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JANUARY 27, 2012 10:51PM

Coffee House Beginnings

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The Mocha Monkey 


The first time we meet I feel you let me in

To the path beyond the hazy glimmer in your eyes

In the afternoon light of the coffee house

We listen and expound

On the theories and stories

We choose to share

When we part

Our wrapped for winter

Bodies touch and

Open up the possibility

Same time – next week

We will share more


The second time we meet

I sense urgency in our conversation

You have a pain and I know how to heal

I bring you into my world

And heal you with my Sufi music and my hands

You ask for a cuddle and I am open to all the places

Where you, my gentle maestro

Can take the concert

I yearn for you to direct


Your body makes its way to mine

And now my thoughts fill with memories

Craving and savoring you

I am full of contentment

Even when I fill with the excitement of anticipation

Of seeing you

Touching you

Kissing you


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Enjoying your new season, RP, your more strident tones.
I really love this, Romantic One, by being less obvious you manage ot become more obvious. Gave me the shivers too.
This beginning is lovely ... and as the scent of freshly ground coffee wafts through the air and awakens the senses ... so do your words.
Romantic, sensual, yet real. R
Oh, the longing. Tingle, tingle. Wonderful.
Sounds like a nice coffee house. You draw wonderful pictures with your words.
Wondrously pure, capturing what is the moment within the very moment of our true being. RP, in that heave of am imagined extra breath, you have hit the essence of what Wordsworth taught: ... our time captured in tranquility ....
Out of the park -- and still soaring ...
Oh Mary, you posted it.
Well done my friends. The words are full of passion.
So many kinds of intimacies shared here. Lovely!
Reminds me of Jewel's poetry.
you never fail to amaze me.../r
WONDERFUL....Can we have coffee sometime to?
____███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓███ ♥
"Craving and savoring you" Oh I love these sensual poems of yours. Thank you Thank you for making it all ok to be touched and pleasured.
Oh, Poetess, you are at your finest! The pique in you flows beautifully onto the page, aaah.. sweet release? Cannot wait for more in this new Muse series. My god, you nail it! Patrick has a good point - very Jewel-esque. I can hear the breathy. R, baby.
fresh snow over all, lusty blue hue--sacrilegious any noise or motion
caffeine, yes. January, how many times unfold to rest or jest.

allow me to follow-up with this age old silence, I.
Suitcases, fancy laces: filled with L O V E, and soon,
We sure enough yearn for females

Woman can Love and orchestrate

I wish for R`poet in neighborhood

You caused me to recall James Livine

(spelled correct) He leads @ the Met

Today is a great day to sit in a P.U..

Today is . . .


NYC's Metropolitan Opera
James Levine orchestrates
James Lovelock Love You
You - RomanticPoetess
You - Sip kale-green-tea
You - Visit Tea House too
There is a tea room here
A woman just opened it
She caters to snow folk
I live near a `ski resort
Sip tea
No slurp
Visit too
I'll buy
We can visit milk parlors
No visit funeral parlors
The mortician is nice
We walk in corn field
Corn has some ears
Potatoes have eyes
That's why we behave
You capture the romance with such concrete images. R
Rita said it...strident, urgent, work.r
Rita and Persistent Muse said it already. Anticipation and contentment? Terrific.
From coffee to heat and hands and sweet always goes from wonderful to even better with you, RP.
I'm going for coffee!:-)
Brings back too many memories for me. I love such musings.
I was there with you, I felt there with you, and what a place to be. Love is a good thing.
The "romance" in your OS name doth sparkle!
I'll have whatever coffee beverage you are.



What beautiful poetry!
This place is indeed yr little town, greatest of poetesses…

“We listen and expound
On the theories and stories
We choose to share “

More later.


“urgency in our conversation

a pain and I know how to heal
I bring you into my world”

“I yearn for you to direct”
Healing ….and words …words melting into bodily touch..
(not much wordplay does!)
Touch and speak, speak and touch.
to the other side of coffee
I'm smiling because there used to be a coffee house here in Tucson where almost all new and potential lovers met, from people responding to personals. And I would watch them meet and walk down the steps to a table...and try to intuit what would come next. I wished them all well, regardless. I hope they all wound up feeling what you express here.

I wish that for everyone who reads this, and hasn't found it yet, actually.

Yummy stuff...
Saw you rate & cant wait, haw! I on a temporary roll tonight.
And wanna see immediacy stripped of its trappings.
Wanna see immediacy told to face trial.
Judged and sentenced, or acquitted.

Immediacy is where it is at. And later? It is not. Things change.

That is the damn thing with things!


In the sovereign night, only one light: ye.

In the lonely night, a pale haze. An ancient hippy shaky presence.


So cold this winter, why not get warm, all us osers?

So cold.

f. the damn winter. I absolve. I eschew seasons.

(&this ability given me, uh, how, exactly????>>> ay!!!)
Such musing fuels the mind and lifts the spirit.
Nice! I enjoyed the progression very much!
This is excellent. I forgot all about the coffee shop. Rated with an Ila smile of course. :-)