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FEBRUARY 18, 2012 4:23PM

Coronal Ejections

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Solar flares

Chunks of the sun’s plasma

Spewing forth coronal mass ejections

Ejections that change the magnetic field of our little planet

Jets of the sun’s lifeblood

Caught in a rapidly expanding corkscrew

Coils growing exponentially each moment

Scientists cleverly call it a kink instability

A magnetic reconnection

Like a rope that goes in the laundry

And comes out a handful of strings

Some see Northern Lights

Some see a chance to reconnect our souls

So that if we no longer want to be a rope

We can realign ourselves however we wish

I felt a magnetic reconnection

In the form of beautiful physical connection

Uniting with another

The one that the magnetic force sent to me

We give each other pleasure

And peacefulness we have not known for decades

Clearly it is not what love and loving

Has ever been before

Realigned with our passion

Realigned with our essence

Empowered to build

A new structure

We were never a rope 

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Seeing a hearing so much with the heart today...all while walking in that sun that is sending us strings!
I like magnetic reconnection. It never reconnects as it originally was, a new and unique structure is born.
The sun gives us such life, and so does love!!!!
hot heavy and magnetic- like you

We can realign ourselves however we wish

the Sun is finally being Humanized, maybe?

the "chance to reconnect our souls" is always there.
Often the Sun doesnt back our action, we lovers.

Now it does.

this morning: news: solar tornados!

ah this sun, this star. put your face up to it and feel its power.
that is how i was taught.
wheres the sun, my dad would inquire.
there it is! i would say, pointing to a miserable glow behind cloud.

he would say, ha, ah, she c0ming out today,she is.

mmm..she comes and goes, enveloped in cloud,
just like a gal.

dad knew this...
but the real sun? can it compare to a woman/
? can it burn you to reality
or give yer eyes a
gaze that will never go unseen, like a woman ?

i hope the sun lives up to its potential soon.
to be as perfect as its creations..
say the woman is moon.
i say, i disagree.
man is in the moon. old man in the moon.
Love the metaphor, Mary. Love the love.
[r] crisis = danger and opportunity

thanks for the reminder of the opportunity part of the equation, dear poet! best, libby
Realigned with our passion

Realigned with our essence

You gave me a burst of energy. Thank you.
How the heavens parallels the earth and its people.
A "kink instability?"
Dual meaning all over the place?

Nice write.
So sensual is how I read this, it leaves me wanting to be loved...
I saw this phenomenon on the internet and didn't see its poetic possibilities like you did so beautifully.
those vibrations, ripples...feel so good going out, coming back...

also, what JD said ~
Matt Paust often steals my comment. Terrific and inspiring, Mary.
RP, wow this is so compelling that I went with the flow of your meaning, just feeling its knowing music soothe -- then, in that part of memory that spells objective stuff, I remembered the solar storms are raging, like right now. How engaging. But your meaning translates the deeper essence of what is there in knowing hearts, where truth conspires with our moment and we feel those close to us reach our very soul. So beautiful. I'll take all of the rope burns to be as touched.
And I am so excited that you have made this really impressive turn these past two months or so. Please keep close.
Kudos on your thought process, RP; well played and nicely written. R
This is so passionate and lovely. The way you work the sun flare in with sex is works! Well done.
Sometimes I get this
Very-Shy Sensation
I read 'Home' poem
It was posted by`
Diary of a Hopeful
Starving Student
I love the comments
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I read you repeatedly . . .
Biblical scholar
cursing 'spell check' for missing
'Sex of Galilee'
I often steal 'senyru' from R.H. Deluty
I hope he no sue me for felony robbery
Robert H. Deluty knows I am respecting
I change his better 'senyru' and experiment
It's social critique with a hint of jest/tease
It's (senyru) a style that gets me sax\wacky
Hi Deluty. Hoedy to your new Grand/Daughter
out of 'Right Guard'
applying under his arms
'Pine Sol'
Love that--"kink instability." Scientists get to make up the coolest phrases, you know?

Even more, I love this poem, an ode to relational rebirth, to reconnecting in depth, with a cosmic aura. Nicely done!
Ejections and Erections. You can't beat then.
The poetry of science, and the connectedness of it all.
Very beautiful! Love is as bright as the sun - and sometimes just as hot.
Always a joy to read, RP! I was totally wondering about what I would see when I read the title. Surprised, but not disappointed.

Perhaps I will have to add some new poems to my crazy list of blogs, et all? Once again you have inspired me.

Hot and packed with energy!
Lovely, Romantic One, also a bit of a lesson on solar flares. I wondered where you've been, good to see you back.
Realigning with our essence..all of our path is toward reawakiening and renewal of who and what we are. Love the drawing out of self evaluation and awareness this piece gives.
And may we never be rope either...Great one RP.
•.•♥╔╗╦╦╗▄║╔╗╔╗ & ╗╔╗╔╔╗╔╗•(¯ `v´¯ )◦•*✿
•.•♥╚╗║║║╦║╠╝╚╗ & ╠╣║║║╦╚╗(¯` ❤ .¯ )✿
•.•♥╚╝──╚╩╚╚╝╚╝ & ╝╚╚╝╚╝╚╝◦.(_.^._)•*¨✫
❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´  ¨`*•.¸❊¸.•*´¨`*•.¸❊
Have a beautiful new week with love and happiness❤¸.•*¨✫
So powerful. So fiery. Kind of like love, right? Proud that I think I got this one.
Ah! this is so charged!
I love the power of the sun as a reflection on the passion we find here on earth. R
Light that weaves our bodies and souls in web of love.