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OCTOBER 23, 2009 8:11AM


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When we post we are giving our readers glimpses into our inner selves by providing windows of words, pictures and videos.  In a sense, we are saying, "this is part of who I am."  We are most pleased when we see that someone "gets it" in their comment and in most cases say so in reply....
I am posting this grouping of music videos in the spirit of providing you a peek into my inner being.  As individul pieces and as a group I believe the music presented here says some things about me that I might otherwise find difficult to articulate or vocalize ....In addition to listening to, and enjoying the music, I'm wondering if any of you will truly "get it".  Here's some additional insight, this music represents what I believe to be some the best of the genre of  "adult contemporary" and some of my absolute all time  favorites. Enjoy!

I couldn't get a video of Chris Cross's "Arthur's Theme" so I did the next best thing, and posted a music player with the tune embeded so it could be included as part of this post.....

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Quite a compilation, Ron! The horns were awesome in Still Crazy, and Just the Way You Are, which was my wedding song! Arthur's Theme won All kinds of awards, right?

Thank you for this! I would say you are a real romantic at heart!
@junk1, It is in this regard that I view myself as somewhat of an anachronism....
Great observation for those of us who do put ourselves out here for people to see, or not see. Truth be told, to the vast majority they don't want to hear our problems, or happiness, they want to hear about the latest scandal. It's simply the mindset of America.

I for one celebrate these types of posts more than others!
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Ron, love the music. I'm not surprised with your choices. Something else we have in common.
@KOB, I agree....

@pk, Is that a revalation or a discovery? ;-)
@Blackflon, Thanks for the complement....
Amazing, Ron, totally nailed my mood today. Lovely selections, thanks for digging them out.