money from foreign countries to come into campaign coffers? Well, does anyone doubt that there are plenty in Israel from whom Adelson can be reimbursed and nobody would ever know?
Great post, Ron. I feel naive to repeatedly feel shocked by the brutally cynical lying of the Christian conservatives and holier-than-thou evangelicals. Their self-righteous lying and evident lack of a conscience is stunning. They simply invent one sadistic and shameless lie after another and evidently never experience any guilt, any shame, any regreat, or any remorse. I have pious, church-going cousins who do this. I've asked them how they justify this to themselves and they simply fall silent until they come up with another outrageous lie. I've fantasized about calling out pastors during their church services, but I admit I haven't done it--yet. We are fully justified in calling this by its right name: sociopathic behavior. I also am inclined to agree with Tom Cordle in hoping Santorum becomes the GOP candidate so we can have it out with these despicable, crackpot theocrats in a nationwide election in which the American people will decisively repudiate them. [r]
We are kindred spirits in our knowledge of the despicable, evil wench, Ayn Rand-one of the most disgusting people to have ever lived. The fact that the religious conservatives worship her scribbles is laughable as she hated all religion with a passion. Your essay was excellent; I enjoyed reading it.
I have overheard young people of average and better intelligence at work ascribing to what they think they understand of Ayn Rand. They are foolish and seem to lack any historical perspective. They are easily misled. Another blogger today referred to them as "shorn again", the directionless sheep needed by the theocracy to obtain power.
I'm with Cordle. It's way past time for them to have the full light of day show them for who they really are.
@Donegal - thanks for dropping in here - great anecdote about the family religious zealots and your apt description of them as sociopaths - for truly, they are lacking in conscience, therefore incapable of shame. Also, how you captured their momentary cognitive dissonance and then reversion back to lying, which they will NEVER consider giving up for Lent.

@Dr. Spudman - thank you for commenting here - and glad you share my feelings towards the destructiveness of Ayn Rand and enjoyed the article

@alsoknownas - long time no see and so glad to see you again. Thanks for that "shorn again" analogy. I needed the laugh, especially considering how "seemingly intelligent" young people can be taken in by dangerous pseudo-intellectualism.

@Tom (and Donegal & Alsoknown)- Should Satanorum become the nominee, I hereby grant you temporary Active Catholic status and consecrate you with the power to grant the same to others so that we can collectively reclaim ALL of Christianity and convert it back to the Teachings of Jesus where it belongs. :)
I loved this piece and think that if you read my latest you will find how all these ungodly forces met and how the support one another. We have to sound the alarm as loudly and as often as possible. These are extremely dangerous people who have formed their own little ecumenical religion which strays so far from any Biblical message that no one who claims Christianity should recognize it and all should question it. rated
This is very insightful Ron. I see a very unholy confluence brewing on the American right that joins various elements in the following way: plutocratic libertarianism->Tea Party pseudo-libertarianism->States Rights/Southern Pride/Southern Resentment/Dixiecrat/White Supremacy->Conservative Christian. At the top this is driven by plutocratic desire for pure laissez faire/small government/economic freedom, a state of affairs they are uniquely set to benefit from. The use the small government/individualist philosophy to appeal to the Tea Party umbrella, which combines unsophisticated libertarian individualism, states rights/neo-confederate ideals, and the unbearable whiteness of Conservative Christianism.

Isolated individuals "free" of the state (over which at least there is some democratic control) will only be led like sheep to the slaughter by corporations (totally undemocratic) on whom they will depend entirely for education, healthcare, energy, food, housing, policing etc. The end goal for libertarianism is that corporations take over for the government, and I refuse to believe that we can shop our way to justice.

This is all a huge mistake based on the misplaced veneration of competition, individualism, and personal liberty. What we need to strive for is a balance between competition and cooperation, individualism and collectivism, and freedom and restraint. There is a role for corporations and markets, and a role for government and democracy, and we should not fall to either extreme.

I see a lot of racism in the paranoid emotional slippery-slope exaggerated attacks against some scary black foreign Muslim yet anti-religious socialist anti-Christ who bears no resemblance whatsoever to our real President, Barack Obama. This is not to say there is no room for reasonable debate over Obama's policies, and the most valid criticisms come from the left. I just don't see so much of that reasonable debate happening as I see unhinged hysteria.

What is racism? It is emotional irrational fear based hatred of the other. It is a tribal reaction to someone you feel you can't trust because they don't fit your preconceived notion of being "one of us". There are tens of millions of white Americans who claim not to be racist, will tell you how much they like their black buddies or co-workers, and they may never make overt racist remarks, whether in public or private.

These people know racism is wrong, and they may not even be conscious of racism in themselves. But when it comes to trusting the most important job in the land to a black man, when it comes to feeling the respect, affection and deference that Americans traditionally have for their president, when it comes to happily honoring and celebrating the fact that finally after centuries of suffering and pain, a black man is living in the White House and running the country, they still have a barrier in their hearts.

This is what we are seeing. It is a subtler non-overt form of racism. It is not a blanket hatred of another race; it is the ability to accept general equality for another race combined with an inability to unreservedly offer a position of superiority to a member of that race.

This form of racism hides under many disguises, because the people who suffer from it know that racism is wrong, and they are ashamed of the idea that they might be racist. They have to vent it in a form that pretends not to be racist. This racism reassured itself by pretending that because Herman Cain was popular with a subset of the GOP, that means there is no racism in the GOP. This is a non-sequitur. These "kindler gentler racists" don't hate all blacks, they're just not "ready for a black president", as the phrase went that we heard all too commonly during the 2008 election.

Today this white supremacy camouflages itself under the rubrik of "Defending Western Civilization", as anyone will be aware who is familiar with Pat Buchanan's rhetoric, or the panel participants at the recent CPAC panel on multiculturalism, or the right-wing Christianist terrorism of Anders Breivik.

One point about atheism: it doesn't imply either a worship of Ayn Rand or a hatred of Jesus. I'm an atheist, but I think my morality is closely in accord with yours. I don't have any use for the metaphysical truth claims of religion, but I have a good deal of admiration for some of the plain moral philosophy of Jesus. I'm more of a Jeffersonian atheist than a Randian one. There is a lot of goodness in the Jefferson Bible.

Republicans are anti-immigration, or even more precisely, anti-immigrant, especially the brown skinned Spanish speaking variety. This is either based on more racist xenophobia, or else based on false economic myths of welfare scams and anchor babies, or else it's simple Old Testament angry moral retribution because laws were broken. But Jesus said "The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath". Whether it's hungry disciples picking fruit on Sunday, or ambitious immigrants picking fruit on the wrong side of the border, the sin is worthy of forgiveness because it is about meeting human needs, not about crime against persons or property.

I wrote an article which has some similar points about the false Christianity of the right-wing. It's misleadingly named "David Brooks and Jeremy Lin" because it was discussing a Brooks article on Lin.
I realize I probably wrote too much already, but one more point about Santorum and secularism.

Rick should try this thought experiment: what if the religious really were a persecuted minority (as Rick imagines), and an atheist majority insisted on writing "God Does Not Exist" on every piece of US currency, or insisted that the flag salute include "free of God"? Or how would he feel if he had to attend public events where a prayer in Zeus' name or a eulogy to the grandeur of Thor were standard openers? Use the golden rule Rick.

Rick just doesn't get the simple basic fairness and decency of secularism. Perhaps he should pay attention to how much hatred there is for the Pope among Envangelicals and Pentacostals.

Making the public square a site for competition between believers of all faiths, fighting to advance the superiority of their particular brand, and jealously on guard against any deference to another variety, is an obvious recipe for disaster and endless conflict. Secularism is not anti-God; it's fairness and justice for every belief or non-belief.
@Desnee - Thanks so much for joining and sharing your grea insights about these little ecumenical enclaves of paranoia!

@Jeff - Great and comprehensive insights. The confluence you speak of is ignored to our peril. I sound the alarms in another of my articles too: "Crusader Christianity, GOP/Tea Party Cult & The Left." The Left has done itself a disservice by failing to recognize how all these forces have united so that thinking you can just ignore "religion" is the height of folly.
As an atheist, I never before harbored any ill-will towards Christians — until they actively and passively used their privileges to hurt women and took away my most basic human rights bit by bit over the last 35 years starting with the Church Amendment followed by the Hyde Amendment.

Christian (and other conservative) sadists have been using their religion as their free pass for hurting women since time immemorial because the right to "freedom of religion" is convenient for them in their quest to take away MY human rights to MY own body and life.

Women with ectopic pregnancies with no other place to go other than a Catholic hospital (there are NO non-Catholic hospitals in Austin, TX) have been forced to suffer in utter agony until their fallopian tubes burst because the "Directives" prohibit doctors from prescribing Methadextrate (the best medical option for treating ectopic pregnancies that poses the least harm and suffering for the patient). Other women have been traumatized and terrorized with facing death from "bleeding out" from incomplete miscarriage and placental abruption and placenta previa because doctors at Catholic (and other Christian) hospitals won't perform life-saving abortions.

And the special privileges and tax-exempt status enjoyed by religious organizations gave them the platform and power to target me just because I'm a woman and endanger MY health, safety and life. Liberal/moderate Christians served as enablers by carrying water for them. In doing so, they have made me their nemesis.

Conscience clause laws in every state have resulted in women being denied their birth control based on pharmacists' "moral beliefs" over the past 20 years and it's gotten worse now with Planned Parenthood closings in at least 7 states.

Rape victims presented at the ER have been denied EC and information on where to get it (a real problem for poor rural women!) thus raped again by strangers who think our bodies are THEIR property. (25,000 women each year get pregnant from rape).

Across the US, over 300 women are either currently imprisoned for life for "feticide" or are awaiting adjudication in jail cells for the "crime" of having miscarriages and stillbirths.

But not ONE of these punitive laws or policies based on "morality" are aimed at the selfish, promiscuous men who refuse to wear a condom and impregnate women against their will (consent to sex is NOT consent to pregnancy!) who bear 100% of the physical risk in ANY pregnancy. It's only women who are slut-shamed and subjected to the sexual torture and forced organ "donation" of gestational slavery as punishment for satisfying some man's "needs."

I have filled an entire book on this matter (Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie). Yes, I'm angry. Without apology.

Because MY personhood and human rights to self-determination, bodily autonomy, and life should not even *have to be* up for debate in 2012 — especially by men who will NEVER lose their job because of pregnancy in post-Welfare Reform America; and suffer pain, trauma, disfigurement, disabling injuries or even die in childbirth from either a wanted or unwanted pregnancy.

I cannot share your apologia for Christianity or any other man-made male-centric superstition. Abrahamic monotheism is a narcissistic, misogynistic, egotistical, male-centric death cult.

Because of religious fanatics and other sadistic, cruel men that view women as subhuman disposable reproductive livestock with a limited shelf life that expires once a woman loses her value as an ornament, I am now at war — a literal war in which I was not the aggressor. All for the "crime" of Living While Female.

In the words of Boudicca of the Iceni: "In this battle, we must conquer or die. That is my resolve as a woman."
Jacqueline - my piece is anything BUT what you described as an "apologia for Christianity." The people whom you described HATE people like me for exposing them precisely because of the credibility I have in making my critiques AND because most people on the LEFT I'm NOT ashamed of being who I am and the part of my brain that was wired the way it has been and how I"ve decided NOT to reject myself but rather claim and embrace the BEST elements of what constitutes my identity.
Jacqueline - thanks for commenting!

I would say this - piece is anything BUT what you described as an "apologia for Christianity." The people whom you described as Christians and Conservatives HATE people like me for exposing them precisely because of the credibility I have in making my critiques because I've NOT renounced that part of my identity.

Unlike most folks on the LEFT I'm NOT ashamed of being who I am and the part of my brain that was wired the way it has been and how I've decided to no longer reject myself and its formative elements, but rather claim and embrace the BEST elements of what constitutes my identity, including MY FAMILY and the BEST components of our shared religiously influenced identity.

I'm also NOT afraid to to express this DESPITE the hateful rejection that I experience from many on the Left who automatically dismiss ANYTHING religious and have disdain for ANYONE who dares express that part of their identity.

The fact about 90% of Americans claim some aspect of their religiously inspired identity means that such people on the Left have disdain for 90% of Americans. That's no way to be successful in promoting either a progressive agenda or in obtaining the power with which to enact it. It merely relegates the Left to being outsiders who can do nothing but shake their fist and gnash their teeth because their disdainful attitudes towards ALL religious identity etc. and their political strategies which express those attitudes INSURE losing ground to the Right and the EXTREMIST religionists, which many on the Left make near synonymous with religion in general.

And then people like me are marginalized and treated almost as "traitors" by the Left wing "secular fundamentalists" whose intolerance towards us is palpable. They're somewhat tolerant of Dr. Martin Luther King because he's dead and it might look racist if they went against him and those whose religion inspired the Civil Rights movement, and without which there wouldn't even be a Civil/Voting Rights laws etc.
@Jacqualine: I just deleted your personal assault on my integrity and that of my Mother and family. It was not a "discussion." Of all the comments I've received on my articles, none were as personally ad hominem and assaulting as yours, both to myself and my family.

I'm also disappointed that you chose to target us to intentionally inflict emotional and mental distress upon and place the burden for what has happened with the fascist takeover of the Catholic Church on what you charged were "Liberal Christians" like US who in all caps you charged "KNEW" what was going on and did nothing about it. And then emphasizing "and you know it" regarding the worst crimes of the Church and men against women that you then laid at my feet.

YOU chose to make me and my family "enemies" who are also responsible for these crimes. Well, in the name of my family and my Dear Departed Mother, I am removing your assault, which has no place on my blog. Rather it belongs on Rush Limbaugh's, SATANorum's, or the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Ron - I intended to follow up with this sooner but my whole past two days have been consumed with data-mining and sending out medical ethics/bioethics stuff by the terabyte-load around trying to get a reproductive health need met as a poor, uninsured woman and having to put up with being jerked around and not getting what I needed (which is a recipe for making any poor woman bitter, hostile, and miserable).

I wanted to post this apology to you (as I said over the phone), after our conversation, in which — after your patience with me — I saw exactly how unfair and hurtful what I had initially posted was towards you. It is the abuse of "religious freedom" privilege and its power to scapegoat women and make women as miserable as humanly possible that is the source of my justifiable rage — not you, or other liberal Christians like Chris Hedges.

I was not seeing any of this through your eyes, and could not, in MY pain and anguish as an oppressed member of an oppressed and targeted group, conceive that you as a man could possibly feel pain to the depth and degree that I do as a woman. You did not deserve that from me (or anyone else, for that matter).

You are not the enemy, and certainly not MY enemy. Nor am I yours.

I am a target in this War on Women that is given sanctuary by this country's "freedom of religion" rights, and as such, I was seeing things only through my eyes rather than yours.

Being traumatized by the very real harm this whole phantasmagoria has caused/is causing women specifically (and thus me personally), I was not able to empathize with you or with any other liberal Christians in general and therefore was not fair or sensitive to your feelings when I should have been (and normally would be) because I DO know better and you were right to call me on it.

I have a reputation for coming down like a jackhammer and therefore I am one of the "heavy hitters" at the forefront and in the trenches in this War on Women. And even though I did not intend in any way to strike at you or those you love in a personal and hurtful way, the fact is that what I had posted WAS deeply hurtful and misplaced.

I cannot unsay what I originally said, and an apology in my opinion is not adequate enough because you deserve better than that from me as an ally and friend, and I am sincerely and genuinely sorry that I caused you any pain. I would like to make this right somehow, to make atonement for unfairly attacking you and your integrity when you did not deserve it.

Sometimes I get so caught up in fighting against my oppression and the source of it that I need a brick shit house to fall on my head to get me to see where I get something wrong. Thank you for taking the time to call me on the phone and for having the patience with me even though you were upset with me (and rightfully so) when I wasn't able to see it and didn't "get it" because I wasn't seeing it through your eyes.

You have also opened my eyes to something that I never before conceived as possible: that there ARE good Christians left in this country who don't abuse their majority privilege (i.e. Christian privilege) to oppress others make life intolerable for women, and that they can be just as much a victim of this fascist, sadistic, misogynistic theocratic bullying as non-Christians and women who are the primary targets in these ideological "culture wars."

It is beyond unfair that bullies and sociopathic power-grabbing warmongers, racists, and woman-haters have hijacked communities, churches, social clubs, the medical establishment, the government, etc., to launch their agenda. And it is unfortunate that the loudest and strongest voices against this oppression are militant Atheists who refuse to find any common ground with liberal Christians like yourself who most definitely are NOT "traitors."

Taking back your churches, our communities, and our nation back from cruel and oppressive bigots should be something Christians and Atheists alike find share common ground on. In fact, humanity depends on it.

For what it's worth, I have come out swinging much harder at the medical establishment for going along with this insidious oppression of women and also have ripped misogynistic secular men on the Left who make apologia for misogyny and legitimized cruelty aimed solely at women with the Left's pet "religion" of evo psych while hypocritically blaming Christians for misogyny and the top-down authoritarianism of patriarchy. I will not "dial it back" on those guys because they know better and nothing is more lame than those who try to make excuses for sexism and misogyny (or racism) with crackpot pseudo-science.