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JANUARY 4, 2012 7:30PM

Water Lily

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    (Georgia O'Keefe - Music-Pink and Blue II)


I walk out on the stage and see him

Middle of the front row

I dance and lift my legs in the air

I want to climb down and lift them over his balding head

I want to make him sneeze

You know the kind of sneeze that howls, hisses and ends with spit

Smell me Baby, it’s the last time for you

This water lily is yours - grab it before it moves on

I know it is your fetish

You consider mine a feast beyond compare

You crave my tongue

How I swizzle and twizzle it around your cock

You think your cock is a prize

You will see it is no prize when I stuff it

And hang it on my mantle

Along with all the others

Will you be happy when my girly artist friends

Take out the measuring stick

And prove to you that it was just average

Not the hang ten you think it is

Not even in the running for top ten

On my hit parade

Will you still try to force me to take it all

When you know that yours was not much at all

You always say that all “High Art”

Is masculine art

And girly artists can only make “Kitsch”

I remember when you said

 “Oh Baby, I want to cum in your mouth”

And I said

“Where is Lorena Bobbit when I need her”

“Oh Baby, Google that”


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I would have loved to have had this poem in hand to give to more than one unworthy boyfriend and would-be suitor. Great work.
"You always say that all “High Art”

Is masculine art

And girly artists can only make “Kitsch”

Doesn't sound like a keeper. He deserves the Lorena bobbit treatment, RP.
Very good. R for a wonderful turn of a phrase.
Wooo! And to think I must sleep tonite in a coop with 20 hens. I know some of them would cheer to hear this poem.
Wow, Poetess. . .
I wonder if it was the same devil that drew Lorena Bobbit to it.

Annihilation by water lily! Well done.
Yes this is a fetish in some young males, the ones who run fast
thinking that to be at the head of the pack is the only worthwhile accomplishment
in this human race, always looking over their shoulder for the competition,
those gaining on him, and also sniffing the arses of those running swifter,
nonplussed to see that the women are running now too, and some of them
are built for speed indeed.

Meanwhile, the wisest pace themselves…for they love the race & the chase too of course
but know that conservation of energy is the key to the running of it,
and the running of it is the only reward anyway,
and those who pace eventually end up together in the pack
running alongside each other, and relishing in the sheer pleasure of the run,
and the company they keep in their portion of the pack,
and the physical bliss they may bestow upon their packmates as the muscles
and the lungs and the skin are
found to have the odd property of being capable of restorative energizing
for the long haul, the continuation of the run…

runner’s high.
RP: You are so great here. We do need anger as well as love, yes? no? R
"You will see it is no prize when I stuff it

And hang it on my mantle

Along with all the others"

Laughing so hard I cannot contain myself. Lily Allen could make this into a brilliant song. :-) Watch the youtube video "Smile" by Lily Allen. My daughter and I love her to death.
Fire Starter indeed! Awesomely done! This is really, really powerful poetry. Made me smile fiercely and think, "Hell yeah."
I'm well done!
Getting out my measuring stick......great poem. Full of Fire!
linda goes over read computer crashes again.
I remember this.:) sexy mama
I believe this may have elicited a slight fist pump and an, “Oh, yeah! Baby!” to spring forth from my lips, very un-lady like for me, heh. I hope I am brave enough one day to try a little “gurlesque poetry”.
Ha! You tell him. I love this. R
Bad girl, you have been talking to my ex wife!
Love that Georgia O'Keefe picture, Romantic One, nothing too subtle there, especially for an old guy.
Well this is a little...something something. Isn't it?
Whoa, what a sock in the jaw! Powerful, bursting with anger that seems justified. I held my breath while reading this. Rated!
Empowering....I needed to read this today. R
Gone limp but at same time stirred.
There are a few females of my acquaintance who would have used this at some junctions of their lives!
ms Ro Po ... just "average" ??? ... Lew
Oh you have no idea how much I needed to laugh. Sunk low in a pit and this made me smile the biggest of grins. You are a fire starter aren't you?
This is new energy that you are drawing from - and maybe gravitating to - hearing the synergy of decanted ire, maybe rediscovering the Martians in all of our surreal ego gone awry. I feel that this is serious new ground.
Naturally, I will have nightmares the likes of which the "Exorcist" sent me reeling in the imagining that I had mortgaged my soul and could not feel. And for some of us this is deadly. But you are a survivor. Where this takes your vision, drive, to reach fresh efforts, will be worth the wait.
Sensual fury. I love it!