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JANUARY 11, 2012 12:13AM

The View From My Window - Open Call

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The snow fell
before the lake froze
The sun rose
and for a surprise
I found myself awake
and my camera
not hiding
and the battery charged
Now everyone can see
My tiny lake
Burandt's Lake
My tiny town
Waconia, Minnesota
This is why I stay
in this cold storage locker?

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Wow! I see why you stay!
So this is the lake I have heard so much about..
Really pretty Mary..
Hey, it is beautiful, so what if it's cold? It is so romantic. R
I grew up in the Midwest, but I don't know if I'd want to face winter's icy blasts after 17 winters in AZ.

For one odd moment I thought the bare tree was a palm tree, and it felt so surreal. Beautiful.

You might want to increase the size--just go in to edit, click on the HTML button and change width from the default 285 to 460 or 480. The height will adjust accordingly. Just a thought!
Another way to increase the size is to go to edit and click on photo and then on one of the white dots on the edge of the photo which turns into an arrow and you drag it to the size you want.

Are you a big fish in a little pond? I like the view where you are. Can't do cold anymore myself I don't think. It isn't where you live but who you live with tho.

That tree is you awakening the dawn with beauty and grace.
Perfect light. Your lake doesn't look tiny to me ~ it looks just right.
i had the same illusion of a palm tree.
there is something oddly tropical about your winter lake,
dear lady, but that is hardly surprising,
now that i think of whose lake it is.
as for why you stay,
well...if a gal has a lake,
she should be happy.
Every gal should get a lake.
Well..not every gal...only the good ones...
I am sure Mr. Ume would come in his Giant Futuristic
Bulldozer with some of his OWS pals and
expand that lake for you, if you
gave him the word.
Just be grateful
your pictures aint
fuzzy , like that other
old gentlman's...the psalmist, u
know who i blurry boy, haw!
We should all spend a few days at other folks homes.
We could cook, nap, skinny dip, take walks, and no kiss?
I'm so computer idiot that Snippy the Grammar Dog bark.
I get help cutting and posting. I just found out `bout madam.
Land of 10,000 lakes or perhaps a temporarily drying inland sea.
Mary,you know:

Home is where your heart is.

It'd be a compelling reason to stay, yes. R.
I, for one, am glad for fotuitousness of camera and battery and you. Rather a lovely combination!
Mmm.. daily beauty, rising, right before you - as if it enfold you, fills you, and - is you. Warm and inviting poetess, ice would melt at your gaze, I bet. I have no questions as to why you stay - it is obvious! I can't wait to answer your Open Call, what fun. Tx, doll. R.
Very nice, both the poem and the picture!!! Rated!
A beautiful photo/poem, Mary. Having lived on Lakes Huron and Superior as well as one called Baseline, I'd have to say there's something to be said for a lake that's little more than a grown-up pond: you can get your camera out and own the whole thing.
now i have to get a DARE tat on my left cheek
I get this and inhale the beauty of this picture.
Ah, but then there is the thaw out...
Thank you all for your kind comments.
Thank you Snippy and Zanelle, I now know 2 ways to make a photo bigger.
Breathtaking! I want your view! xo
Warms the spirit, Mary. No hurricanes, either!
Mary you're truly an artist!
Peaceful, serene, calm.
Beautiful, simply beautiful.
Really lovely. Thank you so much for sharing this!
What a lucky and lovely view, RP.
What a view! Even if it is cold... ~r
Now I understand what is meant by breathtaking; I actually drew the breath in and held it while reading, then released it with a long sigh. R
Your view is as beautiful as your poetry, RP, and as golden as your heart.
MinneSNOWta makes for spectacular landscapes. Just gorgeous.


I think Rhoda Morgenstern said she moved to Minneapolis from New York because it's cold. She thought she'd keep.

We all keep in these parts.
Well I would stay too. -R-
Cold storage locker indeed!
There's something about water that always beckons.
I miss the simple goodness and kindness of the people in Minnesota but don't miss the weather. Some days I think maybe it would be worth it to move back there though... some days I really do.

Stunning photo, gorgeous view.
I feel very much drawn to the solitary seclusion that we find in the upper midwest where there is an extreme of separateness -- the beautiful irony that it intensifies the moment. We use this in our stories, where emotion may be understated between the characters; the blast of wind and rain, the portent of bridges being out and havoc in each dark move, creating more stress, discord.
The warmth is there, too. This is captured in your picture, the impact of tender words that exhale time, truth and what you know,expect. We know that winter is to be endured, but it is something that we stay with, having become a part of us, the cold air, mean winds and ice that threatens. OK, you can avoid it, those from CA,AZ, et al. We understand perfectly.
But we know the strategy of placing our tongue at the roof of our mouth so that our breath of the iron cold will not blast into our lungs, heart: we know to keep this hearth warm for our meanings drawn out to etch palm trees, golden clouds and sun and time right there to be tasted, savored; trusted always.
I want to see the view this spring!
What a magical photo, RP ... peaceful and serene ... I look at it and I get lost in it's magic and my thoughts wander off ... I can only imagine what it would be like to be there ... looking out into that timeless landscape for real. Wow.....
Pass the Champagne, Romantic Poetess just got her first EP.
I am counting on it being for the poem not the photo.
Happy as a Palm Tree in winter!!!
Nice view and great photo too.

Rated with an Ug.
What a lovely view..... and not a car in sight!
Any champagne left? Hoe 'bout hot choclate? =-}
Oh my, I almost missed this! Gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
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chilly view but with the promise of warmth looking east
let's step into the rowboat beautiful
morning for a row
isn't it?
And where is that photograph that the sun, upon rising, took of you?
The photo shows why one can be captivated by a place with severe winter. I like the hot-and-cold colors of the photo, the warm ones of the sunrise like a promise of coming spring and of warmth and color returning. [r]