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OCTOBER 26, 2009 7:56PM

In The Money!

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My event, 7-Card Stud, was scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 20. 

We played the final four tables on Saturday the 24th....I made the second cut and finished 12th over all. (four seats away from the final table.....)

As a result of periods of bad luck at critical times, I didn't make it to the final table.  However, I did do well enough to finish on the money list which netted me a few hundred dollars beyond my $400 entry fee/buy-in....More details later.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.....I've been dabbling in Texas Hold 'em...and may participate in the event that is held for 'seniors' just for the fun of it.... 

foxwoods and mgm

 MGM Grand at Foxwoods(L) and Foxwoods Casino(R)

Foxwoods WPT World Poker Room is the largest poker room on the East Coast with 104 tables and 24 hours a day of continuous action.  With a wide selection of all the most popular games, like Texas Hold'em, 7-Card Stud and Omaha-8 or better, you will find the right fit from casual $1 tables up to high stakes no-limit games.

foxwoods wpt poker room 

In addition to the wide range of cash games, Foxwoods offers daily tournament action.  As a charter member of the World Poker Tour, Foxwoods offers two major tournaments a year: the Foxwoods Poker Classic and the Foxwoods World Poker Finals. 
wpt logo

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Yay, you're rich! Well, you got grocery money, anyway. I remember back when I was 19, I had this boyfriend. His family invited us for dinner and poker. I played very seriously. I needed grocery money. I think I won, like, $12, which was a lot of money for me then. My boyfriend wanted to spend it, and I say, no way, Jack, this is for groceries.
My troops made me learn how to play one time. I think that they were making stuff up after the tenth round. There was stuff like "Two Old Indian Women" and "Rakers Rack Up". They tried to make me drink grappa, too.

Congratulations! A win is a win!
You are a far better gambler than I. If I flip a coin it lands on the edge. Unless of course that I want it to.
I'm great at poker. I cheat.
@Sirenita, I will definitely be spending on something good to eat....

@Zumma, Agreed....

@MR, Winning in a poker tournament involves a combination of luck and skill.....There were times when I know that if I were a bit luckier my skill level would not have mattered.....

@jb, I try to play in environments where cheating is nearly impossible and universally frowned upon.......
It sounds like lots of fun! Congratulations!
I lost three out of five gin rummy games this weekend. Bitter. Glad to know someone around here is getting *lucky*.
wow, foxwoods is supposed to be hot. we live near st. louis and visit the Ameristar...but we just play slots...Sounds like fun!
Way to go, Ron! Love, love poker, esp. 7 card stud and baseball. Great you walked away with some extra!
@pk, It was a lot of fun...High drama and suspense....Thanks....

@aim, A couple of slightly different twists and....well, who knows.... Thanks....
@MMM, I'd love to do a NY/New England OS meet up at Foxwoods
and anyone else who who like to make the visit....I'm not sure that the idea would be well received, but I would give it a shot putting it together if folks would respond enthusiastically.....

@KK, Thanks....

@JP, Thanks for stopping by....Winning a little is strong incentive to keep trying.....Just wait 'til next time!!!!
Go get 'em Ron! Win one for the old folks.
Congratulations and good luck.
@Blackflon, I will have to win one FROM the old folks some of whom can be pretty cagey....

Just think of how many people you bested to net 12 place.
Ron, I'm cheering for you my man. Anytime you can leave the table without losing your shirt, you've won!
@SD, I'm beginning to develop a bit of a reputation and status among the middle and lower limit stud players in the Foxwoods poker room......Very interesting.....
@scanner, I've done reasonbly well in both the cash and the tornament games....Thanks....
Congratulations, Ron! I eagerly await details.
@Ash, Thanks....More later....