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JANUARY 31, 2012 8:39PM


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I was a seeker of the mystery

Not exactly knowing what or where it could be found

Seeking,  a great amusement 

Taking me on grand adventures

Flamenco dancing in Parc Güell in Barcelona

A bottle of exquisite wine with lunch while viewing the sea from the hilltop in Éze

Hash cookies before entering the Amsterdam Zoo and wanting to dance with the Gorilla

Listening to whales cry in the dead of night on the Big Island of Hawaii 

Walking Blackie’s Pasture in Tiberon with Frisco while learning The Four Agreements

Just to mention a few

But, I was no closer to the mystery


There is a coffee house in my little town

I was waiting there for him

I saw doves and ravens in his eyes

A snow leopard in his smile

His voice had a  timbre that filled me with colour

Oh, how I wanted to know him

Everything there is to know

His words reach deep inside my mind and stimulate epiphany

His essential knowing and his gentle interpretations of what I need 

Awaken new places in me not found on any map of the world

And now I sit here longing to feel his touch

And hope it’s soon

No more concern about a mystery

Or where it might be found

Simply sitting here singing love songs and writing poems

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I love this, Romantic One, that's all I can say. The four agreements indeed!
Seeking the unknown is what what makes us a curious race of people. And gets us in trouble in the bargain, but it is worth it I think!
"Oh how I wanted to know him" Excellent.
I think you have reveled in the journey --- brownies and gorillas what a potent combination. Excellent.
My God, this is a good one. One of your best!! I am shivering.
"[He's] still a mystery to me, thought I'd grow up gracefully, but the more I see, the more I see there is to see, [he's] still a mystery to me."
Nothing but light and happy words here of walking into the dark of mystery and coming out whole and finding sunshine.. on your shoulders.:)

Sexier than mystery is beautiful reality. Rated with clear eyes and a quickly beating heart. To love!
Don't you dare quit writing poems on this subject! They are a glimpse into this wonderful journey you're on. I like reading your happiness. Please...
Pure magic, this: The voice with the timbre that filled me with colour.

Living up to your name is always good, Mary.
Romantic: This is so sweet and so very human. "Hope it's soon" me too, routing for you, with love, WO
I like sitting there hanging out with you.
keep writing poems, I love them truly...xoxo
And what a way to venture, through the higher intellect. There is no pun, mentioning hash cookies simply implies higher intellect. What a beautiful piece. R
Coffee is not all that steams there in such a space of mystery!
This is a great poem and insight.
The waiting is apart of the mystery. Many blessings to you.
Oooh, I can feel the tickle of your elation! Ain't it grand? Beautiful piece, so of the moment, not that easy to capture! Rated - as you say - with love.
Well. Tao Thank You. You.
A foxglove [flower] derives its name from
'Little Folks- Glove'
The florets are worn by faeries, sometimes
as little garden Faeries with pretty flower hats
The Mystery goes on and on . . . It's Digitalis
Foxglove contains Digitalis . . . Heart Stimulate
It's a source of wild (darn good) fun excitement
A swift fire spreads through her veins and heart

Life - Knocks at the door tablets of human hearts
Listen . . .
I'll ask a redneck in PA if You'd be a image in barn
Maybe Kim Gamble etc., can sketch you in mood
Mood - nude
This is not an impure thought. You be drawn.
You could be painted on red barn. Romantic.
When I read some blogger/commenter. Loco.
I love this, too. And fun to have Tiburon, which is just down the road, listed among your mystery spots, and yes, all these pale to the mystery that awaits. I hope it's good!
Beautiful. Reminds me of the song...Killing Me Softly With his Words.
Wraps around you.
It is so lovely without the map. Adventure on, RP.
What a lush atmosphere you create, RP. The dancing with gorillas part is my favorite. R.
I love this! And I can somewhat relate to this at present. Beautiful. Rated (:
No, you don't have to stop writing poems on the subject! Great work.
Seeking ought to be amusement, for truth is play.
There is no ‘what’ or ‘where found’ except in Lila,
the lovely dance of the self-conscious cosmos
pretending to forget, then realizing…………

“Hash cookies before entering the Amsterdam Zoo
and wanting to dance with the Gorilla”

hash the way in, to an anteroom of the mighty mystery, always with the caveat,
it will fade as you return to unskilled reality.
Whales and gorillas best met at local coffee houses.
Words in a good enclosed space, if delivered right, will
take you out to sea. To where the dolphins imagine they are
whales, or vice versa & whatnot & who knows…….

Sit, wait for the touch.
The words are his dowry.
"I saw doves and ravens in his eyes"...lovely poetry, Romantic Poetess.
apology? I bum @ 7:00PM
I ask clay ball for one light.
Clay Ball has a Mystique.
Today was wild communion.

Folks spoke of death/Life.
Light/Darkness . . . burials.
We pondered immortality.
the linguist asking
to be buried holding
`Rogets' Thesaurus'
ho Robert H. Deluty
informing students
their ignorance evokes
utterly no bliss
Just so full of life...! R
You are so brave. I have led a bit more of a boring life. It would have been nice to have a bit of your life added into mine. Many blessings unto you.
“His voice had a timbre that filled me with colour” sigh I once knew a man that could that for me
The only way to find is to seek. Bravo RP.

──▀­­­­ ♡❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀Լ♡Ɣخ❀
"But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow..."
Ken Kesey

Ken knew a thing or two about that gardening. So do you.
The mystery is within each of us. You took us on an exquisite journey with this poem. R
How did I miss this. Great, RP. So full of meaning and inspiration!
You take the best part of the soul, impel it to places that we taste, luxuriate in our dreams and find those new spaces that reach up into what we feel as a lost part -- then found.
You are reaching into real serious stuff that I feel so very good about.
Thank you. Rated with the best of you.