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JANUARY 6, 2012 10:07AM

Buddhist Reunion

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 photo by James Maher Photography


It was Central Park in fall

A Buddhist reunion

Forty years ago these former Hungry Hippie Stoners

Enticed by the promise of food

A little Japanese woman taught them to chant


Chant for money, for food, for weed, for a hot bath, for getting laid

I was there with their sensei, my man

My thief – My lying S O B

But I did not know it then, I was still in love

As I stepped into the park

Palms suddenly warm

Heat – Electrical impulses

I could feel the zzzzzap

I told the Buddhists about it

Let them feel it

“Weird,” they all said and that was all they said

A portent

Happening to me - not to these holy Buddhist chanters

Was I to spend my life as a Central Park denizen

Living in the Boathouse restroom or under one of those little tunnels you always see

When someone is about to be killed in a scary movie?

Would I become a Buddhist Monk?

Beg for coins in Central Park?

Teach New Age Hippie Stoners how to chant

In some freakish karmic game of Monopoly?

The zapping is still with me but

The Buddhist liar took my money and chanted away his karma

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I am going to learn that chant, Romantic Poetess. Those are the things in life that matter ;D.
Liars...and Buddhism just don't mix. So much of the truth can be found in each step. Careful Careful
This poem is such a strange addition to my day. I just recently discovered buddhism. After watching the Unmistaken Child, I have been enjoying the work the the Dali Lama. Once again we are on the same wavelength.

Love it..Love

I think we all meet "one of those" sometime in our lives. I'm glad it's only one or two.
You better believe he did. Excellent story telling in prose.
Lovely peek into a world I wasn't in but can identify with.
Go back to Central Park if you can and see it with new eyes. It's a beautiful place, even if some ugly things happen there at times. Wonderful piece.
Dear RomanticPoetess;

The format worked well
(nice line breaks and spacing -
reading had a hypnotic effect);

a story then about being taken in
by a priest; a sensei ( why not?);

but more, the zzzzzap!

Good one.

What is portending now?
Did he take your Gohonzan, too?
I started chanting that chant a year ago and it has been a life saver for me!
My goal for this year is to chant every day-even if it's my head.
My research indicates Nichiren established the practice of chanting
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo as a means to enable all people
to put their lives in harmony or rhythm with the law of life, or Dharma.
Nam…to devote oneself…
Myoho: the mystic law…myo…the essence of life!
Renge…lotus flower….The lotus flower grows and blooms
in a muddy pond, and yet remains pristine
and free from any defilement, symbolizing the emergence of Buddhahood


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap! Way cool.
Sorry it had to occur with a buncha dimwitted listless Buddhists
& a lying liar
thieving m-f-er of a sensei…
hard to believe even such maya-miasma-afflicted damn fools
(or …maybe just green raw innocents?)
didn’t recognize your spiritual beauty and proficiency…

Buddhism is a mixed bag for me. I prefer the Tao.
Maybe just cuz I like the legend of him leaving the kingdom after
a long career as librarian , to travel gosh knows where, teaching & reaching
goodness knows whom…
Mary,congratulations for your brave heart.
Cheaters should go to the place they came from and leave you alone.
I'm glad you're alive and well and here on OS.
Religion should never mix with money. Excellent piece. R
Ah, karma . . . Je pense que je comprend, RP.

Perfect. And if I meet the Buddha on the road. . .well, you know what happens then. . . .
Cool of those that paints an intricate picture with sparing words. I can see you have the zap still. The guy sounds like a man from a Joanie Mitchell song.
So much story, image, description in so few words. Splendid....Rated.
I really like your new poems RP, they expose more of you, and have an edge.
Enjoyed, for the visuals and the zing.
Checked it on Google Translate. It's quite a mouthful.
You kept the zap and lost the loser. Sounds like a win to me. I like the way you tell stories. Very clear, few words and lots of emotion.
Oh how I wish I was there but am some how through this divine post.
I love this poetic, memoir story. So much is learned in youth about who we are and what we retain as meaningful to us. Buddhism offers so many lesson. R
We’ve all encountered one of those at some point in our journey
You may have schlepped through the same neighborhood, as I remember these times as being forever woven with glowing expectation, then some 'zap' of energy -- or, its husk fallen -- before discovering this cavernous emptiness, one that would take one to dark places. I was real good at wending in and out of such places, only to be sucked into the inestimable vortex of anticipation's evil twin, wide eyed, hopeful belief.
You have captured here what some could not do as well in a novel -- believe me, I know. Would love to see this expanded upon. Those days were so much out of what my Improv exercises demanded: exploration, discovery and this most wry heightening , that allowed for one's creative self to take the moment somewhere true, passing this torch to another, who could keep the chain alive.
Sound, enticing -- groovy, baby ...
There are seven Zs in this poem and only one is in "denizen."
Bad Buddhist! Isn't that an oxymoron? R.
firm believer in karma, and my, what a wonderful piece...truly...
Such a great story and the prose are magnificent!
I love this new style!
The teachers come in all guises. Sometimes we learn the lesson in the reverse, don't we? Good poem, RP. Enjoyed it.

Ong Namo. Guru Dev Namo.
Ssssssssssssssssss.. I see your chin, dear, raised. Righteous, yeop. R, babe.