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OCTOBER 30, 2011 2:38AM


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(Before you scroll to the pics and vid please read this intro).

As some of you know, in addition to being a Black/African American and biracial identified, I'm also what's called nowadays, "Obama Black." That means my mama White and my daddy Black. That also means I'm a "hybrid" aka, "halfbreed," "mixed," "biracial," "zebra," etc. or in some quarters, "nigga" (affectionately) or "nigger" (not affectionately). For the record, although I jokingly refer to myself sometimes as a "hafbreed," etc. I don't see myself as "half and half" but whole and whole, i.e., 2 as 1, and the whole that results is more than the sum of parts. Rather it's a synergetic integration, which is what I mean here by "hybrid," or "hybridity."

btw From a historical perspective, the term, "half breed" derived from the belief among Whites that only the "white side" constituted the human portion of the "breeding" between a "human" (Whites) and "subhuman" (i.e., "the Blacks). So, people like me were considered only "half human" but a half step above "sub human" (i.e., those with two Black parents).

Relatedly, the term, "mulatto," which derives from the Spanish for "mule,"  was created by Whites to analogize the offspring of the mixing of two breeds - an ass and a donkey - to the mixing of Black and White. Mules were considered to be incapable of producing offspring. In the case of "race mixing," that meant that the "mulatto" was incapable of producing, White, i.e.,"fully human" offspring. To insure that such an outcome would not become widespread, Whites created "anti-mesegenation" laws, making marriage between Blacks and Whites illegal.

In fact, when my parents were married it was illegal since my father came from Virginia. They had to fight the U.S. Army high command, which threatened my Dad with the loss of his GI benefits if he went through with the marriage. They saw this as his "breaking the law," even though my Mom was German and they were in Germany during American occupation. Happily, my parents WON! But implicit "white-supremacy" (Not the terrorist extremist form, e.g. KKK etc. Please see my article on Herman Cain) interfused with capitalism still lives on as the predominant form of race/class privileging that places Whites in America AND the world -  whether "conservative," "liberal," or "progressive" in a relatively superior position to getting their needs and desires met. One need only consider the fact that the median wealth for White families is 20 times the wealth of Black families in the U.S. Just imagine the difference in degrees of freedom this wealth gap affords the average White family compared to their Black counterparts.

Now, back to the Halloween Hybrid story at hand. I was thinking, how could I make the idea of "hybridity," "two in one," or  synergetic integration, etc. into a Halloween costume theme? Well, I hit upon the perfect solution:

I decided to be both PEBBLES AND BAM-BAM!

So given, the two-as-one, "Obama Black" connection, the name of my Halloween Persona is: "PEBBLES OBAM-BAM" :)

So here are some pics of me as Pebbles Obam-bam (check out my orange Pumas) - solo, party, at beach, and a couple of extra pics wearing Halloween orange. I also included my drumming in costume, which is a little gift to my Cortona, Italy "Science and Spirituality Conference" crew. But first, and not least is a pic of Dad and Mom aka "Littlie Mommie" and "Big Daddy." Enjoy!

My Mom and Dad

Ron Halloween Head Shot


Ron Halloween Puma


Ron Halloween group sit


A Halloween Group  


A Halloween Beach Girls 1 


  A Halloween Sari


A Halloween Heart




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I dig the outfit! Bitchin! (one of my favorite expressions from living in LA for 2 1/2 years). R.
Happy Halloween Ron! I think being both Pebbles and Bam Bam is good choice. Better than being Jar Jar from Niggaboo. Looking good mate, all tricked out. What a treat!
I didn't know we zebras had gotten a new moniker. That's quite a look you've got there, Mr. O'Bam-Bam. :D

Ron, you're not a well man. :)
@ Diane and Fay: Congratulations on demonstrating your peculiar knack for detecting the patently obvious :)

@ Erica: "hella bitchin' if I don't say so myself.

@ Kate: Glad I'm not in Chicago, not only cause it's cold but to spare bleaching my eyes after taking in those sights.

@ Charlie: Danke sehr. Und du bist auch wunderschon.

@ Lezlie. Thanks. And check you inbox. Moniker email went out some time ago.
@Charlie - just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our "call and response" interaction on your Rick Perry Jar Jar Binks post. It's worth noting to everyone that your "Jar Jar from Niggaboo" allusion derives from that interaction. What we did was an exemplar of synergetics - taking two very different themes and combining them together into something new - sort of like my Pebbles Obam-bam. :)


@ Everyone - please check out Charlie's post. Must read.
So the theme that I tried to capture, as did Charlie, was a form of synergistic integration. That's what I mean by whole and whole, i.e., 2 as 1, and the whole that results is more than the sum of parts. Rather a synergistic integration, which is what I mean by "hybrid," or "hybridity."
LATE BREAKING NEWS: Jar Jar's secret co-conspirator from the planet neighboring NiggABOO revealed:

"Hallo. Ich heisse Jasper, und ich komme aus JiggABOO, oder 'Jasper aus Jiggaboo' fur kurtze."

So there you have it. A formidable duo. Jar Jar from Niggaboo and Jasper from Jiggaboo. Both speakers of Gibberish - Jar Jar the Niggerish dialect and Jasper the Jiggerish.

Who would've figurished. :)
And when you combine the initials from Naboo & Jaboo you get NJ, or New Jersey, my home State :) So me tinks Jar Jar n Jasper sind die besten Fruede, two as one as me :)
And when you combine the initials from Naboo & Jaboo you get NJ, or New Jersey, my home State :) So me tinks Jar Jar n Jaspar sind die besten Fruede, two as one as me :)
Ron you are quite the character! OCCUPY THE SYNERGY!