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MAY 1, 2011 2:00PM


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This ought to put a smile on your face, and God knows we need some smiles. If we're to overcome the onslaught of narcissistic sociopathy, exemplified by the ebony and ivory of Donald Trump and Tea Party favorites, Allen West and Herman Cain, and the rest of the followers of Ayn Rand's serial killer inspired ideology, we need to generate some positive emotional energy. Never forget that Ayn Rand's hero was the serial killer, William Edward Hickman, who's imfamous motto she bilked: "What's good for me is right." That motto is the "principle" upon which all right-wing policy and philosophy revolve. As Emile Durkheim, one of the founders of sociology wrote, we need doses of collectively generated emotional energy, what he called "collective effervescence," not only to maintain our health and sanity, but to fuel our political struggle against evil.  And the Prez and Seth Meyers supply this energy in the form of humor at last nights Correspondent's Dinner (see vid below). 

That's why I've been advocating that progressives drop the useless and inaccurate leftwing metaphor of "the lesser of two evils," to describe the two party electoral system and recognize that we are literally dealing with just one evil - and it's represented by the narcissistic sociopaths and extremists who've become synonymous with the present day right-wing movement.  So sit back and enjoy this episode of: "Hey Trump, You Just got Thumped, Chumped, Dumped and Trumped!" 


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ODB - Ol' Dirty Biden - LOL
Loved every single second!
Really, there is a solution to Donald Trump. But it isn't jokes. A block of wet cement and a steamroller are more apropos.

I saw part of this morning. The "Donald" said before the event he doubted Obama would mention his name. Boy was he wrong, hah!
Wow. The extreme left are like pit bulls with Pres Obama. But they offer NOTHING. No counter protests, no ideas, no programs, no solutions, just carping and whining.

Worse, they want to blather on with useless pseudo intellectual arguments from people in the past.

So now, having read from both L and R, who is the more racist, second guessing and destructive?

But this post is great, and Trump deserved to get thumped. Now he's whining about how he's not happy at getting as good as he gave.
I saw it earlier this morning. Obama is getting into the campaign groove, for sure.
I admit it I love Obama...not sexually, I hasten to say to the Fox News table...
"Mr. Trump, when you leave the building, don't forget to take the hide the president just flayed off your bones with you."

I personally wish the president would use some of this kind of humorous anger against his opponents more often, although I do think he nailed Trump with the carnival barker jab pretty neatly. =o)

He got in good jabs at Fox News, Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman too. "His budget doesn't allow room for laughter" and "Yes Michele, This IS how these rumors start."

I loved this as much as I loved it when Stephen Colbert kept zinging George Bush back in 2006.
Loved it. Watched parts of it. Good on the President, but such a shame that it even has to be entertainment.....Trump is an idiot and how he even gets the air time is more related to shock value than intellect or actual my opinion.....humble as it is....
God, for a bit of time there, it was so damn sweet.
I remember an episode of The Apprentice several years ago where one girl dropped her skirt on the sidewalk to make a sell. The Donald fired her, as he should have, for debasing herself. All she did was show her panties.
Trump has dropped his boxers, showed his creamy white ass, and then played with his way of trying to sell himself.
Obama: Donald, you're fired!
Seth Meyers: In case you missed it, Donald -- you're fired!

The Donald won't admit it, but the Mouth That Roared was reduced to a freak show pipsqueak in one week's time. If he was smart he'd shut up. He's not smart.
The problems of the country are not the clowns waving idiotic ideas, like a matador trying to get the bull so pissed he will ignore the sword drawn to pierce its heart. The problems are the people without jobs, the people being swindled out of their homes and their savings, the people being denied medical care by the insurance companies only interested in the bottom line, the kids getting a lousy education, the oil companies not paying taxes on the billions they are subsidized to earn and monstrously polluting the countryside, the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan butchering innocents and being butchered in turn for no good reason and at astronomical expense, the homeland security monkeys grabbing crotches to no purpose but to get the public being used to be abused so that more abuse will be tolerated, the pharma firms rooking the public blind for medicines that are disastrously overpriced, the bridges and roads falling apart, the Wall Street crooks ripping off the government to gamble for criminal profits.

That the public can be so dumb as to pay any attention to the idiotic psychotics loose in the nation to keep its mind off the real problems is the real tragedy.
This is almost as good to find as the Bin Laden news. I'm having an all around good night. Thanks Ron, I needed this huge smile.
You GO Barry!!!!!! :D

You thought the O man looked good today, how about tonight?
gj,torrito, chicago guy, BOKO, scanner, xenon, From the Midwest,
Patrick, Shiral, Shiela,rita, Paul, Jan, l;heure, Lezlie, Fred: So glad you all dropped by to share the moment with me. I hope we all live long enough to be able to look back over the two terms he served and say along with the historians that this man was the greatest President this country has had, and that the sociopaths and sadists on the right will have found the rapturous finality FOR THEMSELVES they've so sought and we can finally say R.I.P. :)
Thanks. I hadn't seen this and it was great.
Glad you saw it and dropped by Kosher!
Kate - black and white? I think people are seeing this in various colors, not just b&w. But what IS (IMO) pretty b&w is that it's a good thing this guy got killed, and that it was on Obama's watch. I'd declare this a nuance-free day. We can go back to nuancing tomorrow...
Myriad: NFD - nuance-free-day. Love it. A little b&w from our B&W Prez. :)
I love Trump, he is a great guy. People who do not know him or have never met him personally really don't understand him. He is a hard worker and really loves people. He has a kind heart and is not a slacker. It seem those who really know him thinks he is terrific. The press has painted him wrong and stupid people believe the press. Don't open your mouth against him unless you have met him. He would make a terrific President!!!!
Marilyn Lee: Welcome to OS. I am honored to be the first and only comment made by somebody who personally knows Donald Trump! OMG

Here's what you said about him:

"I love Trump, he is a great guy. People who do not know him or have never met him personally really don't understand him. He is a hard worker and really loves people. He has a kind heart and is not a slacker. It seem those who really know him thinks he is terrific. The press has painted him wrong and stupid people believe the press. Don't open your mouth against him unless you have met him. He would make a terrific President!!!!"

OK. Now let's apply your exact logic to similar cases of people who have tremendous power and wealth. Your logic is as follows: If you know such a person personally and he's been good to you and others whom you know or have observed him interacting with, and works hard, he's therefore a terrific person and would make a terrific president.

I remember Colonel Quaddafi's nurse saying something very similar about him (except Quaddafi is already president).

Mubarak of Egypt was described similarly by his inner circle.

Hitler was famous for the love he showed animals and children.

I could go on and on. The point is that by making YOUR personal experience (or that of his inner circle) the criteria by which ALL of us should therefore abide whatever Trump says and does in public that have consequences for US and that is far different than the benefits that accrue to those in his inner circle, YOU have presumed YOUR personal experience "trumps" our very real concerns based on his public behavior and attitudes. YOU have presented yourself as possessing the REAL truth and WE are delusional and stupid for believing the press, which has conspired against him.

Well, Marilyn, it seems you've provided substantive evidence for the type of self-serving narcissistic presumptuousness and paranoia that perhaps explains the effects of the type of echo chambers that many rich and powerful people construct around themselves, which permits them to see and hear the world solely through their own eyes and ears and those who are like them and/or uncritically worship them. This amplifies their hubris and blindness.

No wonder Quaddafi still believes the people adore him and that only he can lead them, that Mubarak never understood how deep the dissatisfaction was with his rule, and apparently why you have come onto my blog and OS out of nowhere to offer your personal testimony as to why Trump would in your words, "make a terrific President!!!!"

All I can say is thank you. I could never have dreamed of constructing such a perfect scenario and argument for proving the exact opposite conclusion.

All the best to you. And may you enjoy the fruits wrapped in the lap of luxury. Would that we all could say we were personally involved with someone who had inherited a few hundred million dollars from their father. God knows, its hard work getting through the birth canal and landing in a fortune.
I have been wanting to see this, only heard about it...I have always loathed Trump - the most sexist, prideful, pompous guy imaginable - there isn't a thing I have ever respected about him, so this was priceless coming from our it, will save this footage to watch whenever I have a bad day...wish we had this energy here....